Baghdad All Sectors

1 Oil and Gas Sector

Investment opportunities in Refineries and Oil &Gas Projects:

No Refinery Name Refinery capacity  (barrel) Contracting company investment/ funding  Location
1 Supplementary units in Dora Refinery According to information Preparation and EPCF Baghdad

2 Electricity Sector

Project to transfer gas stations from simple cycle to multiple cycle
Solar Energy Projects

  • Solar Cells- Abo Ghraib
no Project name Total Capacity in MW Province
1 North thermo station (4*350) MW Baghdad


Investment projects in renewable energy field

No Project name Additional capacity/ MW Province
1 Abo Ghraib Solar Station 30 Baghdad

3 Communication Sector


4 Health and Environment Sector

Investment opportunities in health sector announced by the MoH

No Project name Type of opportunity Province
1 50 bed hospital/ Al Yousfiya new Baghdad
2 200 bed hospital/ Amriya new Baghdad
3 Supply and furniture for 300 bed oncology hospital new Baghdad
4 Completing Al Risala hospital (300 beds) +100 bed center for spinal cord injuries Partnership Baghdad/ Karkh
5 Ibn Zahr hospital 200 beds new Baghdad/ Karkh
6 General  hospital 200 beds / Al Nehrawan new Baghdad/ Rusafa
7 General  hospital 200 beds / Al Husaynia new Baghdad/ Rusafa
8 General  hospital 200 beds with developed center for cancer diagnoses new Baghdad/ Rusafa


Investment Opportunities in Health Sector announced by Provinces

No Project’s Name Type of Investment Opportunities Province
1 Specialized cancer treatment center New Baghdad,  Al Karkh and Al-Rusafa
2 Arabic Child Hospital in Al-Karkh (50 beds) New Baghdad/ Al-Karkh
3 3-4 Drugs and medical appliances factory New Baghdad, Al Karkh and Al-Rusafa
4 2 Sterility and fertility hospital New Baghdad  in Al Karkh and Al-Rusafa
5 2 Specialized ophthalmology  hospital New Baghdad , Al Karkh and Al-Rusafa
6 1 Specialized cardiac surgery hospital New Baghdad, Al Karkh and Al-Rusafa
7 2-3  hydrogen peroxide (pure O2)Plant New Baghdad, Al Karkh and Al-Rusafa
8 2 Complete medical city New Baghdad , Al Karkh
9 4 General hospitals , capacity: 50 bed each New Baghdad, Al-Karkh and Al-Rusafa
10 4 Specialized medical centers, capacity : (20 bed or more) New Baghdad , Al-Karkh and Al-Rusafa
11 Joint venture with international companies hospital management  and other medical fields Contracting with specialized companies to open new hospitals in Iraq


Baghdad , Al-Karkh and Al-Rusafa
12 Extra governmental hospitals to be submitted as an investment opportunity Contracting with specialized companies to open new hospitals in Iraq Baghdad , Al-Karkh and Al-Rusafa

Investment opportunity in Environment Sector

No Department Project name Location
1 Observe and asses industrial activities and services. Monitoring gas and fine particles emissions due to polluted industrial and services activities. Oil refineries, power stations, cement factories and hospitals in Baghdad and provinces.
2 Monitoring chemical materials and asses polluted sites. Treating oil waste activities –  All oil fields in provinces,

–  Oil refineries

–  Leaks resulting from broken pipes- polluted soil

Test imported chemicals, paints, toys in borders outlets. borders outlets in Basra, Mayan, Wasit, Diyala,
Treating chemically polluted sites. All provinces, priority to the most contaminated sites.
3 Climate changes and air type control Supply and install fixed station for noise metering in all provinces except KRG all provinces except KRG
Supply and install fixed station for noise metering non- ionized ray in Baghdad and provinces. Baghdad and provinces
4 Information technology Develop the website by presenting electronic services Baghdad/ Ministry HQ.
5 Planning and Technical follow up Environment Clock for monitoring climate changes / cost I b ID Baghdad/ green area

Investment opportunity sent by Ministry of higher education and Scientific Research

no Project name Type of opportunity Province
1 Ibn Sina General Hospital 600 beds New Baghdad


5 Housing and Infrastructure sector

Available Investment Opportunities at Housing Sector

No Project name Location allocated area in dunem ** Province Notes
1 Tajiat Complex Tajiat 100 Baghdad
2 Housing for employees 1/406 district 27 Hamamiat 33 Baghdad/ Al Taji 20 dunem in the southern part of plot total area 98 dunem next to Al Taji complex
3 Employees housing units 3/8890 5 Baghdad/ Al Mashtal Available services, near the main street, schools, health care Centers and markets
4 Housing complex For Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) employees Plot 23005 m 11 35 dunem Baghdad Plot next to SOMO building in Zayona/ 400 vertical housing units


Available Investment Opportunities at Housing Sector by Provinces Investment Commissions

No Project name Location allocated area in dunem ** Province
1 Housing complex with services+ educational center Al Qadisiya/ Baghdad 55 Baghdad
2 Housing complex with services 45 Baghdad

6 Transportation Sector

Available Investment Opportunities in Transportation
First: Railways State Company

no Project name Details length Number of lines Signals & communication Axial load/ ton  Speed (km/h) Total transport (million) Estimate cost (million USD) Project implementation period
passengers Goods/ton passengers Goods/ ton Acquisitions implementation total
1 Circle line around Baghdad Detailed designs were conducted 1982 by Italian consulting company (Sotkny) circle line length (ring) 112km, total length main and branches 284km 284 mixed ERTMS/ level 2 25 200 140 23 46 430 2000 2430 5 years
2 (Baghdad- Baquba- Kirkuk-Erbil- Mousil) branch line (Baquba- Khanaqeen- Munthirya- Iran) detailed designs were conducted by French consulting company (Sorfrel) 1982, currently updated by Czech consulting company (CZ Group)double line length 455km single line length 200km, can be doubled Total length of main and branches is 700-750 km 700 mixed ERTMS/ level 2 25 250 140 6 20 1650 7000 8650 7 years

Baghdad Mono Rail

Details: Vital project with good financial revenues, prepared by French Alstom Co

Estimated cost: 15 b USD

Implementation period: 5 years

Project purpose: relief traffic jam and improve services in Baghdad

Phases, location, and lines in Baghdad

  1. Phase 1: 155 km between Kadhimiya and Sadir City passing through Shaab Q 12 stations along the Tigress
  2. Phase 2: 445km between the International Station and Utaifiya with two stations

Second: State Company for Civil Aviation

No Agency Project name Location Plot no Area Estimated cost in USD/time Notes
1 State Company for Civil Aviation 1-     Five stars hotel in BIAP Baghdad / BIAP Plot 33 Al Sewaib 17 17000m² —- Governmental plot allocated for the State Company for Civil Aviation
2-     Maintenance, operating, training center to pilots and aviation staff Baghdad / BIAP Plot 30/108 Al Sewaib 17 10000m² ·       Developing project for aviation staff

·       Governmental plot, MoF

3-     Internal Metro  in BIAP Baghdad / BIAP Project line goes through 18 plots ·       The project serves passengers in and out of airport in no time

·       Metro starts in Abbass Bin Fernas Sq to passengers terminals

2 Iraqi Airways  Company A 5 stars hotel with complete services (within Baghdad International Airport Area) Baghdad International Airport Plot 9/10 dis 17 Al Sewaib 15000 m² 50m USD Plot belongs to the Iraqi Airways  Company
  B trade Center Baghdad/ Bataween Plot 20/1 1000 dunem 20m USD Plot belongs to the Iraqi Airways  Company
3 State Company for transportation projects 1-     Construction of asphalt plant Baghdad 10 dunem 10 b ID/ 2 years Purpose: asphalt production, supply to MoT projects and other ministries in Baghdad and the surrounding areas

Production Capacity: 120-180 t/h

Production age: 15 years

Project components: non-residential facilities, machinery, special vehicles

2- Concrete plant Baghdad/ Abo Ghraib Plot 10/30

Q 14 Aqarqoof

48 dunem 9 b ID / 2 years Purpose: Concrete production, supply to MoT projects and other ministries in Baghdad and the surrounding areas

Production Capacity: 90 m³/h

Production age: 15 years

Project components: non-residential facilities, machinery

4 State Company for Iraqi Railways

Company for Iraqi Railways

A Hotel, trade canter, parking area


Baghdad /Alawi



·      Plot 400/1 Karadat Mariam

·      Part of plot 557 Karadat Mariam

·     12 dunem

·     21 dunem

Private property
  Residential complex Baghdad / Al Yousfiya 360 dunem Private property



7 Industry and Minerals sector


No Project State Company Investment type Required investment Location
1. Abo Ghraib Diary factory State Company for Food Industries


Rehabilitation and Development Baghdad
2. Farabi factory Rehabilitation and Development Baghdad
Rehabilitation and Development
Rehabilitation and Development
Rehabilitation and Development
3. Babies’ milk factory Rehabilitation and Development Baghdad
4. Bricks Factory/ Baghdad State Company for construction Industries Rehabilitation and Development $ 50 m. Baghdad
5. Abo Ghraib Structures Rehabilitation and Development $ 2.5 m. Baghdad
6. Operating Egg boxes line Partnership Baghdad
7. Operating School copybooks line Partnership Baghdad
8. All size and capacity chilling chambers and air-conditioning systems State Company for electronic and electric industries Partnership Baghdad
9. Supply, assembling, maintenance of secondary stations and electricity transformers Partnership
10. Production and assembling of all type of electric devices working with solar cell energy and alternative energy Partnership
11. Production and assembly of surveillance systems, control and electronic security protection, giant screens and smart boards Partnership Baghdad
12. Production and assembly of caravans State Company for electronic and electric industries Partnership Baghdad
13. Production and assembly of household electrical products (fans, pullers, motors, pumps, washing machines) Partnership Baghdad
14. Production of oxygen gas (gas + liquid) for medical and industrial uses Partnership Baghdad
15. Production of electrical cables (high voltage only) Partnership Baghdad
16. Production and assembly of electrical and electronic products in the field of specialized industrial uses Partnership Baghdad
17. Production and assembly of domestic and industrial water treatment units Partnership Baghdad
18. Production and assembly of telecommunication and telecommunication equipment Partnership Baghdad
19. Chloride Factory State Company for mining industries Partnership $ 43 m. Baghdad
20. Aluminum Powder factory Rehabilitation and Development $ 2 m. Baghdad
21. Project of sodium carbonate Partnership Baghdad
22. Project of the production of ferrosilicon Partnership Baghdad
23. Bentomite Mill Rehabilitation and Development Baghdad
24. Bentonite activation Rehabilitation and Development Baghdad
25. Magnesium Oxide Project Partnership Baghdad
26. Baghdad factory State Company for medication and medical supplies / Samara Rehabilitation and Development Baghdad
27. Al Taji Factory (wool) State Co. for leather and textiles industries Rehabilitation and Development $ 9 m. Baghdad
28. Al Huriya Factory (wool) Rehabilitation and Development $ 7 m. Baghdad
29. Handmade carpets Factory (wool) Rehabilitation and Development $ 12 m. Baghdad
30. Yarn factory (wool) Baghdad
31. Al Fatih Factory (wool) Rehabilitation and Development $ 11 m. Baghdad
32. Al Kadhimiya Factory (wool) Rehabilitation and Development $ 8 m. Baghdad
33. Tents factory (cotton) Rehabilitation and Development Baghdad
34. Baghdad Shoes Factory (leather) Rehabilitation and Development Baghdad
35. Baghdad tanning factory (leather) Rehabilitation and Development $3 m Baghdad
36. Water Purification and Desalination System Al Faris State Co. Baghdad
37. Heavy engineering equipment Partnership Baghdad
38. Rehabilitation of medium and heavy mechanical machines Partnership Baghdad
39. Oil tanks project Rehabilitation and Development Baghdad
40. Strategic Reservoirs tanks for Crude Oil Partnership Baghdad
41. Project of different steel structures for warehouses and buildings Partnership Baghdad
42. Galvanization project Partnership Baghdad
43. Highway Fencing Project Partnership Baghdad
44. Precast Casting Project Partnership Baghdad
45. Project of operational platforms for oil and electricity such as measuring platforms for filling and unloading Partnership Baghdad
46. Assembling power generators and manufacturing silencers State Company for Hydraulic Industries Partnership Baghdad
47. manufacturing water magnetization equipment project Partnership Baghdad
48. Production project of recycling and waste treatment equipment Partnership Baghdad
49. Lubrication Manufacturing Project Partnership Baghdad
50. Heavy molding factory and raps

– Project of production of heavy molds and forgery materials

– Project for the production of free forgings

– Production of closed forgings

– Completion of the rotary raps project

– Production of steel beams

– Production of reinforcing steel and iron clips

General Company for Steel Industries Partnership Baghdad
51. Cranes, Towers and Galvanization factory

– Developing the production of cranes section

– production of wires project

– Hasko bins production project

– Development of towers production project

– Development of electric poles production project

Partnership Baghdad
52. Special steel foundry factory

– Project to complete the special steel foundry

– The lost wax casting project

Partnership Baghdad
53. Steel Structures Factory

– Production of protective fences

– Development and rehabilitation of traffic signs

Partnership Baghdad
54. Thulfiqar Factory

– Waste containers production project

Partnership Baghdad
55. Filters Factory Al Zawraa State Co. Partnership Baghdad
56. Project of production of healthy drinking water with different capacities and drinking water inlaid with new technology Partnership Baghdad
57. Medical gases factory Partnership Baghdad
58. Measuring boxes project Partnership Baghdad
59. Data Systems Management Project Partnership Baghdad
60. Project of rehabilitation and assembly of high voltage motors Partnership Baghdad
61. Project of the production of links connecting the ends of the cables Partnership Baghdad
62. Solar Power Generation Project Partnership Baghdad
63. Manufacture and assembly of mobile secondary stations Partnership Baghdad
64. Manufacture of pumps, generators and electrical panels attached to them Partnership Baghdad
65. Solar heater production project Industrial and research commission Partnership Baghdad
66. Solar agriculture pump project Partnership Baghdad
67. Project of water purification, desalination and purification with solar energy Partnership Baghdad
68. Solar system of solar home Partnership Baghdad
69. Checking and rehabilitating electrical stations State Company for Engineering Inspection and Qualification Partnership Baghdad
70. Establishing specialized centers and laboratories in Baghdad, other governorates and border crossings Partnership Baghdad
71. Laboratory for performance systems for munitions and weapons Partnership Baghdad
72. integrated workshops or factory for the production of medals Partnership Baghdad
73. Establish an integrated laboratory to calibrate all types of devices Partnership Baghdad
74. Firefighting systems and early alarms Partnership Baghdad
75. Production, installation, rehabilitation, maintenance and dismantling of elevators and escalators Partnership Baghdad
76. specialized laboratories for the examination of electrical and electronic devices Partnership Baghdad

Technological Incubator for Advanced Technologies for Intelligent Education in Iraq

  • The project sponsors innovations and patents to be implemented on the ground in addition to providing advanced technologies for intelligent education in educational institutions in Iraq on an area of (10) dunem
  1. Establishment of a factory to produce medical syringes
  2. Laboratory for the production of medical syringes of all sizes and uses, on a part of land area (12) dunem
  3. Establishment of a laboratory to produce medical solutions
  4. Laboratory for the production of medical solutions (disinfectants, solutions for medical laboratories, etc.) on part of the land area (12) dunem
  5. Medical pharmaceutical production plant
  6. A laboratory specialized in the production of medical drugs on part of land area (12) dunem

Investment opportunities announced by the Ministry of Sciences and Technology


No. Opportunity Type of investment
1 Additives to special type of dyes Partnership investment
2 Organic fertilizers Partnership investment
3 Phosphate fertilizers Technology transfer
4 Plants vital fertilizers Partnership investment
5 Liquid fertilizers Partnership investment
6 Liquid sugar and dates syrup Technology transfer
7 Fish feed Partnership investment
8 Stimulation for natural growth of the poultry Partnership investment
9 quantitative production units  of bio-pesticides Partnership investment
10 Dialysis water system manufacturing Partnership investment
11 Sewage and industry treatment system manufacturing Partnership investment
12 Controlled light multipurpose plains manufacturing Partnership investment
13 friendly -Environment trash bags Partnership investment
14 friendly –Environment water bottles Partnership investment
15 Production, design, assembling and connecting of Solar energy system to supply electricity for labs devices and internal lightning Partnership investment
16 Irrigation systems using solar energy Partnership investment
17 Production, design, implementation of Solar energy system to heat waters for all industrial and services sites Partnership investment
18 Polymer additives to improve the quality of asphalt Partnership investment
19 Produce building items out of unconventional materials Partnership investment
20 improved Concrete foam production Partnership investment
21 Treatment and destruction of biological waste station Partnership investment
22 Treatment and destruction of chemical waste station Partnership investment

8 Tourism Sector

Available Investment Opportunities in Tourism Sector

No Project Location Allocated  Land Province
1 Tourisim Multipurpose building in Habibiya Baghdad 1 dunem 24 ulk Baghdad
2 Floating rest Karkh/ Sinak Br 50 -150 m² Baghdad
3 Floating rest Resafa/ Abo Nowas 50 -150 m² Baghdad
4 Luna park Al-Husainiyah District


5 Dunam and 11 ulk Baghdad
5 Luna park Al-Husainiyah District


16 Dunam and 11 ulk Baghdad
6 Luna park Zouhor/ 29851/10m 50 dunem Baghdad
Suggested project Location Area Cost Notes
5 stars hotel within BIAP area Baghdad/ Baghdad International Airport/ plot 9/10 district 17 Swaib 15000 m² 5 million USD Private property

9 Education Sector

Available Investment Opportunities at Education Sector

no University name Investment opportunity Province
1 Ibn Hayan University Private University with different specialties on 10 dunum plot Baghdad
2 Baghdad university Medical University + University hospital on 150 dunum plot Baghdad

10 Services Sector

Available Investment Opportunities in Services Sector
First: State Company for Food Trade

No Suggested Project Land no Area Location Notes
1 Food canning and chilled storage 1/406 district 27 hamamiat 20 dunem Baghdad/ Taji Northern part of  98 dunem in total next to the main road of Baghdad- Mousil less than 1 km from schools and health centers
2 Tea factory rehabilitation or any other food materials with marketing center 4/156 district 121 Salam 38 dunem of total area 264 dunem Baghdad/ Debash Factory stopped since 2003, it has production lines, tea mixing and canning
3 Rehabilitation meat processing factory according to international specification or marketing center with freezing warehouses 4/19 Fdhaliya district 15 Part of 28 dunem land, cargo and transport dept already established there Baghdad/ Mashtel Within cargo and transport dept

Second: State Company for Central Markets

No Type Location Area in dunum Province Notes
1 Al Thulatha  Market building 1/17322 dis20 Hamdi farm 13 Baghdad Located in Russafa side behind Zaiona buildings BoC accepted an offer from an investor in addition to an investment licenses granted by NIC to Damac Co part of the site is rented to MoI/ Unified Card
2 Al Amil Market building 19/79921- 1 Al Hur 10 Baghdad Under the procedure of granting Damac Co an investment licenses
3 Al Adil Market building 1/3808- 20 Dawoody 10 Baghdad Located in Karkh side, rented to People Crowd Commission Site is not delivered yet investment licenses was granted to Damac Co
4 Al Sha’ab Market building 4/753 district 5 Bazais Al Sulakh 10 Baghdad Under the procedure of granting Damac Co an investment licenses
5 Al Mustansiriyah Market building 12/48 district 5 Wazeriya 14 Baghdad Under the procedure of granting Damac Co an investment licenses
6 Al Salihiyah Market building 2/44- Karada Maryam 4 Baghdad Russafa / Bab Al Muatham Under the procedure of granting Damac Co an investment licenses Part of plot is occupied by Baghdad Province Council
7 Al Rasheed Market building 15- the Triangle district 1 Baghdad Russafa/  Al Rasheed St
8 Al Tasisat complex 161/1156 Bataween 15 Baghdad Russafa/  Al Rasheed military camp/ excellent location
9 Duty free building Plot 1/6 dis 5  Hamdi farm 2 Baghdad Russafa/ contract with People Crowd Commission
10 Al Khilany building (MoT previously) 43/83 Sinak Dis ½ Baghdad Rusafa- Sinak in a commercial area BoC initially approved investing the site by a company
11 Al Khilany Sq 1/170 Sinak Dis 1 Baghdad Rusafa- Sinak in a commercial area BoC initially approved investing the site by a company

11 Youth and Sport Sector

Investment Opportunities of Youth and Sport Sector announced by the Ministry of Youth and Sport

No Project Name Location Area Province
1 Olympic pool 2/4986 m 4 Hay Al Wihda 84 Dunam 20 ulk Baghdad/Russafa
2 Multipurpose yard for youth and sport activities PC center, electronic games, Gym hall, sauna, massage, squash, billiard 6/3041 m 10 Husainiya 8 dunem 15 ulk Baghdad/Russafa
3 Play yard with spectators seats and administration part 1/12909 m9 Thalaba 4 dunem 22 ulk Baghdad/Russafa
4 Aquarium, or computer center and electronic games+ multipurpose indoors hall, or commercial complex shops for sports supplies 6/6959 m 10 Husainiya Baghdad/Russafa
5 Multistory project balling hall, billiard or PC center, electronic games, multipurpose indoors hall or commercial complex shops for sports supplies  , 17/663 8 ulk 912 m² Baghdad/Russafa
6 Karada youth sport club 120/230 Bataween 1 dunem 4 ulk 732 m² Baghdad/Russafa
7 multipurpose indoors hall, internet center, mind gamed center 1/3082 m18 Amriya 10 dunem Baghdad/ Karkh
8 Using the empty arena as a closed playground, swimming pool, a multi-purpose sports hall in addition to reconstructing the dilapidated part and exploiting the roof of the forum to create a five-story playground or gymnasiums (billiard, bodybuilding or     Ping Pong) 9/1099m3 Dora 25 dunem empty land Baghdad/ Karkh
9 multi-purpose hall (500) spectators with a center for intellectual games or Internet center, three halls with  (A, B) number type (k- spsn)  with a center for sports medicine to treat sports injuries Completing the pool Sabiyat 5/849m/22 23 dunem Baghdad/ Karkh
10 Completing the pool building 1150/1 m 15 Latifiya 4 dunum 2ulk Baghdad/ Karkh
11 Completing the pool building 30/7 m 18 nothern Harkawi 8 dunum 13 ulk Baghdad/ Karkh
12 Re-development and expansion (rehabilitation) and operation of the closed sports hall using the latest technology + rehabilitation of the arena + a sports academy, a new building for the forum + shops and offices + swimming pool for adults and children with accessories + multi-sports hall + cinema , Restaurant and Parking area 1/2299 m/20 Dawoody 7 dunum  14 ulk Baghdad/ Karkh
13 Add a swimming pool for children and adults + penta stadium + computer hall + Cafeteria and cafe shop  + Mall contains shops being aligned on both sides right and left (land belonging to Saydiya closed hall both front and back facade) 43/6240 Al Khir 1 dunum Baghdad/ Karkh
14 swimming pool sports + cafeteria + sports hall and sports shops to sell sports supplies with all services and to serve the objectives of the Ministry 2/4066 m19 Ghazaliya 810m² front side of Ghazaliya stadium Baghdad/ Karkh
15 Expansion, development, management, operating and maintenance of the stadium and investment of halls for sports purposes (there is a lease contract) 4/67169m 4 Wazeriya 8 dunem Baghdad/ Sadir City
16 Management, operation and maintenance – mall, martial arts center, medical center Develop, manage, operate and maintain the closed hall The hall can be invested for events expansion, development, roofing, pool management, operation and maintenance, and investing the empty space for sports purposes 4/28167 m 4 wazeriya 13 dunem 5 ulk Baghdad/ Sadir City
17 Used by a contractor until 2019, two story building, apartments and shops 4/226 7 ulk Baghdad/ Sadir City
18 Expansion, development, management and operation of the swimming pool and investing the empty space for sports purposes 4/35222m4 wazeriya 15 dunem Baghdad/ Sadir City

Allocated lands for investment announced by the Ministry of Youth& Sport (multipurpose)

No Location Area Province
1 1/3082 m18 Amriya

11/2 Abo Al Malif

3/68 Al Tajiat

10 dunem

2 dunem 22 ulk

100 dunem

Baghdad/ Karkh
2 2/4986 m4 Hamdhiya 84 dunem 20 ulk Baghdad/ Rusafa

12 Agriculture Sector

Predisposing land for Agricultural Investment in Baghdad/ Karkh for 2018

Seq District Township County No Plot No Area / dunam Type Availability of water share Water source Method of irrigation location X


1 Abo Ghraib Al Nasir wa Al Salam 204/305 4/Ghariba & Slaimani 17100 Financial Unavailable none none 3km X: 427335

Y: 3687724

Previously Tariq Camp
2 Al Taji New Taji 250/3 24/Abo Udham 4500 Chilling storage Unavailable Procedures for the favor of investor Kadhim Zaidan according to directorate letter no 12149 in 3/8/2017
3 Al Taji New Taji 151/1 24/Abo Udham 2 Juice factory Available Al Esihaqi Under procedures

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