Salah-Aldeen All Sectors

 1.Oil and Gas Sector

No Refinery Name Refinery capacity  (barrel) Contracting company investment/ funding  Location
Implementing shall be BOT or BOOT according to Oil Investment Law no. 64 in 2007 amended
1 Samara field for petrochemical products Gasoline 4*2500m³

Diesel Fuel 2*50000m³



Oil pipes Co. will prepare the project Investment Salah – al deen

 2. Electricity Sector

Solar Energy Projects

  • Saladin Steam Station.


Project to transfer gas stations from simple cycle to multiple cycle

no Project name Total Capacity in MW Province
1 Beji gas station to multiple cycle (169*6)+507 507 Saladin
2 Beji gas station to 1400 MW Saladin
3 Beji gas station/1 (160*4) Saladin




 3. Communication Sector



4. Health and Environment Sector

No. Project name Type of opportunity Province
1 Al Shirqat 200 bed New Saladin
2 Toz Khirmato hospital 30 beds New Saladin
3 General hospital 100 bed / Al Dijail New Saladin
4 General hospital 100 bed / Samar New Saladin

Investment opportunity in Environment Sector

No. Department Project name Location
1 Observe and asses industrial activities and services. Monitoring gas and fine particles emissions due to polluted industrial and services activities. Oil refineries, power stations, cement factories and hospitals in Baghdad and provinces.
2 Monitoring chemical materials and asses polluted sites. Treating oil waste activities –  All oil fields in provinces,

–  Oil refineries

–  Leaks resulting from broken pipes- polluted soil

Treating chemically polluted sites. All provinces, priority to the most contaminated sites.
3 Climate changes and air type control Supply and install fixed station for noise metering in all provinces except KRG all provinces except KRG
Supply and install fixed station for noise metering non- ionized ray in Baghdad and provinces. Baghdad and provinces

 5. Housing and Infrastructure sector

No. Project name Location allocated area in dunem ** Province Notes
1 Balad Housing complex Tikrit/ Balad 41 Saladin Red zone, project postponed
2 Housing complex Al Oja 60 Saladin 1100 vertical housing unit
3 Housing complex Beji 35 Saladin  
4 Housing complex Samara 70 Saladin 1200 vertical housing unit
5 Housing complex Tooz 90 Saladin Vertical or horizontal


6. Transportation Sector



 7. Industry and Minerals sector

No Project State Company Investment type Required investment Location
1 Samara factory State Company for medication and medical supplies / Samara Rehabilitation and Development $ 41 m. Saladin
2 Sections (vial – ampoules – mouth drops – plastic eye drops) Partnership Saladin
3 Street lightening factory LED State Company for power and communication equipment Partnership $ 3 m. Saladin
4 Electric equipment factory Partnership $ 3 m. Saladin
5 Energy transforming towers   Partnership Saladin
6 Capacity enhancement factories    Partnership Saladin
7 Electric Column Factory   Partnership Saladin
8 Transformer Repair Workshop   Partnership Saladin
9 Plastic Factory   Partnership   Saladin


The investment opportunities presented for investment by Provinces Investment Commissions (PICs)


Carbonate and sulfate projects:

  • Sodium sulfate for detergent industry / Saladin province.




Available Investment Opportunities Announced by Provinces Investment Commission in Industrial Sector

No Project name Suggested Industries Land allocated for the project Location
1 Garbage recycling 16 dunem part of plot 10/m5 Shesheen Saladin
2 Wheat Mill 2 dunem plot 162/1220 Saladin
3 Dairy products 2 dunem plot 162/1222 Saladin



8. Tourism Sector

No. Project Location Allocated  Land Province
1 Tourism project Tikrit City 3 Dunam Saladin
2 Tourism project Tikrit City 6 Dunam Saladin
3 Luna park Beji 5 Dunam Saladin
4 Luna park Balad District 2.5 Dunam Saladin
5 Luna park Al-Sharqatt District 35 Dunam Saladin
6 Al Thirthar tourism complex 5 stars hotel, 30 tourists’ houses, green area, Luna parks, gardens and parks. 200 dunem Anbar/ currently belongs to Saladin Province

9. Education Sector



10. Services Sector

State Company for Central Markets

No Type Location Area in dunum Province Notes
1 Tikrit market building+ warehouses 2/8429 dis. 7 Matarwa 10 Saladin Tikrit city



Available Investment Opportunities in Services Sector according to Provinces Investment Commissions

No. Project Location Area Province
1 Commercial complex Shesheen Valley 10/9315 1200m² Saladin
2 Commercial complex Beji Town 29/2439 1,5 Dunam Saladin
3 Gas Station Part of plot 19/31 2 dunam Saladin


11. Youth and Sport Sector


No Project Name Location Area Province
1 Tikrit swimming pool 2/15198 m 7 Matarda 7 dunem 4 ulk Saladin
2 A residential complex for employees or the establishment of playgrounds and multi-purpose sports hall 2400/1198 Sharqiya 2 dunem 4 ulk 76m² Saladin

 12. Agriculture Sector

Seq. District/


County No. / Plot No. Area / dunam Type Availability of water / source Groundwater depth and validity Analysis of soil Coordinates



Location from irrigation projects Notes


  PH   soil Type    
1 Tikrit/ Al Alem 1/ 52 Al Akooz 1800 Agriculture Not available / wells 100m Currently oil and Military zone
2 Aldoor 47-48-49-50-78 Swaida 10000 Agriculture- sandy Not available / wells 100m Currently Military zone
3 Aldoor 97/74 Um Jidah 5000 Agriculture Not available / wells 100m X: 415159


Currently Military zone
4 Al Dejail 1/14  -23/ Al Jezeera 3000 Agriculture Not available / wells 4 m/ suitable Sandy Far Currently Military zone
5 Al Dejail 80/8 Qanater Abo Al Hassan 7 Agriculture Not available / wells 25m/ unsuitable Muddy Far Currently Military zone
6 Al Dejail 80/8 Qanater Abo Al Hassan 8 Agriculture Not available / wells 25m/ unsuitable Muddy Far
7 Tikrit/ 1/ 9 Al Jezeera 2000 Agriculture Not available / wells 100m Currently Military zone
8 Samara/ Dijla 40/ 11 Al Mijtala 1440 Agriculture Not available / wells 100m 701 Gypsum X: 388648


FAR Currently Military zone

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