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Housing Program and Bismayah new city

The National Investment Commission (the “NIC”) is committed to bringing opportunities to the investor community that are essential to the Iraqi citizens, provide growth and development for the country and offer significant returns on investment. In line with these goals, we at the National Investment Commission are proud to be presenting this…


Kirkuk Province

Oil and Gas Sector

No Refinery Name Refinery capacity (barrel/day) Project’s type Project’s cost (million dollars) Location
1 Kirkuk Refinery 150 thousand New 4.347 Between kutan Village and Koshkaya


Electricity Sector


Communication Sector


Health Sector

No Project’s Name Type of Investment Opportunities Province
1 1 General hospital capacity : (+ 100 beds) New construction Kirkuk
2 1 Specialized Heart and Blood Vessels Surgery New construction Kirkuk
3 1 Specialized gynecology Center New construction Kirkuk
4 1 Specialized Infertility and IVP (Tube Baby) Center New construction Kirkuk
5 1Specialized ophthalmology Surgery hospital New construction Kirkuk
6 1 Specialized Cancer Treatment Center New construction Kirkuk
7 1 Specialized in Laparoscopic surgery and laser center New construction Kirkuk
8 1 Specialized Plastic Surgery Center New construction Kirkuk
9 1 Complete Medical City New construction Kirkuk
10 1 hydrogen peroxide (pure O2) Plant New construction Kirkuk


Housing and Infrastructure sector


Transportation Sector

First: Eastern Railway Line which includes the following projects:

  1. (Kirkuk- Sulaimaniyah) Railway

Project type: New
Project total cost including land Acquisition: $ 3.278 m.
Project location: Railway line running through the Provinces of (Kirkuk and Sulaimaniyah).
Designed capacity: 1.250 Million passenger/ year
6 million tons of goods/ year
Project axis length: 118 km oneway line, possible to be two-way line in the future.  
Designed speed: 200 km/h for passengers using electric trains.
140 km/h for goods using electric trains.
Axle load: 25 tons.
Project Supplementary Service Facilities: stations, bridges, archways, repair workshops, sign and communication systems, houses for the workers.

Industry and Minerals sector

Investment Opportunities Announced by the Province in the Industrial Sector

No Project Location Project Assigned Plot Province
1 Establishing an Integrated Industrial City Laylan District 1.000 Dunam Kirkuk
2 Establishing Modern and developed Yellow Corn Factory Hawijah Constituency 10 Dunam Kirkuk
3 Establishing Modern Integrated Brick factory according to International standards Center of Kirkuk 25 Dunam Kirkuk
4 Industrial City Penja Ali District 514 Dunam Kirkuk
5 Industrial City Taza District 169 Dunam Kirkuk


Tourism Sector

No Project Location Allocated Land Province
1 Al-Sha’ab Tourist Park Outside the basic design/Kirkuk Municipality 169 Dunam Kirkuk
2 Al-Ihtifalat Square Park Plot 296/6/section 39/ Kirkuk Municipality 15 Dunam Kirkuk
3 Al-Khassah River Shores P ark Plot 8/2/meem 54/within the basic design of Province Kirkuk


Services Sector

No. Project Location allocated Land Area Province
1 Commercial complex Plot 412/31/section 67 2 Dunam Kirkuk
2 Commercial complex Plot 285/453 2 Dunam Kirkuk
3 Commercial complex Plot 3555/44/meem.39 1 Dunam Kirkuk
4 Commercial complex Plot.5/meem 51/outside the basic design of the Province 316 Dunam Kirkuk
5 Commercial complex Plot 8/1/meem 52/ outside the basic design of the Province 20 Dunam Kirkuk
6 Multi-Storey Park Plot 711/Kahiya/within the basic design of the Province 1,6 Dunam Kirkuk

Youth aand Sport Sector


Agricultural Sector


Education Sector


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