Holy Najaf Services Sector

Najaf – Services Sector

Available Investment Opportunities in Services Sector

First: State Company for Food Trade


Second: State Company for Central Markets

No. Type Location Area in dunum Province Notes
1 Al Najef market building 8/1507 Al Mishraq 3 Najaf In Najaf Province


Available Investment Opportunities in Services Sector according to Provinces Investment Commissions

No. Project Location Province
1 Multi story garage 18503/2 Al Saad Q./ Najaf municipality Holy Najaf
2 Commercial complex Plots 11852/2 &17171/2 m2 (MoY&S) Holy Najaf
3 Commercial Complex Qadisiya / plot 210/5 Holy Najaf
4 Commercial Complex Al Najaf municipality  1/41/m15 Holy Najaf
5 Commercial Complex Al Najaf municipality 88023/3 Al Meelad Holy Najaf
6 Commercial Complex Al Najaf municipality/ Al Manathira  / 1/484 m3 Al khawarnaq Holy Najaf
7 Commercial Complex Al Manathira 186/5 m3 Al Barakat Holy Najaf




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