Diwaniya Services Sector

Diwaniyah – Services Sector

Available Investment Opportunities in Services Sector

First: State Company for Food Trade


Second: State Company for Central Markets

No. Type Location Area in dunum Province Notes
1 Dewaniya market building 7/433- district 18 Sadr Al Yusfiya 2.5 Diwaniyah  

Available Investment Opportunities in Services Sector according to
Provinces Investment Commissions

No. Project Location Area Province
1 Commercial Complex 2/10862/m23 1 dunem Diwaniyah
2 Commercial Complex 2/14956/m23 1 dunem Diwaniyah
3 Commercial Complex Plot 25/2737 /meem 5/Um Abassiyatt 10 dunem Diwaniyah
4 Commercial Complex 9/698/m3 Malaha 1 dunem Diwaniyah
5 Commercial Complex 1/745 Arab 1200m² Diwaniyah
6 Commercial Complex 25/2734 m5 um al abassiat/ al shafiya 8 dunem Diwaniyah
7 Luna park 13/1 m8 Aziz Alla / Al Hamza 38 dunem Diwaniyah
8 Luna park 34/416 m 15 Al Husain/ Neffer 6 dunem Diwaniyah
9 Commercial Complex 27/4/m13 Al Bedair 10 dunem Diwaniyah


Investment opportunities sent by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

No. Suggested project Area Province
1. Commercial complex with garage 13.5 dunum Dewaniya
2. Commercial center 1 dunum Dewaniya

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