The Chairman of the National Investment Commission meets with his Egyptian Counterpart.

His Excellency Mahmud Muhii- Aldeen, the Egyptian Investment Minister received His Excellency, Dr. Sami R. Al-Araji, NIC Chairman and the accompanied delegation at the Egyptian Investment Ministry HQ at the 10th of June 2010. They reviewed during the meeting the recent events in Iraq and Egypt regarding investment and businessmen. Dr. Sami noted NIC role to remove obstacles and provide required assistance to foreign investors, also emphasized the Egyptian role due to its unique role at the investment field and the great experience which can be utilized.
Dr. Al -Araji explained NIC strategy and its efforts to determine the investment priorities on the national level and provinces in addition to explaining the investment map according to strategic projects. Dr. Sami invited H.E Mahmud Muhii- Aldeen to visit Iraq for one day to meet with Prime Minister Maliki and then prepare for the visit of a big delegation of Egyptian investors and businessmen to visit Baghdad, Kurdistan, Basra and Middle Euphrates provinces to have an idea about the security situation and improvements in addition to know the investment map.
Mr. Mahmud Muhii- Aldeen welcomed the invitation and said that he will visit Iraq in early July due to his engagement in forming and discussing issued relevant to the Egyptian People Council. He also declared his strong desire to support Egyptian investment in Iraq referring to the latest developments and plans according to President Mubarak orders in enhancing relations between the two countries. Focusing on the necessity of outlining the required project in Iraq, H.E mentioned the reason behind the delay in going to Iraq is due to closely watching the elections results and the impact of the international finance crises and some of the latest explosions. Mr. Muhii- Aldeen proposed having a reception party and dinner to the big well-known construction companies during the presence of Dr. Sami in Cairo to explain NIC plans, investment map in Iraq and the role of the Iraqi Embassy in Cairo regarded as the canal with the National Investment Commission.
Dr. Al- Araji and Ambassador Nizar Al- Khiaralla participated in speeches in Cairo Province Conference held in 11th June 2010 under the Patronage of the Egyptian investment Minister and the attendance of a number of ministers and five governors in addition to a big number of businessmen, investors and representatives of strong companies in Cairo. A tour was conducted to see a new city in the 6th of October province built by Orascom company under medium/law cost projects.
Mr. Muhii- Aldeen expressed his thanks to Dr. Sami and Ambassador Nizar Al- Khiaralla for their interest in this field and highly estimated the Ambassador’s role in following up the Iraqi trainees participating in courses developed by the Egyptian investment ministry and their level and efficiency.
The Iraq side represented by the Iraqi Ambassador Nizar Al- Khiaralla in Cairo, Mr. Fadhil Muhamed Jawad, PM consultant for legal affairs, Mr. Fadhil Abdul Mehdi Al- Dujaily, Embassy official responsible for investment file, Mr. Haider Zaid, Public Relation dept. in NIC attended the meeting along with the Egyptian side represented by Mr. Ibraheem Ashmawi, Investment Minister Assistant, Mr. Saeed Abdul Hameed, Investment Minister Assistant, Mr. Abdul Munin Al- Ulfi, Vice Chairman and Mr. Hassan Fahmi Vice Chairman assistant.

Investment opportunities at the Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture in conjunction with the Iraqi Investment Commission is pleased to announce the investment opportunities shown below in several Iraqi provinces, for interested investors, please send your applications either directly to the NIC office or by email to

Baghdad Province
1. Al- Rasheed Theater, Baghdad- Salihiya- near the Tigress, Al Karkh side (location area 500m²)
2. Boling club in Baghdad Tourists island – Baghdad- Adhamiya- AlFahama, ( area 2.328 m²)
3. Al Arass tourist island- Baghdad Al Karkh- in the Tigress river(area 1.602.500 m²)
4. Al Jadria lake- Baghdad Risafa (area 500.000m²)
5. Land of 2000m² located within the facility of the Public Cultural affairs
6. Luna Park -Baghdad- Adhamiya -Al Fahama (area 50.000 m²)
Basra Province
1. Al Marbid Hotel- Al Korneesh St. Manawi Basha (area 19.500 m²)
2. Safwan Motel -Al Zubair, Safwan (area 12.699 m²)
Al Anbar Province
1. Develop and rehabilitate Alhabaniya tourist city -Al Faloja – Alhabaniya lake (area 6.666.583m²)

Karbala Province

1. Al Utaishi Inn- located 20 km at the east north of Karbala Province, Al Husainya village
2. AL Ribuu Inn- located on the way between Najaf and karbal Province, it is a square shape facility, side length 86m.
Nineveh Province
1. Restaurant+ tourist apartments project- Al Mousil city (area 1.378 m²)
2. Talaffar Castle- Al Mousil- located on the hill, with a southern view to the island and Sinjar area to the west south, and a deep valley to the east. A spring of water is there beneath the castle that streams to the valley.
Kirkuk Province
1. Kirkuk Castle- located to the east of the city, height 18 m above earth level. It has a rounded shape and divided into three basic parts:
– Al Midan – to the north
– Al Qalaa- in the middle
– Al Hamam- to the south
AL Muthana Province
1. A tourist complex in Sawa lake (area 150.000m²)
Dialya Province
1. Tourist complex project on the Great Dam lake- within the area of Al- Udhaim river meeting Himreen mountains (area 910.000m²)
Saladin Province
1. Complex project- Tikrit (164.353m²)
AL Najaf Province
1. Restaurant+ tourist apartments project- Najaf/Karbala way (28.800m²)
2. Al Hammad (or Al Nus) Inn- located in Al Haidariys village in Najaf province. Also called Al Nus Inn located 21 km to the east south of Al Rubuu Inn 240 m away from the main road to Karbala city. It is built on a wide scale land with unorganized side lengths.


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During a meeting with the Heads of Government investment in the provinces

The President of the National Investment Commission, Dr. Sami Raouf al-Araji, the need to expedite the provision of land for investment projects in all governorates to enable investors to direct the implementation of those projects.
This came during chaired the regular meeting of the fifth investment bodies in the provinces on Tuesday, 06/29/2010 at the headquarters of the National Investment Commission, stressing that the process of choosing the land free from a number of obstacles, including the abuses that do not intersect with other assets it like oil and effects, as You must choose the land allocated for the construction of housing units near cities and provincial centers or select large areas outside the cities suitable to be integrated city services.
And investment maps in the provinces indicated al-Araji, to the importance of taking into account the themes of economic and privacy in the development of the investment map for each province and includes projects fit the nature and the need to maintain them in the various sectors that were agricultural, industrial or tourist or other, pointing to the importance of providing all logistical facilities for the work of the investor including (visas and provide protection for investors and investment projects and accommodation in the province), through prior coordination with the National Investment Commission to ensure the success of the investment process in Iraq and to provide a suitable atmosphere for the work of investors across the country.
With regard to the distribution of housing units on the citizens and employees of the state within the project Almilon housing units adopted by the Commission between the heads of bodies to know the number of citizens and employees of state departments of various wishing to purchase these units within each province and organize the process by limiting this setup and make sure they meet all the conditions required.

NIC Chairman calls for rapid procedures to allocate lands for investment projects to start implementation during meeting with PICs Directors.

During heading the fifth periodic meeting for PICs on Tues. 29th June 2010 at NIC HQ, Dr. Sami Al Araji called for speeding up land allocation in all provinces to enable investors to implement projects.
He emphasized that land selecting procedure should be obstacles- free and should not interact with other assets such as oil or ruins. Lands allocated for residential units should be close to cities and centers or to choose large areas to build full-services cities.
Dr. Araji noted that investment maps in provinces must consider the economic aspects and the privacy in developing investment maps to each province to include projects that meets their requirements in agricultural, industrial, tourism sectors or others. He mentioned the importance of providing all logistics to investors such as visa, protection and residence through coordination with NIC to provide a suitable atmosphere to investors and make investment a successful procedure in Iraq.
Regarding residential units for Iraqi citizens and official employees within the 1 million unites project adopted by NIC, he said that PICs directors should know the number of people interested in buying those unites in each province to organize the process and ensure they meet requirements.
Dr. Sami listened to a number of PICs directors’ proposals and opinions relevant to investment in various sectors in addition to some obstacles which are hindering the establishment of the investment projects and he promised to remove those obstacles.

NIC Chairman emphasizes providing all guarantees to investors according to investment law during attending the seminar regarding the new refineries issues held by the Ministry of Oil

NIC Chairman emphasizes providing all guarantees to investors according to investment law during attending the seminar regarding the new refineries issues held by the Ministry of Oil
Dr. Sami Al Araji, NIC Chairman emphasized providing all guarantees mentioned in
investment law number 13 for the year 2006 for investors interested in investing
in various sectors in Iraq including oil.
He mentioned that during the press conference after the seminar held by MoO on
Sat. 26th June 2010 regarding establishing four new oil refineries through
investment, considering the privileges of the investment law such as free access to
project capital and revenues in and out of Iraq and exemption from taxes and fees
for a period of (10) ten years in addition to other privileges granted to investors
keeping in mind that investment law and its amendment number 2 in 2010 plus
investment law number 64 in 2007 regarding crude oil refining form a perfect and
new combination for interested investors in the oil sector.
Dr. Sami also said that refining capacity achieved by these refineries in addition to
rehabilitating the current ones will be more than 1.5 m barrel per day, also
establishing power production stations with estimated capacity of 1600-1800 MW
to be used in operating the new refineries and supply the national power grid.
Investment cost in the four new refineries is about 25 billion USD. Investment will
be either through FDI or with conjunction with the MoO based on public- private
sector partnership.
NIC Chairman assured that the National Investment Commission is working
closely with the Ministry of Oil to reduce the unemployment rate by hiring trained
and untrained workers because these refineries will achieve a big rise in oil
refining sector which can be of a positive impact on the economy of the city where
they are built.
He also assured NIC efforts to attract foreign investments in all sectors including
oil in addition to creating genuine investment partnership between Iraqi
public/private sector and the foreign private sector.

NIC Chairman, during meeting with the Egyptian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs invites the Egyptian companies to invest in Iraq

Dr .Sami R. Al Araji, NIC Chairman, invited all companies and Egyptian capitals to participate in the current investment process in Iraq explaining that our country is a fertile land for investment and the Iraqi market is a promising one capable to embrace everybody. This invitation was presented while receiving His Excellency Mohamed Qasim, the Egyptian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the accompanied delegation on Wed. 23rd June. The two parties discussed means to develop the economic relations between the two countries.
NIC Chairman said that Iraq has the desire to build strong strategic economic relations with Egypt because of the huge investment opportunities which can be used by the Egyptian side including the 1million residential units. He also assured NIC interest to ensure guarantees provided by investment law number 13 for the year 2006.
He referred to the big opportunities for Egyptian businessmen presented by establishing partnership with Iraqi private sector to supply residential projects with the main construction materials. NIC is committed to arrange bilateral meetings to exchange experience and increase mutual cooperation.
The Egyptian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs was pleased with NIC role in attracting investors and capitals to Iraq emphasizing Egypt desire to access the Iraq markets and utilize the available investment projects in addition to strengthening the economic relations between the two countries.
The meeting was attended by the Egyptian Ambassador in Iraq His Excellency Shereef Kamal Shaheen

Another Opportunity in Ibn Sinna Hospital

The Ministry of Health, in conjunction with Iraq’s National Investment Commission (NIC), is pleased to announce a new opportunity to partner with the Ministry of Health at Ibn Sinna Hospital (IZ – Baghdad)

Investors Interested in this opportunity should contact the NIC at by (May 30th 2010 ).

Hotel and Commercial Development Opportunities at Basra Sports City

The Ministry of Sports and Youth, in conjunction with Iraq’s National Investment Commission (NIC), is proud to announce several development opportunities at the Basra Sports City.

Construction has already begun at the Basra Sports City complex, which will host the 21st Gulf Cup (Khaleeji 21) in December of 2012. The focal point of the project is the impressive, 65,000-seat Main Stadium which is surrounded by water and accessible to patrons by bridge. The 360-acre complex, designed to be one of Iraq’s major sports centers, will also contain a smaller stadium, practice facilities, a training complex, a swim center, and other facilities.

Master plans call for a canal that intersects the complex leading from the sport facilities to a commercial district complete with hotels and commercial space. To complete the development, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the National Investment Commission are seeking interested and experienced investors/developers to construct hotels, commercial space, and entertainment facilities within the Basra Sports City complex.

Details of the areas available for development according to the master plan are included in the table below.

5- Star Hotels

Master development plans call for the construction of two full-service, 5-star hotels on the edge of the Sports City. Each hotel should have a capacity of no less than 500 people, and have unique, sophisticated architecture. Approximately 10,000 square meters have been allotted for each hotel development.

Other Lodging

Over 5,000 square meters has been allotted for the construction of lodging for VIP delegations, visiting sports teams, and student visits.

Commercial and Retail Space

A total of over 10,000 square meters has been set aside for retail in four commercial malls along the canal between the stadium and the hotel sites.

Recreation and Entertainment Projects

Space has also been allocated for the construction of various entertainment services including an amphitheatre for concerts and cinema, parks and playgrounds, a bowling alley, dining facilities, an internet café, a pool, and other entertainment areas.

Investment Licenses

Selected investors will be awarded an Investment License for the project. Among the incentives granted with an Investment License are:
Exemption from corporation taxes and fees, for a period of 10 to 15 years
Exemption from import fees for required equipment for a period of 3 years
The right to employ foreign workers if needed
The right to repatriate investment and profits

Investment license applications can be found on the One Stop Shop page of our site. Applications should be submitted directly to the NIC or by email to

The National Commission for Investment grant Ejazti Investment for the completion of Ameria Residential Complex and drinking water purification project and packaged with a total value of $ 485 million

Awarded the National Investment Commission Ajazatan استثماريتين in the areas of housing and industry related to the first establishment of a residential complex in the Amiriya district in Baghdad, and the second related to the purification project and mobilization of drinking water.
This was announced by the Information Office of the Commission and said that the compound and executed by (Mohammed Al Glick and Noor Ritaj) will be allocated to the teaching staff of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, note that the complex consists of 2,000 residential units built according to the system of vertical construction and the period of implementation of a three-year.
The second project for purification of drinking water, packaged and executed by the Company (Oasis Global Water) is a seven plants distributed in the provinces of Baghdad, Nineveh, Salahuddin, Dhi Qar, Anbar and production capacity College (Forty-six and a half million) annually to the Fund.