NIC Chairwoman assures…Our Experience and connections shall be submitted to serve the vital projects  

During her meeting with the Minister of Transport

NIC Chairwoman assures…Our Experience and connections shall be submitted to serve the vital projects  

NIC Chairwoman, Suha Dawood Najar, assured that the full NIC capacities of international economic relations and consultation experience in technical, financial and adminstrial fields shall be submitted to serve the vital projects in any part of Iraq.

During her meeting with H.E Minister of Transport, Captain Nasir Hussein Al- Shibly, she discussed the most prominent projects in the Ministry represented by the Faw Grand Port and the huge financial revenues it holds for Iraq through its capacity to accelerate the transportation of oil and goods and the chance it presents to diversify ways of import and export and hyper activate the transport sector, assuring the NIC’s full readiness to manage the investment sides in the project through creating the competition opportunities in more expanded way and investing the high capacities and relations owned by the World Bank to support this project which can give a spiritual support for the Iraqi citizen and ends the big debate raised about it recently.

Minister of Transport in his turn showed his vision for the possible means of cooperation with NIC in other important projects in the Ministry like the Monorail project which can provide around 10 thousand job opportunities in Baghdad announcing the possibility of its implementation by Anstl French Company in cooperation with Hyundai South Korean Company with approximate total cost of 1 Million Euro.

The Meeting was attended by a number of DGs from both sides.

NIC signs an MOU with the Greek Institution of Investment 

With the attendance of the foreign Ministers of the Two states o Greece and Iraq

NIC signs an MOU with the Greek Institution of Investment

NIC signed on Wednesday 14.10.20 two joint MOUs with the  Greek Institution of Investment in important economic feilds for the purpose of reinforcing cooperation between the two countries, encouraging investment projects and promoting these projects among companies individuals of both sides.

Head of the Iraqi Parliament receives the NIC Chairwoman

Head of the Iraqi Parliament Receives the NIC Chairwoman

Head of the Iraqi Parliament, Mr, Muhammed al- Halboosi, received on Monday, 12.10.2020 the NIC Chairwomanm Suha Dawood Najar.

The meeting included reviewing NIC’s plans and its investment policy for the coming period to attract successful investments and means of activating the investment sector by finding real investment projects and removing obstacles hindering investors.

Halboosi assured during the meeting that activating investment requires modifying valid laws, referring that the parliament is waiting for the suggested modifications to come from the government and assuring his entity full support to approve the modifications that can contribute to optimizing this vital sector which will reinforce the economy and create job opportunities.

He also discussed the necessity of activating investment in agricultural and industrial sectors, especially after the deterioration in oil prices, and the importance of supporting the Iraqi investor.

NIC Chairman meets the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Dr. ADil AL- Rkabi

NIC Chairman meets the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Dr. ADil AL- Rkabi at the Ministry premises and discusses with him the possibility of reinforcing cooperation between the Ministry and NIC and coordination to find the needed mechanisms to maximize the financial resources  of the Ministry through investing in lucrative projects according to valid laws/ 06.10.2020


A Plan to gear up with the Investment Process in Iraq

NIC have prepared a plan that includes revitalizing the lurking and halted projects to gear up with the investment process in the country and optimize the reality of the significant fields.

NIC Chairman, Suha Dawood Najar, said in a release for the Media office in the Commission that “NIC have prepared a plan to revitalize the investment process all over the country in all sectors through activating the lurking and halted projects and reshaping them financially and technically, noting that “ there is some red tape that hinders the implementation of these projects, the matter that urged NIC to directly coordinate with the concerned departments and institutions to solve problems especially these connected to infrastructure and investment projects in health and industry sectors.

She added that “the financial ceiling for the investment projects within which NIC was concerned is 250 Million $ and above according to investment law but we currently seek to adopt all projects regardless of its area or financial cost “assuring at the same time that we are about to find a clear and well defined mechanism through which we can equally involve the citizens and the private sector in NIC projects to ensure its funding.

Najar continued saying “NIC started real steps to solve the problems that face lurking investment projects and visits have been made to a number of projects in several provinces (Basrah, Kerbala, Wasit) to participate in easing these problems.

NIC Chairman also referred to the importance of activating the role of the One Stop Shop to solve the red tape problem and assured that “ the Commission seeks to take its role in adopting the economic policies for the investment process in the country and not to be exclusively devoted to granting investment licenses but also revitalizing the halted projects” stressing the significance of activating the investment law in a way that harmonize with the new vision and avoid loopholes in law that obstruct this goal.






Suha Dawood Najar Visits a number of investment projects Sites in Holy Kerbala Province



After Taking up the Responsibility as NIC Chairman

Suha Dawood Najar Visits a number of investment projects Sites in Holy Kerbala Province

NIC Chairman, Suha Dawood Najar started on Thursday 24.09.2020 an elaborated field visit to a number of investment projects sites in Kerbala Province starting with Imam Hussein Hospital for cancer diseases where she assured that the achievement of this project supervised by the Husseiny Holy Threshold in Kerbala province shall contribute a lot in optimizing the health reality in the city, the matter that put us in front of a professional and ethical responsibility of accelerating the implementation by removing all the obstacles that hinder it.

She listened to a detailed explanation from those in charge of the project regarding the designs and the achievement rates and the problems they are facing to complete the work represented by the task of receiving the remaining medical devices in coordination with the concerned departments in the state and they were promised by the NIC Chairman to take the necessary actions required to facilitate these measures.

NIC Chairman also met with Shekh Abdul Mahdi Al- Kerbalaey- the reprfesentative of the Religious Marjieayah and the secretary of Holy Husseiny Threshold at the threshold where she was honored by visiting the holy Grave of Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him), in addition to meeting the governor, Mr. Nsaief Jasem Al- Khitabi at the Governorate premises.

She showed her high gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of the Holy Husseiny and Abbasy thresholds and the local government in sustaining the work in the investment projects, promising to provide all kinds of support to guaranty the smoothness of the work and its continuation.

Engineer Muhammed Taher, the representative of Khairat al- Sebtain Co. which is in charge of executing the project of Imam Hussein Hospital clarified that the hospital consists of 4 buildings the first represents the main hospital on a total area of 6000 m² and of 4 floors that contains consolatory clinics, a pharmacy and a hall for chemical therapy in addition to 2 operations halls , labs and blood bank, the main hospital contains also 82 patient beds while the second and third buildings are made of 5 floors devoted for the patients’ companions accommodation and the medical staff with 90 total apartments , the fourth building shall be allocated as a center for the Radiant Iodine, assuring that the treatment shall be subsidized for the armed forces and free for the needy.

NIC Chairman : Points of Gearing Up with the Industrial and Agricultural sectors and motivating the Iraqi private sector are part of our investment Policy


From the Province of Wasit

NIC Chairman : Points of Gearing Up with the Industrial and Agricultural sectors and motivating the Iraqi private sector are part of our investment policy

NIC Chairman, Suha Dawood Najar assured during her visit to Wasit Province that motivating the industrial and agricultural sectors in all provinces with supporting the Iraqi investor by letting him

take strong place in the investment process are important points in the near future investment policy.

She added, during her attendance the elaborated workshop in Wasit Province held under the slogan of “Investment is the Gateway to Reconstruction” , that the Iraqi investor does not lack the financial or the professional capacity to gear up with the Iraqi Economy especially if partnered and supported by the government to create huge national projects that meet the local economy needs not only the investor’s need.

NIC Chairman also illuminated that the task of Investment Commissions all over the Iraqi provinces cannot be excluded to issuing the investment licenses but they must also act as widely opened gateways to attract successful investments after providing the missing factors and finding the best way to benefit from the available liquidity and capacities.

NIC Chairman stated that we are today in the National Investment Commission are provided with fully specialized staff capable of redrawing the priorities of the Iraqi economy and this you will sense in the few coming weeks.

Wasit Governor, Dr. Muhammed Jameel Al- Mayahi clarified in his turn the aspirations that this meeting can be true opportunity to lay down the visions and therapies to number of problems and obstacles facing the investment process not only in Wasit but in all Iraqi provinces, the meeting also represents a message to all capitals owners and investors to submit their suggestions and problems to the entity that protect and take care of investment.

The workshop included a closed meeting between the NIC Chairman and the Governor of Wasit attended by Wasit Provincial Investment Commission Chairman and the representatives of the legal and administrational sides in the governorate, Najar had listened to a number of the problems facing them in order to study it and take the necessary actions required.

NIC Chairman also visited several projects sites during her visit among which Al- Ruwad housing project which will be all followed up in later reports.