Babylon Health and Environment Sector

Health and Environment Sector

Investment opportunity in Environment Sector


No. Department Project name Location
1 Water & soil monitoring Dust and desert control and monitoring center using remote sensors control 1. mid Euphrates (Karbala, Najaf, Babylon, Qadisiya, Muthana)
2. Southern area (Wasit, Maysan, Thi Qar, Basra)
2 Observe and asses industrial activities and services. Monitoring gas and fine particles emissions due to polluted industrial and services activities. Oil refineries, power stations, cement factories and hospitals in Baghdad and provinces.
3 Monitoring chemical materials and asses polluted sites. Treating oil waste activities
Treating chemically polluted sites.
Electric and electronic waste recycling
•All oil fields in provinces,
• Oil refineries
• Leaks resulting from broken pipes- polluted soil
All provinces, priority to the most contaminated sites.
Locations following environmental instructions regarding recycling wastes.
4 Climate changes and air type control Supply and install fixed station for noise metering in all provinces except KRG all provinces except KRG
Supply and install fixed station for noise metering non- ionized ray in Baghdad and provinces. Baghdad and provinces

Investment opportunity sent by Ministry of higher education and Scientific Research

no Project name Type of opportunity Province
1 Teaching University Hospital area 7 domun New Babylon

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