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Housing Program and Bismayah new city

The National Investment Commission (the “NIC”) is committed to bringing opportunities to the investor community that are essential to the Iraqi citizens, provide growth and development for the country and offer significant returns on investment. In line with these goals, we at the National Investment Commission are proud to be presenting this…


Najaf Province

Governorate of Holy Najaf

Oil and Gas Sector


Electricity Sector


Communication Sector


Health Sector

No Project’s Name Type of Investment Opportunities Province
1. 1 General hospital capacity : (+ 100 beds) New construction Holy Najaf
2. 1 Specialized Heart and Blood Vessels Surgery New construction Holy Najaf
3. 1 Specialized gynecology Center New construction Holy Najaf
4. 1 Specialized Infertility and IVP (Tube Baby) Center New construction Holy Najaf
5. 1Specialized ophthalmology Surgery hospital New construction Holy Najaf
6.  1 Specialized Cancer Treatment Center New construction Holy Najaf
7. 1 Specialized in Laparoscopic surgery and laser center New construction Holy Najaf
8. 1 Specialized Plastic Surgery Center New construction Holy Najaf
9. 1 Complete Medical City New construction Holy Najaf
10.  1 hydrogen peroxide (pureO2)Plant New construction Holy Najaf


Housing and Infrastructure sector

No. Project name Location allocatd area Province
1. Establishment of a Housing Complex According to investor’s economic visibility Plot no.3/87992/Section 4/Jazirat Al-Najaf Town and the second plot is numbered 75022/section.4/ Jazirat Al-Najaf Town Holly Najaf


Transportation Sector

Central Euphrates Airport Project (Central Location amidst the Provinces of Babylon, Holy Karbala, Holy Najaf, and Diwaniyah)  

Project type: New
Project cost: unspecified.
Project location: It services the Provinces of (Holy Karbala, Holy Najaf, Babylon and Diwaniyah).
Designed capacity:
1st stage: 6 million passengers.
2nd stage: 12 million passengers.
3rd stage: 20 million passengers.

It is one of the crucial strategic projects which will facilitate transportation in the central Euphrates areas and will activate and promote religious tourism at these Provinces.

  • A contract was signed with French Company to study the technical and economic visibility of the project; the company also shall prepare and present the project designs.
  • The project is held on an area of 45.717 km².
  • Project components/ 1st stage
  1. Travelers Building.
  2. 500 m runway (code 4 F) capable for Airbus A380 landing.
  3. 12 Contact for (2 code F airplanes, 10 code E/2C), and a number of airplane remote landing.
  4. 60 m air monitoring tower.
  5. Airport City (its service facilities will be announced as investment opportunities).
  6. Air charge building and its yard.
  7. Airplane maintenance facilities.

Industry and Minerals sector

No Project State Company Project type Estimated cost capacity Location(Province)
1 Factory of State Company for Tire Production State Company for Tire Manufacture Rehabilitation and Development $ 260 m. 2 million tire/ Year Holy Najaf


Tourism Sector


No Project Location Allocated Land Province
1 Al-Salam Hotel Centre of Province Holy Najaf
2 Entertainment Park Part of plot 116/8771 24 Dunam Holy Najaf
3 Amusement Park Part of plot 65/meem 6/Al-Haidariyah District 10 Dunam Holy Najaf
4 Tourist Complex Part of plot 65/meem 6/Al-Haidariyah District 30 Dunam Holy Najaf
5 Entertainment Park within Housing Quarter Part of plot 29/Al-Hurriah District District Holy Najaf
6 Cornish overlooking Al-Bazil River At the District entrance from Al-Abbassiyah Side Holy Najaf
7 Amusement Park Haswatt Al-Khournaq Quarter/meem 3/Al-Manathirah District 5 Dunam Holy Najaf
8 Amusement Park Al-Khournaq Quarter 1/2942/ Al-Manathirah District 1612 Dunam Holy Najaf
9 Amusement Park Plot 30/358/Rukniyah/Al-Mishkhab District 1419 Dunam Holy Najaf
10 Amusement Park Plot 30/99/ Crossring of three commercial roads/Al-Mishkhab District 6 Dunam Holy Najaf
11 Al-Manathirah Park Plot 5/249/meem 2/Al-Haswah Town/ Al-Manathirah District 7,7 Dunam Holy Najaf
12 Tourist Restaurant Plot 274/Ta’a/Al-Mishkhab District 1,5 Dunam Holy Najaf


Education Sector

No Project Location Allocated Land Province
1 Establishment of a University Hospital, 200 bed capacity Kufa University 23 Dunam Holy Najaf
2 Establishment of an agricultural project for cattle and sheep breading and Agricultural and veterinary Researches Kufa University 12 Dunam Holy Najaf


Services Sector

No. Project Location allocated Land Area Province
1. Commercial complex Plot 1507/8/Al-Mishraq Quarter 3 Dunam Holy Najaf
2. Commercial complex Plot 2/15329/Holy Najaf Municipality 2,6 Dunam Holy Najaf
3. Commercial complex Plot 1/4420/Al-Manathirah Town 600 sq.m Holy Najaf
4. Farmer Market Plot 186/3/meem 13/ Al-Manathirah Town 2 Dunam Holy Najaf
5. Commercial Complex Plot 1/484/meem 3/ Al-Manathirah Town 768 sq.m Holy Najaf
6. Public Buildings Plot 1/2941/meem 3/Haswatt Al-Khournaq District/ Al-Manathirah Town 1395 sq.m Holy Najaf
7. Public Buildings Plot 1/2028/ Haswatt Al-Khournaq District/ Al-Manathirah Town Holy Najaf
8.                   Public Buildings Plot 54/310/ Al-Manathirah Town 1900 sq.m Holy Najaf
9. Public Buildings Plot 306/54/Al-Hadi Quarter/ Al-Manathirah Town 1302 sq.m Holy Najaf
10. Car Parking Lot Plot 1/2970/Haswatt Al-Khournaq District/ Al-Manathirah Town 1632 sq.m Holy Najaf
11. Public Buildings Plot 1/386/Al-Jumhoori quarter/ Al-Manathirah Town 1040 sq.m Holy Najaf
12. Commercial Complex Plot 30/413/Al-Shahid Al-Sadr Quarter/Al-Mishkhab District 12 Dunam Holy Najaf


Youth and Sport Sector

Province Allocated Area Location Project Name No
Holy Najaf 2 Dunam Plot 14509/2/Buraq Al-Jadidah Entertainment Swimming Pool and Sport Hall 1
Holy Najaf 10 Dunam Plot 88228 Water City, 5 Stars Hotel and Sport Hall 2

Agricultural Sector


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