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Iraq has changed. As normal life begins to resume, economic activity has revived…

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Application Form

This application represents the first step for all investors towards obtaining the investment license …

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Bismayah New City

BNCP is the first and the biggest city development project throughout the history of Iraq …

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Housing Project

The National Investment Commission (the “NIC”) is committed to bringing opportunities to the investor community that are essential to the Iraqi citizens…

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One Stop Shop

The One Stop Shop is the National Investment Commission’s single point of contact for investors interested in entering Iraq. It aims to facilitate the investment process

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Way Iraq

With an economy poised for resurgence, abundant numbers of educated and talented people immediately available and an attractive pro-business fiscal environment, Iraq has much to offer…

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Dear Investors:
Welcome to Iraq
We have embarked on a mission of rebuilding Iraq by attracting Iraqi, Arab, and foreign capital investment. Such investment will contribute to the transfer of knowledge and technology in all Iraqi economic sectors currently being transformed from centralized economy to a market economy based on free competition, equal opportunity and the development of the private sector. The years 2013 – 2014 had witnessed receiving many official delegations, businessmen and international companies and holding various forums with signing several agreements that facilitate the smooth entrance of investors into Iraq and guaranty them lots of privileges as protection and investment encouragement agreements signed between Iraq and Kuwait 16.12.13, Iraq and Jordan 25.12.13, Iraq and Belarus 23.08.13:

– The One Stop Shop in the National and Provincial Investment Commissions which facilitate the processing of the investment licenses applications, issuing the license, allocating the land, securing tax exemptions, and facilitating the entry and exit of investors and their employees.

– Providing potential investors with the updated Investment Map for 2014 which lists the investment opportunities with a geographic description at the different provinces as well as a product and service sectoral description.

– The Investor Guide, which provides the necessary information to facilitate entry and exit procedures to and from Iraq and how to enjoy the many benefits of the investment law, in addition to explaining the investment environment and the procedures followed in registering companies to work in Iraq.

– Amendment of Investment Law 13 of 2006 which guarantees the ownership of land by local, Arab and foreign investors for housing projects based on law No. 2 of 2010 and the amendment of the Statute (7) which organizes the lease rates for lands invested in the various fields.

We are happy to address any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have. Please email us or visit our headquarters in Baghdad. We are committed to providing all necessary services to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship.

Dr. Sami Al Araji
National Investment Commission
Baghdad- Iraq

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1 001

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Investment opportunity

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