Basra Transport Sector

Transportation Sector


First: Railways State Company

no Project name Details length Number of lines Signals & communication Axial load/ ton  Speed (km/h) Total transport (million) Estimate cost (million USD) Project implementation period
passengers Goods/ton passengers Goods/ ton Acquisitions implementation total
1 Basra- Fao Detailed designs were recently conducted by German consulting company (Dorsh Group) 100 double ERTMS/ level 2/1 25 140 100 1 70 300 1410 1710 3 years
2 Baghdad- Kut- Umara- Basra
Branch line (Kut- Nasriya- Um Qasir)
Detailed designs (1982) prepared by British Henderson Hughes are old and most of them are lost. The main line (Baghdad- Kut- Umara- Basra) is 504 km –double.
The Branch line (Kut- Nasriya- Um Qasir) is 406 km –double. Designs need to be updated with a new feasible study to the project.
100 double 2730 11000
3 Sheaba- Zubair- Marbid- Safwan- Kuwait Detailed designs were recently conducted by Italian (Ital Fair). Length shall be according to future projects, final length might be 14kn only from Marbid to Safwan/ Kuwait- Al Hadeed)


52 double ERTMS/ level 2 25 250 140 2 20 150 500 650 3 years

Second: State Company for Iraqi Civil Aviation

No. Agency Project name Location Plot no. Area Estimated cost in USD/time Notes
1 State Company for Civil Aviation Full services complex (commercial, tourists, residential)  Basra / Basra International Airport Plot 13/7715 Q 42 Toba & Nekhela 100 domun   ·       Plot to the east south of the airport (private property) outside the secured fence

·       Area can be used as HQs to foreign companies working in Iraq especially in oil and gas sector

2 State Company for Iraqi Railways A number of plots  Southern provinces (Babylon, Muthana, Basra)       All plots are private property, can be used for commercial, industrial, agricultural purposes according to location.