Diyala Transport Sector

Diyala – Transportation Sector

First: Railways State Company

no Project name Details length Number of lines Signals & communication Axial load/ ton Speed (km/h) Total transport (million) Estimate cost (million USD) Project implementation period
passengers Goods/ton passengers Goods/ ton Acquisitions implementation total
1 (Baghdad- Baquba- Kirkuk-Erbil- Mousil) branch line (Baquba- Khanaqeen- Munthirya- Iran) detailed designs were conducted by French consulting company (Sorfrel) 1982, currently updated by Czech consulting company (CZ Group).double line length 455km single line length 200km, can be doubled. Total length of main and branches is 700-750 km 700 mixed ERTMS/ level 2 25 250 140 6 20 1650 7000 8650 7 years
2 Kut- Baquba No previous designs or documents, new ones are required 250 double ERTMS/ level 2 25 250 140 6 20 750 3000 3750 4 years

Second: State Company for Iraqi Civil Aviation


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