Investment Opportunity/ Iraqi Cement State Company



Ministry of Industry and Minerals

Iraqi Cement State Company

Investment Opportunity in the Industrial Sector

The Iraqi Cement State Company is pleased to announce the investment opportunities for investing :

Babel Cement Plant/ for producing oil well cement type (G , B).



Our company invites specialized Iraqi, Arab and global International companies, investors and financers to participate in these investment opportunities to rehabilitate for(API) global certificate of cement production class(G,B)and rehabilitation, processing and modernization of laboratories and according to the participation in production contract. To contribute to this valuable opportunity for this   type of cement, the importance of meeting the need of the Iraqi market, the economic feasibility and the privileges achieved to the investor including the raw materials availability at a competitive prices.


This contract shall be achieved according to the requirements of cabinet decision no.336 in 2018 and the valid guidance principles according to Public Company Law No.22 for 1997 Article (15) third Paragraph.


The investment file can be obtained from the Iraqi Cement State Company headquarters amount of (150000 IQD) one hundred fifty thousand Iraqi dinar against nonreturnable starting from (1/9/2019) .Offers will be opened after (30) days from the date of publication of the declaration. In the event that no bids are received during this period the declaration shall be deemed effective pending receipt of an acceptable bid ,And our company is ready to provide information in details and facilitate the visit to the plants. We would like to note that the offers must match the conditions stated in the investment profile. Taking into consideration, offers must be presented in two separated offers (Technical and Commercial placed inside a sealed and drain). All attached documents must be certified officially by the official department in the countries related to those companies besides certifying by the Iraqi embassy in the country of origin.


For more details, please visit our company’s website on:



Or visit the company headquarters on the following address:


Mobile: 009647705385348

Iraq State Company

Investment Opportunity/ Al_Furat State Company for Chemical and Pesticides Industries



Investment Opportunity Announcement No 2/2019

Modernization And Development Of Concentrated Sulfuric Acid plant   / (Industrial)

Ministry of Industry and Minerals/ Al_Furat State Company for Chemical and Pesticides Industries

Al_Furat State Company for Chemical and Pesticides Industries as one of the affiliates of Ministry of industry and  mineral s /Republic of Iraq is pleased to announce the a/m investment opportunity for modernization and development of Concentrated sulfuric acid plant By establishing a new production line (Double stage absorption) with production capacity of ( 75 ton/day  )  in its main location Babylon / Musayyib /saddat Al hidiyah  according to  the   Article ( 15 / Thirdly ) of  amended and valid Law of State Companies No. (22/1997) (as join venture ) ,and  invite  {  Iraqi, Arabic and international  manufacturing and specialized companies (manufacturer or producer )  or( any other companies, financial  or commercial institutions, investors or capital owners, that enclose their contracting and cooperation certified   documents ( authorization , agency or partnership )  with  supported  specialized and manufacturing  companies} ,  to participate in this investment opportunity and visit/ Investment Department in  our company / Babylonl, Musayyib  /Saddat Al-Hindiyah  to buy the investment opportunity’s document against non-refundable amount of  (250.000 ID) two hundred and fifty thousand Iraqi dinars.  Tenderers should submit their technical and commercial offers, all attached documents should be certified by the authorized entities in the country of the company and Iraqi Embassy in the countries of the foreign companies, for the Iraqi companies, documents should be certified   by authorized entities in Iraq.  , taking in consideration the following items :

  1. Priority for international manufacturing and specialized companies, offers can be accepted from other companies, financial or commercial institutions, investors or capital owners, that submit their certified contracting and cooperation documents (authorization, agency or partnership) with supported specialized and manufacturing companies, for the company which established before (2) years at least.
  2. The advanced company should submit establishment certificate, financial statements (in English for foreign companies) for the last two years (authorized by the office of a legal accountant or an international auditing company. All documents must be certified by Iraqi Embassy in the country of the company) with a copy translated legal translation to Arabic language.
  3. Submit similar works, publications or leaflets of the advanced company works.
  4. Submit a letter from the stable banks to confirm its financial efficiency and dealings with money and deposits support for the last financial year approved by legal accountant office or the Board of the profession and control and audit of Iraqi companies within Iraq and according to the models of the stamps of the Council of the profession, the letter of the Internal Control and Audit No. 1759 on 9/1 / 2019 or from the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the country of non-Iraqi companies.
  5. Tenderer should take in consideration evaluation criteria , paragraphs attached with the investment document .
  6. Submit a letter of acquittal from the Ministry of Finance.
  7. The tenderer should present any letter to prove good performance in carrying out its previous obligations, if there is any obligations with ministries and government offices of Iraq authenticated by the official authorities’ offices.
  8. The company should not black listed.
  9. Confirmation at the legal department not to deal with the Zionist entity and its institutions and companies.
  10. The tenderer should submit the cash receipt of the investment opportunity.
  11. Offers will not to be opened before  30 working  days from the date of publication of the announcement  and if one offer or more received  during the above period “advertising is turned off for the purpose of study and analysis of offers to take the recommendation of whether referral or not ,  if not  access to referral recommendation ,advertise should  continue until 30 days more with same conditions  in the above which continue for no more than a calendar year from the date of first publication and then re-examine and evaluate the subject advertise .
  12. Offer validity should not less than 3 months

* There will be special meeting before seven days of closing date ( m/a) to discuss and answer all investor question and to visit the project site  in AL- FURAT company main location in Babylon / saddat al- hindiya


-Website of Ministry of Industry and Minerals ( )

– web site of Al_Furat State Company for Chemical and Pesticides Industries (

-E-mail  for inquiry :-  ,  /-Investment Manager phone no.  (07801102674) /  – P. O. BOX    11230



                  Engineer Ali Qassim Kadhim                                                                     

                 D.G   And chairman of board of directors   

Investment Opportunity/ The State Company for Constructional Industries


 Ministry of industry and minerals

State company for constructional industries

Subject/   Announcement for investment 0pportunity No. 2/I.N/ 2019

Rehabilitate and Operate Baghdad bricks factory

Khan AL- RUba`a location to produce Filtration sand    

The state company for constructional industries which belong to Iraqi ministry of industry & Minerals is pleased to announce the Sid investment opportunity for year (2019)to participate and invest with specialized companies according to item15/3 of state companies law no.(22) for year 1997 (adjusted) and item 32/B of investment law no.(13) for year 2006 which adjusted with law No.50 for year 2015 and civil investment law No .91 for year 1988 (adjusted) and as follow:-

Investment Opportunities

  1. Baghdad Brick factory by Rehabilitate and operating contract
  2. Invest khan AL-RUba’a location to produce filtration sand by participation contract

Taking in consideration the below:-

  • The submitted company should be Sober and manufacturer or an independent agent for such companies and not Mediator Company.
  • To submit final accounts for the last two years
  • Obligate to all requirements and conditions mentioned in the investment file for each opportunity.
  • The participants have the right to submit their offers for one location or two

-The qualified bidders who want to participate in this investment opportunity to submit their requests and bids according to the bid conditions documents that can get from the company HQ/ commercial Dept. after paying the value of documents amounts of (200 000 I.D) Two hundred thousand Iraqi Dinars (not repayable).

-The bids are delivered to the following address (the state company for construction industries/ tender box at front desk after supporting that by the opening committee in the company) which located at Baghdad- Hay-Babil, Mahalla 931, Zukak-27, Building No. 2 / Al-Rasheed Camp road nearby the state company for vegetable oil industries till (12:00 PM of Wednesday 2/10/2019).Which consider the closing date. Late bids after this date will be rejected (the offers will be opened after 30 days of tha announcement publishing date and in case receiving one offer or more with the said period the announcement to be .stopped to analize and study the offer /s and take the decision about it and in case not awarded then continue in the announcement for another 30 days with same mechanism which will continue for one year starting from the first publishing date and after that re- study the subject  the bids will be opened by the attendance of the bidders or their representatives. Attendance shall be at the following address (Meeting Hall/ Ground floor at the company HQ) after 12:00PM of Wednesday 2/10/2019.

-The awarded company will bear the announcement fees

– our company not obligated to accept the lowest price offer


                                                                                                                  Salleh A.Josef

                                                                                                                Director General

                                                                                                     & Chairman of the Board



Mobile : 00964 7830112210

Investment opportunity/ State  company  for  petrochemical  industries




State  company  for  petrochemical  industries

Announcement of

an Investment Opportunities (as a partner ship contract)



The  state  company  for  petrochemical  industries  announces  to  all  manufacturers &  producers companies  registered  inside & outside  of  Iraq and all investor s to participate  in  below   project according to the technical  specification  and  commercial  conditions  which could  be obtaine from our company at  Basra khur Al-Zubair against  un refundable  amount of ( 2,000,000 ) Iraqi diners and  from our company’s web  site : www or M. web site: Offers  should  be submitted  in three enclosed  envelopes  with the stamp of companie’s name.  The first envelop  technical offer, second  commercial  offer  and the third contain  the following documents .(the  financial statements of last two years , certificate of companies registration, and the offers validity should be for not less  than  three months) these offers  should submttide  to our company at  Basra khur Al-Zubair or( send the original  hard copy through registerd  mail by DHL, TNT,…etc to our P. box 933 Basra\Iraq if it is safe & guarantee to reach our company) . Our  company is not committed  to accept the lowest offer prices& Announcement fee will be paid by the winner.

NOTE/ The tender box should be open after (30) days on publication of the announcement un local newspapers . In case we didn’t receive aproper offer we shall re- tender the project till one year.


Bid bond Cost Estimated Closing Date      Investment Opportunities Item
400  Million  Iraqi dinar 55,059,000,000

– Iraqi dinar

(30 days) Thirty days from the publishing the announcement in the local newspapers. The project Establishment of Chlorine and Caustic Soda plant of Basra paper mill  1-







Investment Opportunity/ Arar Border Crossing Point

Investment Opportunity


For the purpose of developing borders crossing points connecting Iraq to the neighboring regional countries,

The National Investment Commission (NIC) in coordination with The General Commission for Border Crossings,  are pleased to announce an investment opportunity in Arar Border Crossing Point according to Investment Law no. 13 for 2006 (amended), and investment requirements announced in Al Zawraa newspaper version 7068 in 18/8/2019 (copy attached),

Interested specialized and experienced local/ foreign companies can apply to invest this opportunity by filling the investment application form available on NIC website,

Within 30 days from the date of publishing this announcement.

For more information, please visit The General Commission for Border Crossings HQ (Contracts Dept.) or contact them through their email address

Arar Border Crossing Point requirements:

  1. A VIP building consists of (Lobby, Meetings Hall, Restaurant, Services, Medical care centers, VIP bedrooms, Bedrooms)
  2. Testing labs service: establishing testing, measuring and control laboratories and health labs.
  3. Customs and services offices: establishing, equipping and operating customs and services offices.
  4. Motel and Hotel Services: establishing, equipping and managing a motel to provide services to passengers, Overnight halls and stations for pilgrims.
  5. Restaurants and Booths: establishing, equipping and managing restaurants and booths according to operating capacity.
  6. Shaded waiting areas: Establishing parking areas for vehicles, buses and trucks according to the international standards
  7. Water Station Service: establishing, equipping and maintaining water desalination and wells stations and connecting a whole system for the operating offices, rehabilitate the old station and potable water canning factory.
  8. Monitoring, supervising systems and towers: establishing, and maintaining a monitoring system provided with cameras and towers connected with the boarder cross administration.
  9. Housing complex for operating offices: build, supply and furnishing building for employees.
  10. Mosque: rehabilitate and furnishing a mosque for passengers and pilgrims.
  11. Helipad (helicopter)
  12. Workshop for trucks and vehicles maintenance
  13. Car wash station and oil change
  14. Duty free shops
  15. Currency exchange office
  16. Shipping office to provide goods shipping for pilgrims from Saudi Arabia to Iraq
  17. Provide electric wheelchairs stations for people with special needs.
  18. Media center to be rented to TV channels to cover pilgrims’ reception and farewell ceremonies.
  19. Rehabilitate a health center to provide services to pilgrims.
  20. Gas and fuel station
  21. Power Supply Service: establishing, managing and maintaining power generation stations with all connections to facilities.
  22. Electronic Gates (Automation System Program): install, operate and maintain Automation System Program




Investment opportunity/ Housing Compounds for Basra Federal Appeal Court Employees

Investment opportunity


In light of the State’s relentless pursuit to solve the housing problem in the country, through expanding the construction of housing complexes and promoting its erection by investment,

NIC in coordination with the Supreme Judiciary Council are pleased to announce the investment opportunity of the construction of housing compounds for the employees of Basra Federal Appeal Court on the land numbered (2075 M4 / Al- Ribat AL- Kabeer) owned by the Supreme Judiciary Council according to Investment Law no. 13 for the year 2006 as amended.


Willing local and foreign specialized companies are invited to apply for this investment opportunity through filling in the application form available on the NIC website ( with attaching all required documents mentioned there in the application form.

Receiving the applications shall be within 60 days from the date of publishing this announcement and for any further information please visit the Supreme Judiciary Council headquarter – Administration and Financial Dept. – Iraq – Baghdad- Al- Harithiah – Baghdad Clock site.



Investment opportunity/ Al- Zawraa State Company



Announcement no. (7) 2019

Investment opportunity for partnership contract

In the field of

Producing and assembling solar panels with different capacities and modern technologies 

     Al-Zawraa state company (one of the companies of the ministry of industry and minerals announced to sign a partnership contract in the field of Producing and assembling solar panels with different capacities and modern technologies according to the article (3/15) from the company’s law no. (22) of the year 1997 which sets   the general frame of the contract.

AL-Zawraa State Company would be pleased to receive the specialized Iraqi, Arabic and International companies who like to participate in this opportunity.

You can get the technical specifications, the required documents and the general conditions and obligations starting from the day following the announcement on 4 of September 2019 from 8 A.M. till 12 P.M in the company (the commercial department) location: Baghdad, Zafaranyia, Industrial area near to Electronic Industries Stat Company against unreturnable amount of (150000) one hundred and fifty thousand Iraqi Dinars.

Offers will not be opened until 30 days from the date of publication of the advertisement in the official newspapers and the company’s website.  In case of couldn’t finalize the recommendation of the referral, the advertisement will be considered active for a period of another 30 days.



For any technical and legal enquire contact our company directly or through:






Investment opportunity / Diala State Company


  Diala state company is pleased to advertise an investment opportunity as (partnership contract) to execute a project to produce step down  electric distribution transformers with capacity 1000MVA yearly with transfer rates (33/0, 416) KV and (11/0, 416) KV according to international standard technical specifications IEC60076 and the ministry of electricity demands. The wishing companies submit their requests and offers to the company headquarters in Diala province and the last date to deliver the bidding will be at 2:00 p.m of closing date on 30/9/ 2019 as per obligations and terms bellow :-

Required Documents :

  • Submitting offers and requests by international manufacturing companies specialized in industrial field and it is possible to accept offers from other companies or commercial or financial establishments or investors or capital owners attached to contracting documents and cooperation (authorization or agency or partnership) with specialized manufacturing companies supporting in the announced field through (DHL, TNT, …etc) or direct submitting in our company headquarters.
  • Submitting company documents including establishment certificate and CV about the company and supporting companies (if there any) and presenting leaflets about their works.
  • Submitting financial situation attached to it financial statements for last Two years legalized by legal accountant or international auditing company provided that all documents should be legalized by Iraqi Embassy in country of with legal Arabic translated copy.
  • Submitting a letter from reliable banks confirming financial efficiency and transactions with statement of cash and deposits for last financial year legalized by statements auditor and career council of monitoring and auditing statements of Iraqi companies inside Iraq as per samples and stamps of career council or by Iraqi Embassy in country of foreign companies.
  • Depending on a letter from council of ministers / law office No. Q7289/59/1/21 on 13/3/2018 regarding regulations of clause (14) of foreign companies branches No. (2) in 2017 regarding establishment license and opening branch in Iraq at contracting and recording it formally at companies registration within (3) months after date of signing the contract.

Required Obligations from Bidding Companies:-

  • Submitting letter of guarantee equal (200 000) Dollars (Two hundred thousand Dollars ) at signing the contract to be released after completing supplying production lines, machine, equipments.
  • Supplying and executing all civil works and required designs to establish the production line , accessories and warehouse.
  • Supplying production lines, machines, equipments, mould, spare parts and necessary devices for production, test from reliable origins to ensure fulfilling required capacity.
  • Supplying raw materials, semi-finished parts and all production requisites from reliable international origins .
  • Supplying know how, technical documents, drawings, technology process required for testing , maintenance and services.
  • Submitting feasibility technical and economical study of the project including execution timetable , business plan showing mechanism of executing the rates, specifying production capacity, number of workers and their specialty, financial study including (production costs, sales prices … etc) and fixing the shares for each party.
  • The bidding company bear all taxes and customs fees incurring from entering materials into Iraq as per valid regulations and instructions.
  • Submitting complete program to train our company staff inside and outside Iraq on production, maintenance, test, designs and technical know- how.
  • The partnership contract period no less than (5) years and no more than (20) years and we suggest (15) years.
  • Mutual cooperation in marketing the product.
  • The additional value for manufacturing the product no less than (20 %).
  • Inviting delegation from Dial company before signing contract to view the bidding company abilities or the supporting technical parties.

Diala Company Contribution in the Project :-

  • Providing necessary areas for the project.
  • Providing workers for the project.
  • Providing necessary industrial services and any other requirements which the contributing company can’t submit and our company is able to provide.
  • Facilitating getting formal approvals as per Iraqi law and valid instructions.

Our company is ready to answer any question or inquiry through E-mail or attending our company and there are attachments you can view on the company website (Technical and economical feasibility study).