Announcement of an International Investment Opportunity

Waste Energy Power Plant with High-Efficiency

Grate Incineration Technology (4th Generation Upwards)

(Design, Build, Own, and Operate- DBOO)

     The National Investment Commission, in coordination and cooperation with the Municipality of Baghdad, the Ministry of Electricity, and the Ministry of Environment; announces an investment opportunity to establish a power generation station from mixed solid waste (WtE) according to the Investment Law No. (13 of 2006 amended) and the applicable instructions and valid decisions. The project will be held in the Baghdad Governorate/ Al-Nahrawanarea, on land No. (3/1/43626) under the following conditions:

1. The amount of mixed solid waste is estimated at about (3000) ton/day.
2. The generation of power from mixed solid waste must be with high-efficiency and grate incineration technology (fourth generation upwards), with an electrical power generation efficiency higher than 30% and a landfill rate less than 5%.
3. The advertisement period is (120) days, including 30 days for purchasing the investment portfolio; starting from Sunday 8th November 2023 till Tuesday 8th December 2023.
4. Investors and international companies willing to apply for the investment opportunity must come to the headquarters of the National Investment Commission to purchase the investment portfolio with the required conditions and specifications for an amount of (5) million Iraqi dinars, non-refundable. The “entry visa” will be granted to the company’s authorized personnel after submitting an official request via Email:(
5. For more information about the project contact the One-Stop Shop Department at the National Investment Commission on working days from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm Baghdad time after 5th November 2023.
6. Investment offers must be delivered within a maximum period of (120) days starting from the date of the announcement to the bid receiving committee at the headquarters of the National Investment Commission. The deadline for receiving the investment offers is Monday 8th March 2024 at 12:00 pm (Baghdad time).
7. A conference will be held to answer all inquiries from investors and interested international companies at the National Investment Commission’s headquarters two weeks before the closing date.
8. The National Investment Commission is not obligated to accept the lowest prices for it follows specific criteria in analyzing investment offers.
9. Bids will be opened after the offers’ deadline(Tuesday 8th March 2024 (at the headquarter of the National Investment Commission.

For more information, Cell Phone: +9647721111541 or