Baghdad Youth and Sport Sector

Investment Opportunities of Youth and Sport Sector announced by the Ministry of Youth and Sport

No Project Name Location Area Province
1 Multipurpose yard for youth and sport activitiesPC center, electronic games, Gym hall, sauna, massage, squash, billiard 6/3041 m 10 Husainiya 8 dunem 15 ulk Baghdad/Russafa
2 Play yard with spectators seats and administration part 1/12909 m9 Thalaba 4 dunem 22 ulk Baghdad/Russafa
3 Multistory projectballing hall, billiard or PC center, electronic games, multipurpose indoors hall or commercial complex shops for sports supplies , 17/663 m2 Zafaraniya 8 ulk Baghdad/Russafa
4 sport club 3/10505 m14 Wazeriya Ghazaliya 3 dunem 2 ulk Baghdad/Russafa
5 multipurpose indoors hall, internet center, mind gamed center 1/1064 m6 Baghdad/Russafa
6 Taekwondo and sports halls 6/4092 m19 Shamaia and Karra 1 dunem 15 ulk Baghdad/Russafa
7 multi-purpose hall (500) spectators with a center for intellectual games or Internet center, three halls with (A, B) number type (k- span) with a center for sports medicine to treat sports injuries. Completing the pool Sabiyat 5/849m/22 2.3 dunem Baghdad/ Karkh
8 Completing the pool building 1150/1 m 15 Latifiya 4 dunum 2ulk Baghdad/ Karkh
9 Completing the pool building 30/7 m 18 nothern Harkawi 8 dunum 13 ulk Baghdad/ Karkh
10 Expansion, development, management, operating and maintenance of the stadium and investment of halls for sports purposes (there is a lease contract) 4/67169m 4 Wazeriya 8 dunem Baghdad/Sadir City
11 Management, operation and maintenance – mall, martial arts center, medical centerDevelop, manage, operate and maintain the closed hallThe hall can be invested for eventsexpansion, development, roofing, pool management, operation and maintenance, and investing the empty space for sports purposes 4/28167 m 4 wazeriya. 13 dunem Baghdad/ Sadir City
12 Expansion, development, management and operation of the swimming pool and investing the empty space for sports purposes 4/25222m4 wazeriya. 2.5 dunem Baghdad/ Sadir City