Holy Najaf All Sectors

1.Oil and Gas Sector


 2. Electricity Sector


3.Communication Sector


4. Health and Environment Sector

Investment Opportunities in Health Sector announced by Provinces

No Project’s Name Type of Investment Opportunities Province
1 1 General hospital 1000 dunum New Holy Najaf

Investment opportunity in Environment Sector

No. Department Project name Location
1 Water & soil monitoring Dust and desert control and monitoring center using remote sensors control 1. mid Euphrates (Karbala, Najaf, Babylon, Qadisiya, Muthana)
2. Southern area (Wasit, Maysan, Thi Qar, Basra)
2 Observe and asses industrial activities and services. Monitoring gas and fine particles emissions due to polluted industrial and services activities. Oil refineries, power stations, cement factories and hospitals in Baghdad and provinces.
3 Monitoring chemical materials and asses polluted sites. Treating oil waste activities – All oil fields in provinces,
– Oil refineries
– Leaks resulting from broken pipes- polluted soil
Treating chemically polluted sites. All provinces, priority to the most contaminated sites.
Electric and electronic waste recycling Locations following environmental instructions regarding recycling wastes.
4 Climate changes and air type control Supply and install fixed station for noise metering in all provinces except KRG all provinces except KRG
Supply and install fixed station for noise metering non- ionized ray in Baghdad and provinces. Baghdad and provinces

5.Housing and Infrastructure sector

Available Investment Opportunities at Housing Sector by Provinces Investment Commissions

No Project name Location allocated area in dunem ** Province
1. Housing units Najaf Parts of plots 2/6&3 m 15
Najaf sea 4m15
Najaf sea 1m11
Different areas Holy Najaf

6. Transportation Sector

First:Railways State Company

no Project name Details length Number of lines Signals & communication Axial load/ ton  Speed (km/h) Total transport (million) Estimate cost (million USD) Project implementation period
passengers Goods/ton passengers Goods/ ton Acquisitions implementation total
1 Musaieb- Karbal-Najaf- Semawa Detailed designs were conducted 1982 by Italian consulting company (Sotkny) updated by Italian (Ital Fair) 228 double ERTMS/ level 2 25 250 140 6 2 750 2400 3150 3 years
2 Mono Rail (Karbala- Najaf ) New project (above the main road towards Najaf 70 Double

Second: State Company for Iraqi Civil Aviation

7. Industry and Minerals sector

Investment opportunities presented for investment

First: Cement projects


Second: Pure Sulfur projects


Third: Cement projects

1.Cement Plant Project / Najaf province

Fourth: Silica Sands project

1. Colored glass production factory / Najaf province
2. Feldspar ore production for ceramic, glass and other products/ Najaf province

Fifth: Mud


Sixth: Carbonate and sulfate projects


Seventh: Magnesium thermal block


Available Investment Opportunities Announced by Provinces Investment Commission in Industrial Sector

No Project name Suggested Industries Land allocated for the project Location
1 Medication factory Industrial 46.5 dunum Najaf
2 Vegetable oil Industrial 80 dunum Najaf
3 Paper bags and various packing materials Industrial 30 dunum Najaf
4 Cement factory Industrial 462 dunum Najaf
5 Cement factory Industrial 480 dunum Najaf

8.Tourism Sector

Available Investment Opportunities in Tourism Sector

No. Project Allocated land/ dunum Province
1 Najaf hotel land 19- 24 ulk Najaf
2 Al Salam hotel land 11- 13 ulk Najaf

Available Investment Opportunities in Tourism Sector
In the Provinces

No. Project Location Allocated land/ dunum Province
1 hotel Trade center plot 28/13625 Holy Najaf
2 hotel Trade center plot 27/13625 Holy Najaf
3 5 stars hotel Plot 1 m1 Najaf sea 25 Holy Najaf
4 Hotel and indoors pool Al Salam Q. 11 Holy Najaf

9. Education Sector

Available Investment Opportunities at Education Sector

No. Public education office Plot no. Area in dunum Belong to Type of estate
1. Holy Najaf 3/17130 m 4 Najaf Jazera 2-21 Municipality Intermediate school
2. 3/17126 m 4 Najaf Jazera 2-1 Municipality plot
3. 3/85036 m 4 Najaf Jazera 2-7 Municipality school
4. 3/29038 m 4 Najaf Jazera 2-10 Municipality Primary school
5. 3/18783 m 4 Najaf Jazera 2-10 60m² Municipality Primary school
6. 3/35060 m 4 Najaf Jazera 2-15 Municipality Primary school
7. 116/1059 m 6 2-21 Municipality Primary school
8. 116/3240 m 6 4-17 Municipality Primary school
9. 116/2355 m 6 7-2 Municipality High school
10. 166/1052 m 6 5-1 Municipality Primary school
11. 116/2356 m 6 2-1 Municipality Public services
12. 116/3244 m 6 1-24 Municipality Plot
13. 116/2365 m 6 2-17 Municipality Public services

Available Investment Opportunities at Higher Education Sector

No. University name Investment opportunity Province
1 Kufa University
  1. Nursing ward
  2. Medication factory
  3. Manufacturing, producing, assembling and developing computer technology, education and software
  1. research and educational Laboratory and production of various types of feed
  2. Research laboratory, educational and production of milk and foodstuff
Holy Najaf

10.Services Sector

Available Investment Opportunities in Services Sector

First: State Company for Food Trade


Second: State Company for Central Markets

No. Type Location Area in dunum Province Notes
1 Al Najef market building 8/1507 Al Mishraq 3 Najaf In Najaf Province

Available Investment Opportunities in Services Sector according to Provinces Investment Commissions

No. Project Location Area Province
1 Multi story garage 18503/2 Al Saad Q./ Najaf municipality Holy Najaf
2 Commercial complex Plots 11852/2 &17171/2 m2 (MoY&S) Holy Najaf
3 Commercial Complex Qadisiya / plot 210/5 Holy Najaf
4 Commercial Complex Al Najaf municipality  1/41/m15 Holy Najaf
5 Commercial Complex Al Najaf municipality 88023/3 Al Meelad Holy Najaf
6 Commercial Complex Al Najaf municipality/ Al Manathira  / 1/484 m3 Al khawarnaq Holy Najaf
7 Commercial Complex Al Manathira 186/5 m3 Al Barakat   Holy Najaf

11.  Youth and Sport Sector

Investment Opportunities of Youth and Sport Sector announced by the Ministry of Youth and Sport

No Project Name Location Area Province
1. Establish a model club – vertical construction and use the remaining land for the establishment of shops, clinics for sports medicine and restaurant 2/17172 Muthana St. 5 ulk Holy Najaf
2. Model club on a small plot with several floors . establishment of multi-purpose halls and the exploitation of the remaining land to create an Eden Garden containing recreational pools, sophisticated games and sport shops 17227/2 14 dunem 10 ulk Holy Najaf
3. establishment of multi-purpose halls and the exploitation of the remaining land containing recreational pools, Eden Gardens sophisticated games halls 9094/3 3 dunem 13 ulk Holy Najaf
4. Multipurpose hall 2/17216 m Al Muthana 1 dunem 17 ulk Holy Najaf
5. Investment of swimming pools and exploitation of the empty land for the establishment of tourist hotel and paradise of Aden, multi-purpose halls and tourist facilities. 72952 60 dunem Holy Najaf
6. Multipurpose building with pool and sauna halls 14509 Nadaf 2 dunem 4 ulk Holy Najaf
7. Constructing a closed swimming pool, multipurpose hall, shops and any other facilities 2/17229 2 dunem 6 ulk Holy Najaf
8. Rehabilitation of stadium and use the rest of the land for sport facilities 2498/2 21 dunem 8 ulk 61m² Holy Najaf
9. Rehabilitation of stadium and use the rest of the land for sport facilities 1/733 12 dunem Holy Najaf
10. Reconstruction of the club , use the rest of the land for sport facilities 6/113 9 ulk 5m² Holy Najaf
11. Rehabilitation of stadium and use the rest of the land for sport facilities 19/1328 14 dunem 1000m² Holy Najaf
12. Multipurpose hall , pool any other sport facility 6/40 m7 Al saheela 1 dunem 5 ulk Holy Najaf

12. Agriculture Sector

Agricultural Investment opportunities in Holy Najaf

Seq. District township County No. Plot No. Area / dunam Type Usage Availability of water share Method of irrigation Coordinates



Analysis of soil Notes
PH soil Tissues
1 Najaf Shabaka 1 1 70000 Agricultural Agricultural Share of water is not available Groundwater 440000


7.5 – 6.5 Mixed interspersed with some flooding and areas of gypsum Enough water
2         10000 Farm             Inmaa Farm
3         20000 Agriculture projects             A number of agriculture and livestock projects
Total 730000 dunam              
Number of opportunities 3              

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