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Council of Ministers

The following Regulation issued according to provisions of item (third) of Article
(80) of the Constitution, and paragraph (a) of item (fifth) of Article (10), and item
(first) of Article (30) of Investment Law No. (13) Of 2006.

No. (6) Of 2017


Sell And Rent of Real Estate, State lands, and the Public Sector for
Investment and Long Lease purposes


First: The National Investment Commission (NIC) with coordination with Province
Investment Commission (PIC) or in a region not affiliated with a province shall
determine the suitable Real Estate to implement investment projects.

Second: Coordination shall take place with the owner of the Real Estate regarding
allocation of the suitable Real Estate of allocation to establish the investment

Third: The allocated Real Estate for the project shall be delivered to the investor
totally empty of any occupants within 30 days from the date of allocation. If
ministers and independent offices are not committed to deliver the allocated Real
Estate within (60) sixty days from the date of NIC request, then the Council of
Ministers shall have the right to transfer the ownership free and clear to NIC to be
allocated to the investment project.


First: A- A committee shall be formed from:
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