Posted on |04.06.10

One Stop Shop services to investors
The National Investment Commission participated in a training workshop (One Stop Shop services to investors in the Middle East and North Africa) held in Beirut by (Mena- Oecd). The workshop program included presentations and analyzing OSS issues. In addition to the Iraqi NIC delegation, Egyptian, Lebanese and Portugal delegation also participated in this workshop. NIC submitted an investment opportunities presentation in English and an explanation to the GoI and NIC role in promoting foreign investments. The presentation was very interesting during the workshop also it explained investment law regarding the important items relevant to serving the foreign investor. In addition to this, it clarifies the mechanism of OSS implementation to their duties and contacts with state organizations.

Subjects addressed in the workshop
Experience from participants
There was a chance to know the mechanism of implementing investment duties through the OSS and the legislations and agreements which help them to fulfill their duties and the role of their representatives.
Maintaining communication with the relevant ministries and high level decision makers
Supervising implemented investments
Privileges granted to investors
Conditions to grant investment license
OSS role in non- investment works
The OSS concept
A chance to promote investment in Iraq and different projects
Clarifying investment in Iraq and utilize foreign capitals

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