Announcement of Partnership ( no. 10 )/ Diyala State Company

Announcement of Partnership ( no. 10 )

Diala State Company is pleased to announce an investment opportunity to work in partnership with the competent companies in the field of developing the electronic energy meter and the manufacture of the smart meter (single phase and three-phase) according to the obligations required below. Interested companies should submit their request and offers to the company’s headquarters in Diala , before the closing date in 4 / 21 / 2017 . Our company has a line to produce electronic energy meter .
… with appreciation
Required Documents
1- Offers and applications must be from the licensed companies manufacturing or producing or approved agent for these companies and must be original signed and sealed and sent by hand or by (DHL, TNT … etc)
2- Submit the documents of the company statement and attach its C.V.
3- Presenting the financial position document of the company from the approved international banks attached to the final accounts for the last five years and approved by an accredited auditing office.
4- Submit documents for the implementation of similar projects of the previous five years carried out by the company.
5- Submit the registration certificate of the company certified by the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the country from which it was issued.
6- A letter of exemption from tax for the last year.
Obligations required
1- Produce and develop the electronic energy meter currently manufactured in our company according to the required standard of the Ministry of Electricity with production capacity
(100 000) annually of various types (single phase and three-phase) meters .
2- Produce a new smart energy meter according to the specifications required by the Ministry of Electricity and the beneficiaries with production capacity ( 200 000 ) annually of various types (single phase and three-phase) meters .
3- Providing a line for producing the electronic card for all electronic and smart meters (optional). The processing schedule shall be according to the economic feasibility of the line (note that the line can be used to produce other types of cards).
4- Providing us with machinery, equipment, molds, spare parts, equipment for production and inspection, from approved sources that require adding them to the existing production line, in addition to preparing raw materials, semi – finished parts and all the production requirements required to produce the meters according to the required specifications from the Ministry of Electricity from approved sources.
5- Implementation of civil works required for the implementation of the project in case of need.
6- Its products are of high quality.
7- Provide the right of technical knowledge and under development with all the technical documents and design schemes and technological paths necessary for production and inspection and quality control and maintenance.
8- Providing continuous technical support and making the continuous necessary updates to the programs without additional costs and product development in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Electricity.
9- Joint cooperation in the marketing of the product.
10- The duration of the contract shall be according to the size of the investment, provided that it is not less than (5) years and not more ( 15 ) years according to the agreement of both parties and under the effective instructions.
11- Opening a branch of the company in Iraq or transferring its office to a branch if it has an office in Iraq before signing the contract .
12- Submit the technical and economic feasibility study for the project, which shows the mechanism of calculation of percentages according to participation in machinery and production costs and sales and specify the share required for the company from the production.
13- Training our cadres on the operation of manufacturing , inspection and maintenance and the right to the technical know-how .
14- The added value of our company for manufacturing the product must not be less than 25%.
15- Agreement and signature of the contract must be with the manufacturer or its authorized agent.
16- Provide a guarantee of good performance before signing the contract (note that the contract will be effective from the date of ratification by the Ministry of Industry and Minerals exclusively).
17- The company has been continuing its specialized activity for the past five years by presenting its obligations (contracts) for the past five years.
18- Have financial and technical competence.
19- The nationality of the company should be from the countries that have a good business relationship with Iraq.
20- Hosting a delegation from Diala company by the manufacturer to see its capabilities, production lines and quality of products before signing the contract.
21- The contribution company is not covered by the black list.
22- Characterized by good performance in the implementation of its obligations (previous contracts with Ministries and Iraqi government entities)
Diala contribution to the project
1- A line for the production of the electronic meter with a production capacity ( 100 000 ) (single-phase meters ) / annually and ( 200 000 ) ( three –phase meters ) / annually , As in the attached lists .
2- Employees in the project with the buildings and industrial services required to operate the line .
in the case of any need for any inquiries about the above or the desire to see the project site and electronic meters line can visit our company
We are also ready to answer any question by e-mail and the offers will be opened at our company’s headquarters.
We provide background information on the feasibility study for the project.
Director General
Chairman of Administration Board

Investment Opportunities/ State Company for Steel Industries

Investment Opportunities

The State Company for Steel Industries, one of the companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in the Republic of Iraq, is pleased to announce the investment opportunities to participate in management and production of the following projects in accordance with the requirements fixed in the investment profiles:

  • Sandwich Panel production
  • Built- up sections and bridge girders production
  • Metal chains production
  • Air filters for power plants

The company invites investors, financers and specialized companies to participate in these important opportunities because of the need for these products in the Iraqi and foreign markets.

Those willing to participate should visit the company’s main office or its website to obtain the investment profiles, in whole or in part, bearing in mind that bids are to be submitted on the company’s website or by e-mail, at the end of the official working hours of Sunday, 10.12.2017.

Those wishing to participate may consult the Ministry of Industry and Minerals / Investment dept., as well as the company’s main office if you need detailed information or have a legal or technical inquiries or a field visit to the announced projects .

 you may contact us through:,  .