Muthana youth and sport sector

Investment Opportunities of Youth and Sport Sector announced by the Ministry of Youth and Sport

No Project Name Location Area Province
1.       Using sports building to residential units 4/100 m 5 Um AlTelool & Jelaja 2 dunem Al Muthana
2.       Sports investment (the establishment of five-foot tournaments, hand, plane, basket, feather and racket) use the arena close to the sports arena in building investment facility the investor considers appropriate and preferably a sport facility 56/1289 m 19 Um Al Asafeer 3 Dunam 16 ulk Al Muthana
3.       Sports investment using the coffee shop , electronic library, sports halls, pool, kids pool, indoors hall and outdoors playgrounds 56/1386 m 19 Um Al Asafeer 5 dunem 16 ulk Al Muthana
4.       Youth club and sports medical center 2/1 m 5 Um AlTelool &Jelaja 5 Dunam Al Muthana
5.       Multipurpose Sports investment (youth house near Semawa municipality) 2/1 m 5 Um AlTelool &Jelaja 1 Dunam Al Muthana
6.       Invest the forum building, playgrounds and pool Building no. 440 6 Dunam Al Muthana
7.       rehabilitation of the building to be used as sports shops. 18/523 m3 Swimming Pool 1 Dunam 4 ulk Al Muthana
8.       Sports halls and facilities 70/4 m22 16/1 m22 Al Amiya 2 Dunam 16 ulk
3 Dunam 12 ulk
Al Muthana