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Al- Mustaqbal City

Posted on |April 6, 2010

The NIC is studying implementing Al- Mustaqbal City big project in cooperation with the concerned ministries and departments when several companies like Bloom, Al Bunyan and Alhandhal are competing to […]

The Iraqi – Egyptian Joint economic Cooperation

Posted on |April 6, 2010

The National Investment Commission is expecting to receive a delegation of Egyptian companies within the few forthcoming months; the companies’ representatives who are interested in various investment sectors like housing, […]

Regular meeting of the Joint Government investment in Iraq

Posted on |April 6, 2010

The head of the National Investment Commission Sami Raouf al-Araji, the need to accelerate the implementation of the national program of housing project launched by the Commission in all provinces […]

The Periodic meeting of the Provincial Investment Commissions in Iraq

Posted on |April 6, 2010

Dr. Sami Al- Araji – Chairman of the National Investment Commission assured the importance of accelerating the implementation of the National Housing Program, that NIC had launched all over Iraq, […]

Work Shop

Posted on |April 6, 2010

Partnership between Public and Private Sector Sharm Al Shaikh , Egypt, witnessed a workshop addressing the partnership between public and private Sector in the field of infrastructure especially in transportation […]

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