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What is the International Fund Institution

Posted on |April 6, 2010

The World Bank is the fundamental institution in funding long term financing for development purposes, now, other institutions were created to work as the World Bank group including international funding […]

The NIC receives a number of Investment applications to build 1 Million housing unit

Posted on |April 6, 2010

The National Investment Commission ended receiving lots of applications submitted by well-known Iraqi, Arab and foreign companies willing to participate in implementing the 1 million housing unit program (previously was […]

The Monthly NIC Board of directors Meeting

Posted on |April 6, 2010

The NIC board of directors held its 14th meeting in the 16th of March. 2010 during which the NIC latest variables were discussed. The following issues were discussed. – Discussing […]

City of the Future project in Baghdad

Posted on |April 6, 2010

Considering the National Investment Commission in cooperation with other ministries and departments involved in the implementation of its Kabaralamtnavs project to implement each of the UAE’s Bloom and architecture and […]

Al- Mustaqbal City

Posted on |April 6, 2010

The NIC is studying implementing Al- Mustaqbal City big project in cooperation with the concerned ministries and departments when several companies like Bloom, Al Bunyan and Alhandhal are competing to […]

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