Announcement/ Chlorine and caustic soda plant


Ministry of Industry and Minerals

Investment Opportunity no. 1/2017 – Industrial Sector


Al- Furat State Company for Chemical Industries and Pesticides as one of the affiliates of Ministry of Industry and Minerals in Republic of Iraq is pleased to announce the a/m investment opportunity for (Project expansion of Chlorine and caustic soda plant to increase the production capacity by (45) ton/ day caustic soda calculated based on 100% pursuant to the Article (15/ Thirdly) of amended and valid Law of State Companies no. (22/ 1997) and Ministers Council Decision no. 492 of 2013.

The investors of most reliable , specialized, and qualified technically and financially manufacturers and producers of Iraqi , Arabic and International companies in the field of chlorine and caustic soda industry can visit our company headquarter / investment in / Babylon / A;- Musayab / Saddat Al- Hindiyah to obtain the investment documents against a non – refundable amount of (250000) two hundred fifty thousand IQD and submit their technical and commercial offers in our company a/m address, knowing that last date for receiving the offers is on Saunday 10.9.2017 . 12 am supported with the following documents :

  • Registration certificate of the company
  • Allowance letter issued from the Ministry of Finance
  • Submitting the financial capacity accounts for the last five years (positive indicators)
  • The investment company should be having experience in chlorine and caustic soda products
  • The company should be known with good performance in implementing its obligations (previous contracts with Iraqi ministries and government agencies if any)
  • The company should not be listed in the black list
  • The company should belong to countries that have good business relations with Iraq.
  • Submitting a written obligation of not dealing with Israel, its institutions and companies whether at the present time or in the future

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Investment Manager :  07732941338

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Chairman of the National Investment Commission… The One Stop Shop should be seriously activated, and provide the suitable legal environment for the investment projects

During the Investment and reconstruction Conference in Dyiala Province

Chairman of the National Investment Commission… The One Stop Shop should be seriously activated, and provide the suitable legal environment for the investment projects     

Dr. Sami R. Al Araji, Chairman of the National Investment Commission, confirmed the importance of unifying economic goals and visions regarding several investment activities in Iraq by focusing on lost opportunities and required treatment using effective and brave decisions by relevant economic agencies in the country.

During the Investment and reconstruction Conference in Dyiala Province, organized by NIC sponsored by the Parliament Investment and Economy Committee, Wednesday 16/8/2017, he presented a number of various obstacles such as unimplemented items in investment law no. 13 for 2006 (amended) like activating the One Stop Shop, solving the lands issues, and banks and financial services in addition to allowing PICs to enjoy more immunity and independence, hiring the right people for the task according to investment law and regulations.

Mr. Burhan Al Mimary, Parliament Member representing investment and economy committee, mentioned in his speech that Dyiala Province is, more than any other time, ready to develop and we all should invest available actual opportunities including human potentials, promising opportunities and open market. He also focused on the government support for this aspect.          

Mr. Muthana Al Timimy, Diyala Governor, assured investors wishing to invest in the province a stable and secure statues after being attacked by ISIS. Now, Diyala is safe and unified against ISIS due to its ancient tribal variety.  He added that the investment map allowed everyone to know about available resources.

Mr. Mohamed Jawad Al Hamdani, representing Chairman of Dyiala Province Council, reviewed a number of available investment opportunities in different sectors (oil and gas, health, housing, infrastructure, agriculture and industry). He added that the province council is a great support to any investment project that might be of any benefit to Diyala people who suffered for a long time from lack of services. The province geographic location is a strong attracting factor for investors due to land roads linking Baghdad to neighboring countries.    

The conference witnessed a detailed presentation of available investment opportunities by Dr. Sami R. Al Araji, Chairman of the National Investment Commission, Mr. Mijwel Mehdi, Chairman of the Dyiala Investment Commission, Mr. Raad Almas, Parliament Member representing Dyiala, Chairman of the Iraqi Industry Union, General Secretary of Chambers of Commerce, a member of Businessmen Association, and Chairman of the Iraqi National Business Council. 

The conference was attended the Head of Parliament Investment and Economy Committee, a number of Iraqi Parliament members,  in addition to Vise Ministers and DGs of Industry, Agriculture, Electricity, Housing, Municipalities) ministries and a number of businessmen and investors. 


Announcement ( Industrial Investment Opportunity )

Announcement ( Industrial Investment Opportunity )

Number (1/IRT/2017 )


We are the State Company for Rubber Goods Industries and Tires, one of the companies of the Ministry of Industry and minerals in Iraq which is located in ( Al Najaf governorate – Al- Haydariah district – Karbal road- Najaf ) have the pleasure to announce the investment opportunity to rehabilitate , modernize and operate its factories as follow according to the investment files requirements:

  • Babylon tire factory located in the site of the company in Al- Najaf governorate – Al- Haydariah district.
  • Dewaniya tire factory located in the center of Al Dewaniya governorate – Al Iskan quarter .
  • Rubber products factory – Najaf- Aden quarter

We invite all investors and global specialized companies to participate in these important opportunities because there is a very critical need for cars tires and other vehicles tires as well as other rubber products that meet the requirements of Iraqi or foreign markets and the economic feasibility study for this investment.

Anyone who has the desire to participate should apply to obtain the investment files (all or part) from Najaf site against a non- refundable sum as follow:

  • Babylon tires factory , amount of (300000) IQ.
  • Dewaniya tire factory file, amount of (200000) IQ
  • Rubber products factory , amount of (150000) IQ

Receipt of purchasing the investment files to be attached with submitted offers inside closed and stamped envelopes, fixed on it the name and number of investment opportunity and the name of interested party.

Obtaining of investment files begins on (Sunday) dated Augest 6, 2017 .

Participants can visit the site of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals (Investment Department) as well as the site of the company in Najaf governorate if there is a need for any legal or technical information or visit the site which are offered to investment.

The last date to accept offers is before the ending of the working hours of November 1, 2017.

Participants also can visit the Ministry website to see the information and details … and contacting the Investment Department in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals through the following address :

Republic of Iraq – Baghdad – East Gate- Al Nidhal street , phone No. (009648162006) in (40 lines) – p.o Box (5815) Email ( ) – website ( )

Participants can also see the site of the company by address : Republic of Iraq, Najaf governorate – p.o box (240) Email: , website :


Investment Opportunity Announcement/ General Company for Mining Industries

General Company for Mining Industries

Investment Opportunity Announcement

Subject/ Contract for the production of Printing inks

Announcement for the first time

Closing date: 29/08/2017

The General Company for Mining Industries, one of the companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals , announces an investment opportunity (a joint contract for the production of inks)  with the Iraqi, Arab and international companies in accordance with Law No. (22) f 1997 Article (15) / third and the Council of Ministers resolution No. (492) who wish to review the company’s headquarters located in the district of  Al- Taji behind the lamps factory to bur the tender, which includes the conditions and instructions to be obtained from the Commercial dept. at the company’s headquarters for a sum of   (150000) ID one hundred and fifty thousand dinars non- refundable . offers shall be received until the end of the working hours of Tuesday 29/ 08/2017 taking into account the following :

  • The bid shall be submitted in two sealed envelopes and the name of the company shall be affixed to it , the first is technical and commercial (price) and the second contains the required documents including :
  • Certificate of establishment of the company a replica
  • A patent issued by the General Authority for Taxation for the year 2017
  • The purchase of teaser
  • A book supporting the blocking of the ration card
  • The participant is obliged to provide a letter of guarantee after the signing of the contract (30 days for equipment and salaries of (3) months for employees
  • The company is not obliged to accept the lowest bids
  • Winner shall bear the cost of publishing the last announcement
  • Any tender that does not meet the requirements shall be disregarded
  • The company invites all participants to attend the opening of bids in the first hour of the official working day following the closing date above
  • The company invites all participants to attend the conference scheduled to be held at its headquarters to respond to inquiries at 10:00 am on Tuesday 22/08/2017


Announcement/ Students Sport Club

Students Sport Club

The Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research in coordination with NIC are pleased to announce the opportunity of  investing the Students Sport Club according to the designs made by Thomas Levador Co. on a total area of 28 Donum in Slekh Neighborhood / Baghdad allocated for the construction of the following utilities :

  • A half covered stadium with a capacity of 25 thousand spectators to be constructed according to FIFA standards
  • Five star hotel
  • Open training stadium
  • Internal closed matches hall
  • Parking area
  • Outdoor areas for sport activities

Companies and investors willing to apply are required to submit their offers to the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research / Construction & Projects dept. or to the National Investment Commission within (30) days from the date for publishing this announcement:

For any further information :

  • The One Stop Shop dept.
  • Visiting the Construction & Projects dept. / Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research or contacting the number / 07903568657
  • Visiting the Governmental Contracts Section / Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research

Extension of Announcement




The State Company for Glass & Refractories Industry (SCG&R), one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals (MIM) companies, has the pleasure to announce its following investment opportunity as (sharing in management and production) for Rehabilitating, Operating and raising capacity for high Alumina Refractory Production Plant according to investment Iraqi law (No. 22 of 1997 article 15/ III)

Announcement Target

(SCG&R) aims by participating with manufacturers and producers of above products in factory management and production to rehabilitate & increase production capacities through these valuable opportunities to meet the Iraqi market needs and economic feasibility and benefits accruing to the investor, exploit the availability of raw materials used in production at good prices improving National product quality. Investors are requested to obtain a copy of investment files against a nun- refundable sum of ID 250,000 (Two hundred fifty thousand Iraqi dinar), additionally, the company is ready to assist investors with further detailed information and take necessary arrangements to facilitate site visit to the factories . Investors must submit bids in accordance with the conditions contained in the investment file and will focus on the technical proposal, developmental and financial efficiency. The winner company shall undertake all announcement charges, offers should be submitted no later than the end of the working hours of Thursday, Aug.07.2017.

For any urgent explanation send a letter to  .


Announcement/ constructing a plant to produce gas oil from heavy fuel oil



The Ministry of Electricity / headquarters (the “MOE”) hereby announce investment opportunity MOE- HQ11/ 2017 , BOT of constructing a plant to produce gas oil from heavy fuel oil in Al Musayab gas turbine station .

Tender No. MOE- HQ11/ 2017

Tender subject : constructing a plant 3200 m³ / day of heavy fuel oil

Closing date : Sunday 10.09.2017

Time : 12:00 pm Baghdad local time

Estimated cost : (6,5 dollar/ barrel) for produced gas oil.

  • The interested parties requested to attend MOE Headquarter – Investment and Contracts office/ Tenders Section in Al- Mansour District – Baghdad / Alnaqabat Street to get the investment opportunity documents against non refundable amount of (500,000) ID five hundred thousand Iraqi Dinar to be paid against a receipt with valid official authorization letter of the interested party.
  • The Technical, commercial and financial offers shall be submitted in three separated stamped sealed envelopes one for technical the second for commercial containing price depend on section 4 from the document and the third containing financing offer , you have to write on it :address including (website, e mail address, authorized person’s name and phone number) presented offer should be true and correct without additions or correction written with Arabic language stamped by company stamp on all pages .
  • You may submit your offer by hand or by DHL (offers sent by email will be rejected) to Ministry of Electricity, headquarter, Investment and Contracts office/ Tenders Section in Al- Mansour District – Baghdad not later than the dead line on Sunday 10.09.2017 before 12:00 pm Baghdad local time, if the day of closing date is holiday, the next day will be the closing date.
  • Winner bidder bears the cost of advertisement and any related cost if any.
  • MOE has the right to choose the appropriate offers regardless of the offered price.
  • Technical and commercial proposals not substantially responsive will be neglected.
  • Any question, explanation do not hesitate to contact or call Mobile 07901935786

Announcement / Investment opportunity (partnership contract) 1/2017


Investment opportunity (partnership contract) 1/2017


Based on general companies law no. (22) in 1997 , article (15), paragraph (third) and according to the resolution of Iraqi council of ministers (492) IN 2013.

THE Hydraulic Industries State Co. (one of the companies of Ministry of Industry & Minerals) invites all the Iraqi, Arabic and foreign companies for the completion in the investment opportunity.

  • Those, who wish to participate are welcomed to visit the company in Baghdad – Al Saydia/ beside Al Dora bridge to submit their complete offers according to the conditions and technical specifications available in the commercial dep. Observe amount (250,000) ID non refundable and offers shall be deposited in the tender box in the location of the company on Sunday 27. 08.2017 (12:00 pm), if there is a holiday in the intended day shall be postponed to the next day.
  • Participants shall attend the conference to answer all the questions on Sunday 20.08.2017 at (10:00 am) in the location of the company. For any further information please contact :

Email 1:                                

Email 2 :                                              

Email 3: