Thi Qar All Sectors

Investment opportunities in Thi Qar Governorate

1. Oil and Gas Sector


2. Electricity Sector


3. Communication Sector


 4. Health and Environment Sector


Investment opportunities in health sector announced by the MoH

No. Project name Type of opportunity Province
1 200 bed hospital/ Al Rifaee new Thi Qar
2 200 bed hospital/ Al Suq Al Shyokh new Thi Qar
3 Maternity hospital 300 beds with furniture and supplies new Thi Qar


Investment opportunity in Environment Sector

No. Department Project name Location
1 Water & soil monitoring



Dust and desert control and monitoring center using remote sensors control 1. mid Euphrates (Karbala, Najaf, Babylon, Qadisiya, Muthana)

2. Southern area (Wasit, Maysan, Thi Qar, Basra)

1 Observe and asses industrial activities and services. Monitoring gas and fine particles emissions due to polluted industrial and services activities. Oil refineries, power stations, cement factories and hospitals in Baghdad and provinces.
3 Monitoring chemical materials and asses polluted sites. Treating oil waste activities –  All oil fields in provinces,

–  Oil refineries

–  Leaks resulting from broken pipes- polluted soil

Treating chemically polluted sites. All provinces, priority to the most contaminated sites.
4 Climate changes and air type control Supply and install fixed station for noise metering in all provinces except KRG all provinces except KRG
Supply and install fixed station for noise metering non- ionized ray in Baghdad and provinces. Baghdad and provinces

5. Housing and Infrastructure sector

Available Investment Opportunities at Housing Sector by Provinces Investment Commissions

No. Project name Location allocated area in dunem ** Province
1 Horizontal housing complex Nasriya Center 100 Thi Qar
2 Horizontal housing complex Nasriya Center 135 Thi Qar
3 Housing complex for Ur co. employees Nasriya Center 2 Thi Qar
4 Housing complex for investment commission. employees Nasriya Center 20 Thi Qar
5 Housing complex for integrity commission. employees Nasriya Center 3 Thi Qar
6 Housing complex for power production employees Nasriya Center 119 Thi Qar
7 Housing complex for Nasriya municipality  employees Nasriya Center 68 Thi Qar
8 Housing complex for urban planning. employees Nasriya Center 4 Thi Qar
9 Horizontal housing complex Rifaii 150 Thi Qar
10 vertical housing complex Rifaii 234 Thi Qar
11 Horizontal housing complex ghraaf 160 Thi Qar
12 Horizontal housing complex Al Tar 100 Thi Qar
13 Horizontal housing complex Al Nasir 136 Thi Qar

  6. Transportation Sector


 7. Industry and Minerals sector

No Project State Company Investment type Required investment Location
1 Cables Factory Ur State Co. Rehabilitation and Development $ 25 m. Thi Qar
2 Aluminum Factory Rehabilitation and Development $ 15 m.
3 Industry zone State agency for industrial development Investment Thi Qar
4 Nasriya textiles State Co. for leather and textiles industries Rehabilitation and Development   Thi Qar


Available Investment Opportunities Announced by Provinces Investment Commission in Industrial Sector

No Project name Suggested Industries Land allocated for the project Location
1 Industrial zone Various industrial activities 100 dunem Thi Qar
2 Insulation boards Insulation boards for constructions 20 dunem Thi Qar
3 Steel & Iron Complete factory 212 dunem Thi Qar
4 Ready mixed concrete plant Concrete blocks 3 dunem Thi Qar
5 Heavy equipment assembly Modern assembly factory 4 dunem Thi Qar
6 Chemical industries detergents 1 dunem Thi Qar
7 Recycling collect, isolate, recycle 10 dunem Thi Qar
8 Diary and mineral water Complete modern factory 20 dunem Thi Qar


8. Tourism Sector

No. Project Location Allocated  Land Province
1 Tourist city Province center 289 dunem Thi Qar
2 Luna park Dawiya 7.5 dunem Thi Qar
3 Tourist city Al-Shattrah Town 2 dunem Thi Qar
4 Youkha Tourist City Al-Shattrah Town 2000 dunem Thi Qar
5 Tourist City Al-Jibaiesh Town 29 Dunam Thi Qar
6 Boat port Bathaa 6 dunem Thi Qar


9. Education Sector

Available Investment Opportunities at Education Sector according to Provinces Investment Commissions


No. Investment opportunity Location Area in dunem Province
1 University town Province center 100 Thi Qar
2 Private university Province center 28 Thi Qar
3 Private university Al Shatra 10 Thi Qar
4 Private university Suoq Al Sheokh 7 Thi Qar

10. Services Sector

State Company for Central Markets

No Type Location Area in dunum Province Notes
1 Thi Qar market building 110/27740 Jezera 3.5 Thi Qar Nasriya city center



Available Investment Opportunities in Services Sector according to Provinces Investment Commissions

No. Project Location Area Province
1 Commercial complex Province center 1.5 dunam Thi Qar
2 Commercial complex Province center 1350 m² Thi Qar
3 Commercial complex Nasriya Province center 580 dunam Thi Qar
4 Commercial Complex Al-Rifa’aei Town 1 Dunam Thi Qar
5 Automobile Exhibition Al-Rifa’aei Town 2 Dunam Thi Qar
6 Multi-Stories Garage Al-Shattrah Town 5 Dunam Thi Qar
7 Chilled warehouse Al Fajir 35 dunem Thi Qar

11. Youth and Sport Sector

No Project Name Location Area Province
1 Sport complex 110/49562 Jezeera 5 dunem Thi Qar
2 Water city, recreational facilities and hotel Number (25,24,23)1m 98/ 1m 97 /1m 96 830 dunem Thi Qar
3 Luna park, pool, youth facilities 9/545 Akkad 18 dunem Thi Qar
4 Residential area for Thi Qar youth and sport directorate employees 110/49566 Jezeera 5 dunem Thi Qar
5 Plot 2/2136 Hamam 4 dunem Thi Qar

Allocated lands for investment announced by the Ministry of Youth& Sport (multipurpose)

No. Location Area Province
1 110/49566 5 dunem 1 ulk Thi Qar


12. Agriculture Sector

No. District township County No. Plot No. Area / Dunam Type Availability of water share Source of water Method of irrigation Coordinates



Analysis of soil Notes
PH soil Tissues  
1 Chibaesh Manar 10/Alboshama 1 1000 Agricultural available Al Gharraf river pumps 3425089


7.47 Mixed
2 Chibaesh Manar 2/Khawema 1 300 Agricultural available Euphrates pumps 3426170/y


7.05 Sandy


3 Shatra Daweiya 4/ Hataman 7/7 1000 Agriculture Available Al Gharraf river pumps 3492542


7.64 Mixed sandy
4 Shatra Daweiya 30/ Al |Ghadeen 11 5000 Agriculture Available Al Gharraf river pumps 3492682


70.74 Mixed sandy
5 Shatra 12/ Al Hijia 157 2008 Agriculture Available Al Hashmiya& Al Hijiya river pumps 7 Mixed sandy
6 Al Rifaee Sukar Castle 20/ um Al Kata 229,12,3,10,9,5,2 2000 Agriculture available Al Gharraf river pumps 3532969


7.6 Mixed sand
7 Nasiriya Center 8/ Al Hazim, 9 Salibiya, 48 Sakhriya Part of 15 15000 Agriculture medium fertility available Ibada river out of Al Huriya river pumps 608038


7.1 sandy After excluding 18000 dunem for  oil exploring within the tenth zone of Southern oils
8 Sooq Al


Al Fadhila 24/Algarta Algharbia 1 1500 Agriculture available Al Huriya river pumps 642800



4.9 Mixed Clay Alluvial
9 Sooq Al


Al Fadhila 26/Algarta


1 1500 Agriculture available Ibada river pumps 640908


6.8 Mixed Clay Alluvial
10 Sooq Al


Al Fadhila 37/ Tel Al laham 1 600 Agriculture available Ibada river pumps 630312


7.2 Mixed


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