Anbar All Sectors

1. Oil and Gas Sector

No Pipe’s Name Pipe’s capacity Project type Project Estimated cost Location
1 Haditha new refinery 150 SHAW BOO Anbar

2. Electricity Sector

Investment Opportunities Available in the Electricity Sector Solar Energy Projects

  • Solar Cells- Haditha
  • Solar Cells- Ameerat Faluja

3. Communication Sector


4. Health and Environment Sector

 Investment Opportunities in Health Sector announced by Provinces

No Project’s Name Type of Investment Opportunities Province
1 Specialized Major Surgery Center (cardiac, neurosurgery, oncology) New (estimated cost $5 million, 4000m² area in the commercial zone in Ramadi Anbar
2 Medical equipment, medical beds, gauze, medical cotton, bandage, wheelchairs for people with special needs and handicaps, all kinds of tubes used for laboratory samples, blood pressure monitor, all types of needles, medical waste containers , Fracture orthopedic instruments, blood transfusion equipment, temperature gauge, etc.) New Anbar
No Department Project name Location
1 Observe and asses industrial activities and services. Monitoring gas and fine particles emissions due to polluted industrial and services activities. Oil refineries, power stations, cement factories and hospitals in Baghdad and provinces.
2 Monitoring chemical materials and asses polluted sites. Treating oil waste activities – All oil fields in provinces,
– Oil refineries
– Leaks resulting from broken pipes- polluted soil
Treating chemically polluted sites. All provinces, priority to the most contaminated sites.
Electric and electronic waste recycling Locations following environmental instructions regarding recycling wastes.
3 Climate changes and air type control Supply and install fixed station for noise metering in all provinces except KRG all provinces except KRG

 Investment opportunity sent by Ministry of higher education and Scientific Research 

No Project’s Name Type of Investment Opportunities Province
1 University Hospital area 100 domun New Anbar

5. Housing and Infrastructure sector

Available Investment Opportunities at Housing Sector

No. Project name Location allocated area in dunem ** Province Notes
1 Anbar housing complex |Hasaw Al Shamiya 50 Anbar Red zone, project postponed

Available Investment Opportunities at Housing Sector by Provinces Investment Commissions

No. Project name Location allocated area in dunem ** Province
1 Habaniya new city Anbar- habaniya lake 16.000 Anbar – Habaniya
2 Housing complex in Rawa Rawa village – within the village area 90 Anbar- Rawa
3 Housing complex in Ramadi Ramadi- area 18 km between the highway and the old way plot 83/33596 m47 Haswat Al Shamiya 405 Anbar- Ramadi
4 Housing complex in Ramadi Ramadi- the new expansion of the city to the south (south of Anbar University) 8000 Anbar- Ramadi
5 Housing complex in Haditha Plot 178/15170 m23 k3 100 Anbar – Haditha
6 Housing complex in Saqlawiya Saqlawiya m15 Abo Sdera 35 Anbar- Saqlawiya
7 Vertical units Ramadi- industrial zone 99941m2 Anbar- Ramadi
8 New Faluja City Plot 54/6877 m2 Al Neaimiya 3.000 Anbar- Faluja
9 Housing units for employees 83/27430 m47 haswat alshamiya 40 Anbar

6. Transportation Sector

Railways State Company:

no Project name Details length Number of lines Signals & communication Axial load/ ton Speed (km/h) Total transport (million) Estimate cost (million USD) Project implementation period
passengers Goods/ton passengers Goods/ ton Acquisitions implementation total
1 Ramadi- Karbala Detailed designs were conducted 1982 by Italian consulting company (Sotkny), recently conducted by German consulting company (Dorsh Group) 133 double ERTMS/ level 2 25 250 140 3 36 400 1500 1900 3 years
2 Railway connection between Iraq & Jordan (from Rutba to Traibeel) Designs were recently conducted by German consulting company (Dorsh Group) 400 Single can be doubled ERTMS/ level 2 25 250 140 3 12 50 4000 4050 5 years

7. Industry and Minerals sector

No Project State Company Investment type Required investment Location


1 Industry zone State agency for industrial development Investment Anbar
2 Glass jars and bottles State Co. for glass Partnership Anbar
3 Floating flat glass factory Partnership Anbar
4 Sodium silicate production plant   Anbar
5 Brick and thermal materials Partnership Anbar
6 Light insulation production plant Partnership Anbar
7 Project of operational platforms for oil and electricity such as measuring platforms for filling and unloading Al Faris State Co. Partnership Anbar
8 production line of 8 mm reinforcement bar Partnership Anbar
9 thermal and electrochemical purification project Partnership Anbar
10 Production of munitions cups Partnership Anbar
11 BRC and dust containers Partnership Anbar
12 Faluja white cement factory State Company for Cement Rehabilitation and Development Anbar
13 State company factory State Company for Phosphate Rehabilitation and Development Anbar
14 Establishment of a new phosphate fertilizer complex Partnership Anbar
15 Construction of ammonia – Urea plant Partnership   Anbar

The investment opportunities presented for investment by Provinces Investment Commissions (PICs)
First: Phosphate Deposits projects
1. The extraction and mining of phosphate deposits and phosphoric acid / Anbar province – Wadi Sawab.
2. The extraction and mining of phosphate deposits for the production of phosphate fertilizers and phosphoric acid / Anbar province – Wadi al-Harri.

Second: Cement projects
Cement Plant Project / Anbar province

Third: Silica Sands project
1. Glass and molding factory / Anbar province.
2. Thermo stone production factory / Anbar province.
3. Silicon industries production factory / Anbar province.

Forth: Carbonate and sulfate projects
1. Sodium carbonate plant for the manufacture of glass, detergents and paper pulp / Anbar province.
2. Calcium carbonate deposits for the manufacture of dyes, medicines and rubber / Anbar province.

Available Investment Opportunities Announced by Provinces Investment Commission in Industrial Sector

No Project name Suggested Industries Land allocated for the project Location
1 Limestone Cement and marble alternatives White valley 75km S. west Ramadi Anbar
2 Limestone Cement and marble alternatives Ghadaf valley (1) 90km S. west Ramadi Anbar
3 Limestone Cement and marble alternatives Ghadaf valley (2) 100km S. west Ramadi Anbar
4 Limestone Cement and marble alternatives H3 70km west of Rutba Anbar
5 Limestone Cement and marble alternatives Wadi Sawab 90km north od Rutba- near Ukashat Mines Anbar
6 Cement mud Different types of cement Fuj valley 60kmS.west Al Ukhadher Anbar
7 Cement mud Different types of cement Ain Al Zerka 110km S. west Al Ukhadher Anbar
8 Cement mud Different types of cement Ghadaf valley 70km S. west Ramadi Anbar
9 Cement mud Different types of cement Jabha 35-30 km west of Ramadi Anbar
10 Cement mud Different types of cement Makir Al Dheeb 60km S. west Al Qaim Anbar
11 Cement mud Different types of cement 34km west Kabeesa Al Jaif valley Anbar
12 Cement mud Different types of cement Al buhaira 65km west Kabeesa Anbar
13 Cement mud Different types of cement Zankora 10km west of Ramadi Anbar
14 AL4 Kaolin Si4 O Kaolin mud, red, purple, yellow, white, iron, 3%, aluminum oxide, 20-30% Kara 60km north of Rutba Samhat- Malsi Nejeli Anbar
15 Kaolin mud Colored – red violet white and mixed colors with iron less than 3% aluminum oxide more than 40% N. east Al Husainiya and S. west Al Husainiyat Anbar
16 Kaolin mud COLORED Amij 70km east of Rutba (5km) north of the highway Anbar
17 Gypsum Multiple layers Millan valley (5-10)km north of Rawa Anbar
18 Gypsum High purity 35km east of Haditha Anbar
19 Dolomite Medium hardness, Fragile deposits Anbar
20 Dolomite High purity 70-80km east husainiyat N. east of Rutba Anbar
21 P205 Phosphate Medium grade phosphate rock 90 km north of the Rutba between Wadi Al-Harri and Wadi Suab Anbar
22 Silica Sands Glass, Ceramic, thermo, molding, solar energy cells, acid cover for metal melting, silicon components West of Tayara valley, north Tayara valley, south AlSoufy valley, Abeeran valley, Amij valley east Rutba- K160- K180 Anbar
23 Bentonite mud Bentonite Industry Activated by Na2Co3 Used in Drilling Oil Wells – Pillars and Bridges – Purifying Vegetable Oils – Paraffin Wax Purification H3 Ukashat to the south Anbar
24 Heavy sands Important Heavy Metals – Zirconia – Tourmaline – Monazite is a source of Thornium ronile  and a source of titanium Amij valley Anbar
25 Deposit iron Salt resistant cement Kaara Hussainiyat Anbar
26 Limonic rocks Cement- glass- sugar paper Ubaida valley Ghadaf valley (1) H3 Ghadaf valley (2) Anbar
27 Flint mud White cement – thermo Rawasib Al Khasafat north Al Hussainiyat Anbar
28 Porcelains Light concrete purification of building oils and food – sulfur Dukma-  Ukashat Anbar
29 Bauxite Thermo – Alum production Anbar
30 Sodium Chlorides Food- leather- textiles industries Anbar
31 Quartzeite Silicon

Acid lining for ovens

Umer river Anbar
32 Lime stone Cement and marble alternatives White valley 75 km S. west Ramadi Anbar
33 Phosphate Fertilizer Plant The industrial city 70 km west of the city of Ramadi / 80 dunums Anbar
34 Production of nitrogen fertilizers The industrial city 35 km west of the city of Ramadi / 10 dunums Anbar
35 Portland cement factory Industrial zone in Heet city/ 40 dunums Anbar
36 Salt resistant cement production plant Industrial zone in Heet city/ 40 dunums Anbar
37 Production of Crystal glassware The industrial city 30 km west of the city of Ramadi / 1 dunums Anbar
38 Phosphoric Acid Production Plant (H3po4)

Sulfuric acid (H2so4)

The industrial city 70 km west of the city of Ramadi / 20 dunums Anbar
39 Production of floating flat glass panels Estimated cost $75 m 30km west of Ramadi 50 dunums Anbar
40 brick Factory and stone paneling for facades Industrial zone in Heet city/ 20 dunums Anbar
41 Alumina Production Project

Smelter Grade

70km west of Ramadi 10 dunums Anbar
42 Ceramic Plates & Home Hygiene 35km west of Ramadi 10 dunums Anbar
43 Project of production of ceramic electrical insulators 35km west of Ramadi 10 dunums Anbar
44 Veroslonic factory Industrial zone in Heet city/ 10 dunums Anbar
45 Recycling project Ramadi m36 plot 1/5115 Jerayshi /25 dunums Anbar
46 Iron waste Collection and Fusion Project Industrial zone in Heet city/ 40 dunums Anbar
47 Mud wash factory Industrial zone in Heet city/ 25 dunums Anbar
48 Industrial zone (B) in Aanna Aanna/ 1568 dunume Anbar
49 Industrial zone (A) in km 70 in Ramadi Ramadi- Muhamadiyat near Abo AlJeer plot 83m 47 Haswat Al Shamiya/ 2000 dumuns Anbar
50 Industrial zone (A & B) in Heet Heet plot 390/460 m6 Haswat Al Shamiya/ 600 dumuns Anbar
51 Production of artistic plaster Rawa village- land not allocated yet/ 50 dunums Anbar
52 Logistic village/ industrial zone in km 35 Ramadi – industrial zone in km 35 west of Ramadi/ area according to project need Anbar
53 Rehabilitation and operating Faluja white cement factory FAluja- 2km easr Faluja/ 256 dunums Anbar
54 Rehabilitation and operation of high alumina thermal bricks production plant Falluja – near Falluja cement plant / area according to need of the project Anbar
55 Ceramic wall tiles factory Ramadi- Tammem (Ceramic St.) Anbar

8. Tourism Sector

No. Project Location Allocated  Land Province
1 A tourist resort complex Heet 25 dunem Anbar / MoF
2 Al Qaim Luna park Al Qaim part od plot 133/7549 m18 deyoom 11 dunem Anbar/Al Qaim
3 Amiriyat Al Simmod Luna Park Faluja- Amiriyat Al Simmod plot 1/1811 m 21 25.227m² Anbar/Amiriyat Al Simmod
4 5 stars hotel in Faluja Plot 4/842 Haswat Al Shamiya between the two bridges 4.287m² Anbar/ Faluja
5 1st of May hotel Haditha plot 143/1 m28 K3 6 dunums+ 6 ulk Anbar/ Haqlaniya
6 Sport city New Habaniya city 600 dunem Anbar/ Habaniya
7 Multipurpose city Habaniya


220 dunum Anbar/ Habaniya
8 Amusement part Ramadi part of plot 24/442 m13 8.250 m² Anbar/ Ramadi
9 Al Furat island In the middle of the Euphrates 187.500 m² Anbar/ water resources
10 Al Hafriya Luna park Ramadi 16.675 m² Anbar/ Ramadi
11 Luna Park Ramadi –near the new municipality garage 33.950 m² Anbar/ Ramadi
12 Luna Park Ramadi –Al Rasheed Market 5km 44.169m² Anbar/ Ramadi
13 Al Thirthar tourism complex 5 stars hotel, 30 tourists’ houses, green area, Luna parks, gardens and parks. 200 dunem Anbar/ currently belongs to Saladin Province
14 4 stars hotel Faluja West bank of the river Anbar
15 tourism complex in old Habaniya Plot 4m 47 Haswat Al Shamiya 187 dunum Anbar
16 Indoors Olympic pool Ramadi 22 dunum Anbar
17 Presidential palaces Ramadi Anbar
18 Multipurpose events Ramadi plot 1/785/29Tal Al Riian 480 m² Anbar/ Tourism Agency
19 Heet Historical Castle Heet Anbar
20 Rehabilitation of mills and waterways sites Heet Euphrates banks Anbar/ MoF
21 A therapeutic tourist facility on sulfuric eyes Heet – Kbaisa Anbar
22 Tourism city Heet- Al Baghdadi plot 255 70 dunum Anbar- MoF
23 Amusement sites on Haditha Dam Haditha- Dam entrance banks 17.5 dunum , 45 dunum Anbar
24 Café and Casino Haditha plot 196/2628 m48 1800m² Anbar- MoF
25 Amusement club Haditha plot 1/143 m28 k3 2 dunum Anbar0 MoLSA
26 Hajlan valley/ mid island sites Haditha- Hajlan valley and Barwana 30 dunum Anbar
27 Tourism complex Al Qaim 65/8/16 12 dunum Anbar
28 Tourism complex Rutba- Abyila valley lake extensions Anbar
29 Rehabilitation of Dabaa Reserve Rutba- Dabaa Reserve 25 dunum Anbar
30 3 stars hotel in Traibeel Rutba – Traibeel boarder port 2 dunum Anbar
31 3 stars hotel in Al Qaim Al Qaim 2 dunum Anbar
32 Hotel in Al Nikhaib Rutba – Al Nikhaib 12  dunum Anbar
33 Tourism complex in Rawa Rawa – river banks 2 dunum Anbar
34 Tourism complex in Aanna Aanna- Haditha Dam lake Anbar
35 Ramadi hotel Ramadi / Euphrates 22 dunum estimated cost $29.5 m Anbar

9. Education Sector


10. Services Sector

No. Suggested Project Land no. Area Location Notes
1 1)  50% of the area to be used as warehouses (regular, chilling, freezing)/ food/dairy processing plant with marketing center.

2)  50% of the area as a residential complex for employees

3)  marketing center or any other project that can serve the area

83/28706 district 47 80 dunem Anbar/ Haswa/ Shamiya/Ramadi Plot outside the urban boarders near the highway with no services and far from markets and schools
2 Al Ramadi plot 1/1773 dis. 29 Tel Al Riaan & Al Keseer 2 Anbar Commercial site in city center

Available Investment Opportunities in Services Sector according to Provinces Investment Commissions

No. Project Location Area Province
1 Manart Heet commercial center in Jamiya Q. Heet , 9/6806 m2 Dis 2 Muabadiyat & Hamadi 1.653m² Anbar
2 Commercial Markets Center / Heet Heet , 9/1590 m2 Dis 2 Muabadiyat & Hamadi 1 dunem Anbar/ Heet
3 Commercial Center/ Rawa Plot 7/616 m 44 Rawa/ Deum Jibala valley 1.740m² Anbar/ Rawa
4 Commercial Center/ Rawa Plot 7/235 m 44 Rawa/ Deum Jibala valley 1.675m² Anbar/ Rawa
5 Commercial complex/ Al Ubaidi 15/1599m8 Al Ubaidi 1.738m² Anbar/ Al Ubaidi
6 Commercial Center/ Rawa Plot 7/1415 m 44 Rawa/ Deum Jibala valley 3.873m² Anbar/ Rawa
7 Commercial markets/ Al Ubaidi 15/1707m8 Al Ubaidi- Al Qaim 1.817m² Anbar/ Al Ubaidi
8 Commercial Center Ramadi – old municipality garage 4.5 Anbar/ Ramadi
9 Commercial Center Ramadi/ 149/857- 149/858- 149/859 m 28 Al Fursan Sq. Al Aziziya & Al Howz 10 Anbar/ Ramadi
10 Commercial complex Ramadi – old garage 99.941 m² Anbar/ Ramadi
11 Commercial complex Ramadi – 1/773 m 29 Tel Al Rian 4.236m² Anbar/ State Co. for Central Markets
12 Complete Commercial complex Faluja 9/6756 m1 (the old Cinema) 121.756 m² Anbar/ Faluja
13 Commercial complex in Faluja Faluja- 1210 Al Haswa 4.300m² Anbar/ Faluja
14 Typical border ports including the (VIP) building, inspection laboratories and control, laboratory radiation , health laboratory, and service, communications and Internet, balance meters, inspection equipment, service offices , motel and hotel, restaurants and kiosks , inspection service (K9), stores, parking and waiting yards, stop stations, water desalination system, control and electronic gates, mosque , port HQ and the operating departments related to the port Al Waleed- Traubeel- Al Qaim border crossing Allocated land Anbar / Border Crossing Authority

11. Youth and Sport Sector

No Project Name Location Area  Province
1 Artificial grass play yard with spectators seats Ramadi- Zangoora 83/38654 m 47 haswa Al Shamiya 5 dunem Anbar
2 Artificial grass play yard with spectators seats Ramadi- Al Dewar near Al Irada school 74/146 m 37 Karghooliya 9 dunem Anbar
3 Artificial grass play yard with spectators seats Ramadi- Zangoora 35/102 m 39 Al Dawar 4 dunem Anbar
4 Artificial grass play yard with spectators seats Al Khaldiya – habaniya 40/1353 m 47 haswa Al Shamiya 30 dunem Anbar
5 Sport city in Habaniya Habaniya 4/1364 m 47 haswa Al Shamiya 600 dunem Anbar
6 Olympic swimming pool Ramadi- Soufiya 7/4 m 77 Soufiya beaches 9 dumen Anbar
7 Artificial grass play ground with spectators seats 29/24 m 12 Albo Ubaid 7 dumen Anbar
8 Indoors hall 1000 spectators 66/6020 m 4 Zeweaa Al Dhiban 20 dumen 20 ulk Anbar
9 Artificial grass play ground with spectators seats Ramadi- Zeweaa Al Sherqiya 1/5127 m 37 Al Jeel 16 dunem Anbar
10 Sport playground 15000 spectators 40/643 m 29 Tel Al Riyian 30 dunem Anbar
11 Artificial grass play ground with spectators seats Heet- Yatamiya/ between Heet and Hadetha 40/3 m 27 7 dunem 12 ulk Anbar
12 Plot 9/5615 m1 5 dunem 21 ulk Anbar
13 Establish a residential complex next to the club for staff housing close to their place of work and support them in order to improve the work of the Forum 1/2488 m1 j kh + 1/4287 m1 Jubail & Kharab 11 dunem 1 dunem 6 ulk Anbar
15 Reconstruction of the hall to support sport 83/18909 m 47 haswa Al Shamiya 3 dunem Anbar
16 The establishment of sports stadiums, indoor swimming pool, sports and youth halls, a  building for sports and youth medicine, in accordance with the objectives and requirements of the Ministry of Youth and Sports 9/28950 m1 Jubail & Kharab 12 dunem 6 ulk Anbar
17 Construction of swimming pool, playground and sports halls + university building 162/5092 m 28 7 dumen  24 ulk Anbar
18 Constructing a closed swimming pool serving all age groups and establishing a sports project 1/4288 m2 2 dunem 6 ulk Anbar

12. Agriculture Sector


No. District/ town County No. Plot No. Area / dunam Type Availability of water share Water source Method of irrigation Depth of underground waters Analysis of soil Validity of underground waters according to international & local stander Location to irrigation projects Coordinates



PH soil Tissues
1 Qaem 24/Kalban al- Tayara



al- Der




107200 desert


Unavailable wells 7.78 Mixed sandy Valid 5km to the Euphrates X/ 166909

Y/ 3843882

2 Qaem 20/Western Dayoom Jibab 43 116000 desert


Unavailable 7.27 Mixed outside X/ 179951

Y/ 3793720

3 Hdeetha 71/Dayoom , the middle island 1 14000 desert


Unavailable Underground waters wells 100 meters 6.66 Mixed sandy valid 12km to Al Qadisiya lake X/ 0279047

Y/ 3805631

4 Hdeetha 71/Dayoom , the middle island 1 14000 desert


Unavailable Underground waters wells 30 meters 6.66 Mixed sandy valid outside X/ 0279047

Y/ 3805631

5 Al- Khalidiyahl Habaniya 47/Haswat al- Shamiyah 2 1215 Rocky lands Unavailable Underground waters wells 15 m (salty) 25m (less salty) 7.65 Mixed sandy invalid outside X/ 0353717

Y/ 3673662

6 Faluja/ Saqlawiya 36/Al- Jabal 4/5094 7000 desert


Unavailable Underground waters wells Shallow 8.4 Mixed

Clay sandy

invalid outside X/ 379659

Y/ 3709765

High gypsum rate 42%
7 Ramadi Waffa 1 Rutba 60000 Ministry of Finance Available wells wells 150 8.1 Mixed sandy valid 5km to the Euphrates X: 220105

Y: 3664015

8 Rutba  1 Nekhaib 1 500000 Desert wells wells 170-160 7.6 Mixed Not available X: 236585

Y: 3633654

9 Hdeetha Haqlaniya 1/69 Shamiya 2250 Unavailable wells wells 250-180 6.6 Mixed valid Not available X: 23140

Y: 3758413

10 Heet 390 / 6 haswat Al Shamiya 150 Governmental land Available Euphrates Wells 45 7.5 mixed Gypsum valid 3km to the river X: 302438


Near the forest of Heet Agriculture dept.
11 Amriya 1/9802

21 Shamiya

400 High lands Available Euphrates Wells 7.8 Mixed sandy X: 399350

Y: 3667325

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