The National Awareness Team at the National Investment Commission for Energy Support and Sustainability in Iraq

The National Awareness Team for Energy Support in the National Investment Commission emerging from the national initiative for reducing emissions and energy support in the Ministry of Environment seeks to develop a short and long-term plan aiming at introducing, raising and educating awareness in using renewable energy in Iraq, along with representatives of these teams in all ministries, institutions and governorates, forming point of contact with the above-mentioned national team, based on a central plan approved and shared by the head of the national initiative team, Dr. Jassim Abdel Aziz Hammadi, who is authorized with the powers of the Minister of Environment for the period from 2022 to 2026, targeting four categories:

  • Iraqi universities and institutes.
  • Educational sector represented by directorates of education, schools and kindergartens, directorates of school activity, educational curricula, sections of the educational channel and its providers.
  • Community hub
  • Governmental institutions

We look forward to smooth and successful achievement to the required goals by this team and the supporting parties in NIC.

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