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Presidency websites
Presidency/president's Office
Prime Minister's Office
Iraqi Council of Representatives
General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers
Ministry of Human Rights
Ministry of Construction & Housing
Ministry of Industry & Minerals
Ministry of Traffic/General Directorate of Traffic
Ministry of Water Resources
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Municipalities & Public Works
Ministry of Communication
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Electricity
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Researches
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Labor & Public Works
Ministry of Immigration & Refugees
Ministry of Planning
Ministry of Science & Technology
Ministry of Trade
Ministry of Transportation
Ministry of Water Resources
Ministry of Youth & Sports
Ministry of Oil
Ministry of Agriculture
Universities & Institutions
The Iraqi University
Baghdad College for Economic Science
Al Basra University/College of Dentistry
Baghdad College of Pharmacy
Al Rafidain University College
Al Nahrain University/ College of Information Engineering
Al Nahrain University/College of Medicine
Dijlah University College
Baghdad University/College of Engineering
Foundation of Technical Education
College of Health & Medical Technology
University of Science & Humanities
Iraqi Commission for Computers a& Informatics
Al Nahrain University/The High Institute of Infertility Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Technology
Institute of Fine Arts
Imam Al Adham College
The Iraqi Board For Medical Specializations
Sunni Endowment Diwan/ Department of Religious Education & Islamic Studies
Iraqi University
Islamic University College/ Holly City of Najaf
Baghdad University/ Al Kindi College of Medicine
Al Mansur University College
Al Nahrain University
Al Afak Al Jadidah Institute for Computing Education
Al Qadisiyah University
Imam Ja'afar Al Sadiq University
Salah Al Din University
University of Thi-Qar
University of Tikrit
Al Basra University/College of Engineering
Al Muthana University
University of Anbar
University of Babylon
Baghdad University
Al Basra University
University of Diyala
University of Karbala
University of Kirkuk
AL Kuffah University
Missan University
AL Mosul University
Al Mustansriyah University
Al Qasim Green University
University of Sumer
University of Technology
University of Wassit
Baghdad Oil Training Institute
Hijj & Umrah Commission
Anti Corruption Academy/Integrity Commission
Iraqi Radioactive Sources Regulatory Authority
Iraqi Securities Commission
Iraqi Metrological Organization & Seismology
Commission of Tourism
Property Claims Commission
Commission of Integrity
Communication & Media Commission
Provincial Council
Al Muthana Provincial Council
Babylon Provincial Council
Baghdad Provincial Council
Al Diwaniyah Provincial Council
Missan Provincial Council
Thi-Qar Provincial Council
Wassit Provincial Council
Nineveh Provincial Council
Kurditan Regional Council
Anbar Governorate
Babylon Governorate
Baghdad Governorate
Basra Governorate
Karbala Governorate
Kirkuk Governorate
Missan Governorate
Al Muthana Governorate
Nineveh Governorate
Salah Al Din Governorate
Investment Commission
National Investment Commission
Baghdad Investment Commission
Babylon Investment Commission
Basra Investment Commission
Al Diwaniyah Investment Commission
Karbala Investment Commission
Thi-Qar Investment Commission
Wassit Investment Commission
Inspector General Office
Federal Board of Supreme Audithttp://www.d-raqaba-m-iq
Inspector General Office/Ministry of Electricity
Inspector General Office/Ministry of Higher Education
Inspector General Office/Ministry of Labor & Public Works
Inspector General Office/Ministry of Planning
Inspector General Office/Ministry of Youth & Sport
Inspector General Office/Ministry of Oil
Inspector General Office/Ministry of Education
The Shiaa Endowment Diwan
The Sunni Endowment Diwan
Christians Endowment Diwan
Trade bank of Iraq
Ministry of Science & Technology
Missan Governorate
Ministry of Transportation
Martyrs Foundation
Baghdad Mayoralty
Babylon Health Directorate
Ministry of Municipalities & Public Works/Babylon General Directorate of Water
Badges & Clearances Directorate/Ministry of Interior
General Directorate of Communication & Information Technology /Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Central Organization for statics & Information Technology
Central Organization for Standardization & Quality Control
Cultural Relations Directorate/Ministry of Culture
Dar Al Nahrain for Printing
General Directorate for Nationality & Passports
Iraqi Airlines
General Directorate of Nationality
Karbala Health Directorate
Baghdad Health Directorate/Al Kharkh
Regulations & Legislations Data Base/Ministry of Justice
Department of Missions/Ministry of Foreign Affairs
National Center for Management Development/Ministry of Planning
Nineveh Health Directorate
National Center of Media
Political Prisoners Foundation
Petroleum Research & Development Center
Radiation protection Center/Ministry of Environment
Directorate of Missions & Public Relations/Ministry of Higher Education
State Company for Inspection & Engineering Rehabilitation
The Independent High Electoral Commission
Supreme Judicial Council
Iraqi Media Network
Supreme Commission for Agriculture Initiative
Northern Gas Company
National Insurance Company
State Company for Internet Service
State Company for Implementation of Transport & Communication Projects
State Company for Land Transportation
State Company for Maritime Transport
State Company for Oil Projects
State Company for Iraq Ports
State Company for Private Transport Administration
General Company for Railways
Southern Oil Company
Oil Marketing Company
South Refiners Company
State Company for Veterinary Services/Ministry of Agriculture
Northern oil Company
General Company for Automobiles & Machinery
State Company for Iraq Telecommunication & Post
Iraq civil aviation authority
Iraqi Drilling Company