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Housing Program and Bismayah new city

The National Investment Commission (the “NIC”) is committed to bringing opportunities to the investor community that are essential to the Iraqi citizens, provide growth and development for the country and offer significant returns on investment. In line with these goals, we at the National Investment Commission are proud to be presenting this…


Babil Province

Governorate of Babil

Oil and Gas Sector


Electricity Sector


Communication Sector


Health Sector

No Project’s Name Type of Investment Opportunities Province
1 1 General Hospital Capacity : (100 bed) New construction Babylon
2 1 Specialized Heart and blood vessels surgery New construction Babylon
3 1 Specialized gynecology Center New construction Babylon
4 1 Specialized Infertility and IVF (tube baby) center New construction Babylon
5 1 Specialized ophthalmology center New construction Babylon
6 1 Specialized Cancer Treatment New construction Babylon
7 1 Specialized in Laparoscopic surgery and laser center New construction Babylon
8 1 Specialized Plastic Surgery Center New construction Babylon
9 1 Complete Medical City New construction Babylon
10 1 hydrogen peroxide ( pure O2)Plant New construction Babylon

Housing and Infrastructure sector

No. Project name Location allocatd area Province
1 Establishment of a Vertical Housing Complex (According to investor’s economic visibility) 467/ 66/ 13 meemHussaynia District. 58 Dunam Babylon
2 Establishment of a Vertical Housing Complex (According to investor’s economic visibility) 11/ 14/ 38 meem/ Fayadhiyah, Qasim District 22 Dunam Babylon
3 Establishment of a Horizontal Housing Complex (According to investor’s economic visibility) 1/ 2854.1/2855/ meem 9/ AL-Yousifiyah District/Abu- Gharaq Quarter. 26 Dunam Babylon
4 Establishment of a housing complex (According to investor’s economic visibility) Al-Hamzawiyah Qaurter. 927 Dunam Babylon
5 Establishment of a housing complex for the employees of the State Company for Food Stuff Trading. Quarter 11/24/14420/Al-Wesiyah Quarter. 7 Dunam Babylon
6 Establishment of a housing complex (According to investor’s economic visibility), announced by the State Company for Food Stuff Trading. 47/12/Quarter 8/Al-Aliyah District. 65 Dunam Babylon

Transportation Sector


Industry and Minerals sector

No Project State Company Project type Estimated cost capacity Location (Province)
33 Ductile Pipe Factory New Establishment $ 64 m. 55.000 Ton/ year Babylon
34 Drug Production Factory State Company for Drug Production New Establishment $ 50 m. 140 Million Tablet Babylon
35 Tractors and Agricultural Production Factory State Company for Mechanic Industries Modernization and Development $ 30 m. Babylon

Investment Opportunities Announced by the Provinces in the Industrial Sector

No Project Location Project Assigned Plot Province
1 Industrial City/ Food Industries Plot 1/1/ meem 5/ Shitiyah 146 Dunam Babylon
2 Industrial City/ Construction Industries Plot 14/3/ meem 29/ Abu Agarib 320 Dunam Babylon
3 Industrial City Plot 2/ 6017/ 17/ meem 5/ Abu Smaich 3.581 Dunam Babylon
4 Industrial City Plot 14/3/ meem 29/ Abo-Aqarib/Al-Mahaweel District Babylon
5 Industrial City/Food Stuff Plot 1/1/meem 5/Al-Shattiyah 146 Dunam Babylon
6 Hitteen Company Site Investment zone for heavy and medium industries. A special system is being done by the NIC with cooperation with OECD. 6.000 Dunam Babylon

Table of the Investment Opportunities in the Industrial Sector Available at Ministry of Trade

No Project Company Project Type Allocated Land Location
1 Food Factory and Marketing Center State Company of Food Staff Trade New Establishment 65 Dunam Bayblon/Al-Aliyaa

Tourism Sector

No Project Location Allocated Land Province
1 Babylon Tourist Hotel Province Centre Babylon
2 Mahanawiyah Tourist Island Northern Part of Babylon Province-Plot no.4/44/Al-Mahanawiyah 850 Dunam Babylon

Education Sector

No Project Location Allocated Land Province
1 Establishment of Civil Engineering Laboratories and Agricultural and Veterinary Researches City Centre 63 Dunam Babylon

Services Sector

No. Project Location allocated Land Area Province
1 Restaurant and Coffee shop 2386/ 10/ 17/ Al-Oda 6 Dunam Babylon
2 Commercial complex 24/14619/Wesiyah Quarter 3.5 Dunam Babylon

Youth and Sport Sector

No Project Name Lo cation Allocated Area Province
1 Indoor Swimming Pool and Sport Medicine Centre Plot 105/9/meem 17/Jablawiya/Centre of Musayab Town 16 Dunam Babylon
2 Indoor Swimming Pool with Sport Supplies Plot 17/336/meem 37/Al-Sharfah and AL-Hashimiyah/Centre of Al-Hashimiyah District 1 Dunam Babylon
3 Indoor Swimming Pool , Multi-Storey Building and Sport Medicine Centre Plot 5/46/meem 9/Hour Heen/Musaiab Town/Jur Al-Sakhir District 6 Dunam Babylon
4 Sport Complex Plot 3/1/mee 1/Abo Ghaseeb/Hilla Town/Northren of Mijzaratt Al-Hilla 350 Dunam Babylon
5 Indoor Swimming Pool and Sport Halls Plot 3/320/meem 17/Tjah/Hilla Town/Iskan Quarter 6 Dunam Babylon
6 Sport Complex Plot 3/297031/Makroori/Hilla own/Muhiezim Al-Oulah Quarter 1 Dunam Babylon
7 Trace Track for Bikes and Cars in addition to Sport Halls Plot 1/8738/meem 17/Tajiyah/Hilla Town/Industrial Quarter 4 Dunam Babylon
8 Indoor Swimming Pool Plot 139/32/meem 23/Burthoweel/Hilla Town/Al-Kifil District 1 Dunam Babylon
9 Water City Plot 26/964 and plot 26/965/meem 41/Al-Rifiyah and Abu Ghasseeb/Mahaweel/Al-Neel District 20 Dunam Babylon
10 Sport Halls Part of Plot 1/6824/meem 36/Al-Jazirah/Al-Mashrou Distrcit 18 Dunam Babylon
11 Swimming Pool and Sport Halls Plot 19/2161 and 19/2162/9 Hour Al-Khan/Musaiab/Iskandriya Town 8 Dunam Babylon
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