The National Investment Commission and investment commissions in some provinces grant (257) investment licenses during 2018

At a cost of more than $ 8 billion

The National Investment Commission and investment commissions in some provinces grant (257) investment licenses during 2018

The National Investment Commission and investment commissions in the provinces granted (257) investment licenses during 2018 at an estimated cost of more than (8) billion dollars distributed to various economic sectors.An official source in the National Investment Commission said that these investment licenses were distributed by (88) licenses granted by the National Investment Commission (NIC) and a number of investment commissions in some provinces supervised by NIC according to Regulation No. (2) for 2009, amended, Diyala, Babylon, Holly Najaf, Dewaniya, Thi Qar, Maysan and Basra. Four of these licenses were issued for strategic projects at a cost of more than 3 billion dollars. He added that the 88 investment licenses were distributed over 12 sectors economic as follows:-         Trade sector, 21 investment licenses-         Entertainment sector, 1 investment licenses-         Telecommunication sector, 1 investment licenses-         Education sector, 6 investment licenses-         Services sector 4 investment licenses-         Sport sector, 4 investment licenses-         Agriculture sector, 3 investment licenses-         Housing sector, 8 investment licenses-         Tourism sector, 4 investment licenses-         Health sector, 6 investment licenses-         Industrial sector, 16 investment licenses-         Electricity sector, 14 investment licenses (2 for power stations, 12 for charging).  The source pointed out that the number of licenses granted by the investment commissions in the provinces other than the provinces of Kurdistan Region was (169) investment licenses. –         12 investment licenses for Anbar-         66 investment licenses for Baghdad-         10 investment licenses for Holly Karbala-         26 investment licenses for Wasit-         32 investment licenses for Muthana-         15 investment licenses for Kirkuk Stressing that all applications submitted by investors are being examined in accordance with the provisions of the Investment Law No. (13) for 2006 and its amendments, as well as contacting investors to complete the documents and requirements stipulated by the Investment Law and related regulations in coordination with the One Stop Shop, economic, legal and technical departments in the NIC and related ministries (Especially the landowners) and not affiliated bodies and governorates.


Laying the foundation stone for the construction of 3812 housing units in Missan province

Chairman of the National Investment Commission and Governor of Maysan .. Laying the foundation stone for the construction of 3812 housing units in the province


The Chairman of the National Investment Commission (NIC), Dr. Sami Al-Araji said in his    speech of the opening ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the national housing project in Maysan province to build (3812) housing units with full services and infrastructure by China’s Ever Bryant and the Lebanese Dar Al-Nahas Group for contracting on Wednesday 30/1/2018. This project went through a series of technical and legal negotiations that lasted for more than two years ended in this success of laying the foundation stone to be the first project of the national housing project in the province, indicating that this project will be a pattern to be followed in all provinces of the country due to its technical and administrative specifications. NIC Chairman praised the role of Mr. Ali Douai, Maysan’s Governor, who participated in the ceremony to lay the foundation stone in discussions and negotiations with the executive agency and government institutions to launch this project, which will contribute to cover a part of the housing crisis in the province, adding that this project is part of Maysan’s province share, (25) thousand housing units, of building a million housing units project in all of Iraq adopted by NIC. The project will not stop at this number of housing units as it will can be increased as agreed with the project executing company, a company with extensive experience in housing projects.


MR. Ali Douai, Maysan’s Governor, praised the support provided by the National Investment Commission to enhance the investment process in the province and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of implementing the strategic projects that serve its people. He pointed out that the governorate puts housing projects at the top of its priorities within its development plan due to its importance to the life of its citizens. The national housing project will solve a great deal of the province need estimated of (60) thousand housing units.

The governor announced his agreement with the executing company to hire 80% of the total workers from the locals in the project that will last for three years. An office is allocated in the governorate building will be in charge of the hiring process provided that all applicants are Maysanis aiming at solving the unemployment issue by investing in young people. He also revealed the existence of five inactive housing projects belonging to the Ministry of Construction in Maysan due to financial allocations, calling for conversion to investment opportunities to resume work.

On the other hand, Mr. Li, the director of the China’s Ever Bryant, executing the project expressed his happiness to work in Iraq and the keenness of his company to complete the work at the specified time. He also mentioned how prepared they are to increase the housing units as defined by the Iraqi side and is agreed upon, specifying the end of next February as the time to start the actual work on the ground.


Mr. Saeb Nahas, Director of the Dar Al-Nahas Group of Lebanese Contracting and Holding Company, expressed his thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed to the launch of this project, in particular the National Investment Commission and Maysan Province for their efforts to overcome obstacles and provide facilities that attract capital to participate in the ongoing investment process in Iraq, indicating that this project will be implemented in accordance with international standards of housing.

This ceremony was attended by a number of Maysan House of Representatives members, officials in the local government and a number of tribal sheikhs, where this project will be implemented to build (3812) housing units with full services and infrastructures on a land area (600) dunums, cost of (250) million dollars and the completion period (3) years, in horizontal pattern (independent residential units) areas options are (200 m², 300 m²).

Interested buyers shall pay two down payments (30%) of the total price, 15% for each one. Installments for (15) years shall be paid to the banks on monthly bases. This sale type is applied for the first time in the province.

Investment opportunity

Investment opportunity

Due to the continuous need for more residential units for governmental employees and the state efforts to solve the housing issue,

The National Investment Commission (NIC) is pleased to announce an investment opportunity to establish a residential complex on the National Security Collage location (formerly), Al Jihad Q. plots no. (2/1190, 3/3574, 3/2552, 3/2557, 3/13384 district 18 Amriya) according to Investment Law no. 13 for 2006 (amended).

Specialized local and foreign interested companies can apply by filling the investment license form in NIC website with all required documents and sent it to within 30 days from the date of announcing this advertisement .



The International Union of Innovators honors Dr. Sami Al- Araji, NIC Chairman with the Innovation Trophy during the second international conference for the development of administrational and Scientific skills held in Baghdad on the 30th of September. 2018 under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Archeology and with the slogan of (By Education and Innovation nations progress).

The event was also attended by the deputy Minister of Culture, Mr. Jaber Al- Jaberi, the advisor of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the representative of the Kadhumi Holy Threshold office and a number of academics and journalists.   

The Conference also witnessed honoring a number of innovators in various scientific, economic and cultural specializations in the Iraqi Ministries.


NIC Chairman, Dr. Sami Al- Araji meets, on Wednesday 5th of September.18, with Mr. Max Bremirwark, The representative of the American Government for Minorities Support in Iraqi and the accompanying delegation.


During the meeting they discussed providing the needed support  for the Iraqi Government efforts to assist minorities return to their homes after liberating their neighborhoods from ISIS.