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Sulaymaniyah Province

Governorate of Sulaimaniyah


It is situated in the eastern north of Iraq, on the Iraqi- Iranian borders. It affiliates to the region of Kurdistan. It is 2.895 f. above sea level. Mountainous nature overwhelms the governorate. This flavour increases as one goes towards the east borders with Iran. It is 140 km eastward of Kirkuk. 60 km North West the city of Sulaimaniyah is the Dam of Dokan on the River of Minor Zab.

Main important cities

Governorate of Sulaimaniyah is consisted of several important constituencies including Sulaimaniyah Constituency, Qara Dagh Constituency, Shara Zour Constituency, Sayed Sadiq Constituency, Halebcha Constituency, Penjoueen Constituency, Ranyah Constituency, Dokan Constituency, Derbendikhan Constituency, Klar Constituency, and Chamchamal Constituency.


Inhabitants of the Governorate amount to (1.723.299).


Education in Sulaimaniyah, just like the other places in Iraq, is free from primary school till graduation in the Universities. Sulaimaniyah has more than 600 primary schools; 310 secondary schools; more than 15 professional institutes and the University of Sulaimaniyah which has been established in 1968 and teaches in Arabic and English. It was transferred to Irbil under the name of Saladin University and the new University of Sulaimaniyah has been inaugurated in 1991 which teaches in Arabic, English and Kurdish as well. In 2007 The American University at Sulaimaniyah, the first University of International teaching has been inaugurated. It teaches in English and includes 6 private Colleges.


Governorate of Sulaimaniyah has 13 private hospitals and almost 25 state hospitals and many medical centers all over its constituencies and Districts.


Governorate of Sulaimaniyah is a border Governorate which has a commercial center with Iran and has an international airport.

Tourist Sites


Serchenar summer resort:

Serchenar summer resort is 5 km away from the center of Sulaimaniyah city. It is rich in trees, lot of water, and wide shaded areas. This summer resort has the hotel of Serchenar in addition to many tourist houses, a number of hotels and coffee shops prepared to receive the tourists and provide tourist services for them. There are also Luna parks and big entertainment gardens.


Dokan Lake:

This lake is 71 km from the center of the Governorate of Sulaimaniyah, 141 km from the city of Kirkuk. It has been established near the Dam of Dokan on the Minor Zab. For the ease of tourist, an integrated vast tourist complex, game hall, coffee shops, and a modern market have been established to help people get their food staff needs. There are playing areas for adults and minors, a pool, and boats marina too.


Ahmed Awa waterfalls:

These are 75 km to the east of Sulaimaniyah, parallelizing the Iranian borders. This spot is regarded as a border point between Iraq and Iran, as the distance from there to the Iranian borders is only half an hour by car. The area is 2.000 m above the sea level. The summer resort is situated amidst high mountain series. It is regarded as one of the most important sites in the city.

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