Governorate of Muthanna

Oil and Gas Sector


Electricity Sector


Communication Sector


Health Sector

No Project’s Name Type of Investment Opportunities Province
1. 1 General hospital capacity : (+ 100 beds) New construction Al Muthana
2.  1 Specialized Heart and Blood Vessels Surgery New construction Al Muthana
3. 1 Specialized gynecology Center New construction Al Muthana
4.  1 Specialized Infertility and IVP (Tube Baby) Center New construction Al Muthana
5. 1Specialized ophthalmology Surgery hospital New construction Al Muthana
6. 1 Specialized Cancer Treatment Center New construction Al Muthana
7. 1 Specialized in Laparoscopic surgery and laser center New construction Al Muthana
8. 1 Specialized Plastic Surgery Center New construction Al Muthana
9. 1 Complete Medical City New construction Al Muthana
10. 1 hydrogen peroxide (pure O2) Plant New construction Al Muthana


Housing and Infrastructure sector

No. Project name Location allocatd area Province
1. Establishment of a Housing Complex According to investor’s economic visibility Abu Mahar Samawa/ 23/ 24/ meem 6 25 Dunam Muthanna


Transportation Sector


Industry and Minerals sector

No Project State Company Project type Estimated cost capacity Location(Province)
1 Samawa Cement Factories (2) Sothern State Company for Cement Manufacture New Establishment $ 350 m. 2 million Ton/ year Muthanna


Investment Opportunities Announced by the Province in the Industrial Sector

No Project Location Project Assigned Plot Province
1. Industrial Complex alkaline and chlorine production Al-Simawha 50 Dunam Al-Muthana
2. Iodized Salt Factory Al-Simawha 20 Dunam Al-Muthana
3. Sodium Carobnate Factory Al-Badiyah 25 Dunam Al-Muthana
4. Cement Production Factory Al-Salman 400 Dunam Al-Muthana
5. Cement Production Factory Basiyah 400 Dunam Al-Muthana
6. Paper Bags for Packaging Cement Al-Badiyah 25 Dunam Al-Muthana
7. Household Cleaning Materials Factory Al-Warkaa 25 Dunam Al-Muthana
8. Water and Drinks Packaging Factory Al-Warkaa 20 Dunam Al-Muthana
9. Industrial Service City Al-Badiyah 50 Dunam Al-Muthana
10. Logistic Service City Al-Warkaa 50 Dunam Al-Muthana
11. Dairy Products Factory Al-Rumaitha 15 Dunam Al-Muthana
12. Garbage Recycling Factory Al-Samawah 20 Dunam Al-Muthana


Tourism Sector

No Project Location Allocated Land Province
1 Tourist Complex Sawah Lake Al-Muthana
2 Tourist Hotel AMAWHA Town-Euphrates Shore Al-Muthana
3 Entertainment City Samawah Triangle/Al-Warka’a/Al-Rumaitha Al-Muthana


Education Sector

No Project Location Allocated Land Province
1 Establishment of a Specialized University City Centre Al-Muthana


Services Sector

No. Project Location allocated Land Area Province
1.  Commercial Complex Plot 2/133/Qaureter/7 Al-Basateen 2 Dunam Muthana


Youth and Sport Sector:

No Project Name Location Allocated Area Province
1 Indoor Swimming Pool Plot 15/756/meem 32/Westren Orchard allocated by Finance Ministry/Westren Samawah/Al-Hussain Quarter 2 Dunam Muthana
2 An Integrated Water City Plot 11/536/meem 5/Um Al-Tilool allocated by Finance Ministry /Al-Jassan Quarter 15 Dunam Muthana
3 An integrated Sport & Complex Plot 2/1/meem 5/Um Al-Tilool allocated by Finance Ministry /Al-Haidariyah Quarter 9 Dunam Muthana
4 An integrated Sport & Housing Complex Plot 4/100/meem 5/ Um Al-Tilool allocated by Finance Ministry /Al-Haidariyah Quarter 12 Dunam Muthana
5 Indoor Swimming Pool and Children Play Grounds Plot 10/475/meem 5/ Um Al-Tilool allocated by Finance Ministry /Al-Haidariyah Quarter 5 Dunam Muthana
6 Establishment of 5 Stars Hotel to host sport delegations in addition to establishing 2 Swimming Pools Plot 3/1/meem 3/ allocated by Finance Ministry/Samawha Town/Samawa Olymipic Stadium 12 Dunam Muthana

Agricultural Sector


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