Muthana Industry and Minerals sector

Industry and Minerals sector


Investment opportunities presented for investment

First: Phosphate Deposits projects



Second: Pure Sulfur projects


Third: Cement projects

Cement Plant Project / Muthanna province

Fourth: Silica Sands project


Fifth: Mud


Sixth: Carbonate and sulfate projects

Sodium carbonate plant for the manufacture of glass, detergents and paper pulp / Muthanna province

Seventh: Magnesium thermal block

Magnesium thermal block project from Dlomaitic rocks/ Al Muthana province



Available Investment Opportunities Announced by Provinces Investment Commission in Industrial Sector

No Project name Suggested Industries Land allocated for the project Location
1. Sodium Carbonates 50 dunem Al Muthana
2. Cement paper bags 50 dunem Al Muthana
3. Dairy products 25 dunem Al Muthana
4. Vegetable oil 20 dunem Al Muthana
5. Detergents production 20 dunem Al Muthana
6. Multipurpose industrial zone Small & medium industries 4000 dunem Al Muthana
7. Sodium Chloride     Al Muthana
8. White cement     Al Muthana
9. Garbage isolate, recycle     Al Muthana



Available Investment Opportunities in Tourism Sector

No Project name Allocated land/ dunum Province
1 Sawah Lake 60 Al Muthana
2 Luna Lake 10 Al Muthana

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