The head of the National Investment Commission inspects investment projects in Baghdad and confirms the government’s keenness to strengthen the private sector environment in Iraq.

The Chairman of the National Investment Authority, Dr. Haider Muhammad Makkiya, conducted An inspection tour of the Rixos Hotel and Resort Investment Project in Baghdad, He directs the necessity of adhering to work schedules and achieving calculated completion rates.

The head of the National Authority said, During his inspection of the work processes in the project, Informing him of the implementation plans, The Rixos project represents a cultural interface for the country. It is considered one of Baghdad’s most important modern tourist and investment resorts. Stressing that the progress of work within the project has become clear, Mainly after Prime Minister Engineer Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani laid the foundation stone for the project last August, Evidence of the keenness to enhance the indicators of the investment environment and its enjoyment of the elements of security and stability that stimulate vital projects in Baghdad and the provinces.

Makiya added during a meeting with the resident engineer and representatives of the company implementing the project, The National Investment Authority monitors its projects in Iraq, It develops solutions to address the challenges it faces to complete them within the time frames established by feasibility studies.

The Chairman of the Authority stressed that such projects should be It serves as a vital arm and support for the national economy by maximizing the state’s resources and general budget through the optimal investment method.

The inspection tour also included His Excellency the Chairman of the National Investment Authority, Dr. Haider Muhammad Makkiya, Downtown Baghdad project and reviewing the completion rates achieved in it, Which represents the tallest skyscraper in Iraq, with (65) floors.

Makiya confirmed, During an expanded meeting with the implementing company and the engineering and technical work team at the project site, The necessity of maintaining the increasing pace of work to achieve completion rates, With the accuracy of the technical specifications and engineering standards included in the project designs.

The head of the National Authority stated during his tour with the engineering and consulting team in the project’s buildings and towers, The importance of adhering to the prices established in the feasibility study, We provide citizens with the best services and benefits of a sustainable residential environment.


Makiya pointed out, To support the Authority for investment projects distinguished by their sustainable construction methods at the level of services, modern designs, and objective feasibility studies.

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