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Policies And Laws

Banking Law
Central Bank Law (of 2004)
Law for the Regulation of Commercial Agency No. (51) For 2000
law of commerce no 30 of 1984
Company Law 21 of 1997
State Companies Law, No. 22 (of 1997)
Iraqi Constitution
Customs Laws
Regulation No. (7) For 2010 Sale and Lease of Real Estate and Landed Property of the State and Public Sector for Investment Purposes (as Amended)
Investment law No. 13 for the year 2006 and its amendments
kurdistant regional investment law no 4 of 2004
Law for Regulation of Industrial Services No. 30 for 2000
Law for the Regulation of Mineral Investments No. 91 for 1988
Law of Private Investment in Crude Oil Refining
Regulation number (2) for 2009 Investment Regulation
Regulation number (3) for 2009 Internal Regulation
Regulation number (4) for 2009 in Internal Regulation for Workflow
labor law no 71 of 1987
The Pension and Social Security Law for Workers, as Amended