Investment Opportunity

Ministry of Electricity (MOE) – Iraq Announcement of Rehabilitation, Operation and Transfer of Al Nassiriyah Steam Power Plant

The Ministry of Electricity – Iraq (MOE) has announce an investment opportunity of rehabilitation , operation and transfer (ROT) of Al Nassiriyah Steam Power Plant by the issued request of proposal (RFP) under NO.MOE-HQ-5/2017 .

Tender rules against non – refundable amount of (250,000) ID , two hudred fifty thousand Iraqi Dinar to be paid against receipt from the following address .

Ministry of Electricity (MOE) / Investments and Contracts office- Tenders Section, Al- Niqabat street , Al Mansour  District, Baghdad, Iraq .


The interested participant parties should note the following:

  • Investment opportunity consists of two stages :
  1. First stage: includes the technical proposal and financial plan (Tariff must not be included).
  2. Second stage: the proposal that score 37% in the first stage will be given a period of (10) days to submit the commercial proposals and ROT tariff for KWh.
  • MOE will sign in to rehabilitation , Operation and Maintenance contract with the winning Bidder in the second stage.
  • The investment (contract) period will be (10) years started from the completion of the rehabilitation works and successful the reliability test with the mentioned capacity in the (RFP).
  • Further details are mentioned in the (RFP)
  • The interested companies that willing to participate in the investment opportunity , send their authorized representative with written and stamped letter for permitting to buy the RFP
  • Any further question can be sent to :
  • Due date will be at 12:00 p.m. Baghdad local time on July 9th , 2017 . if the due day will be day off by chance , the next day will be considered as due date.
  • The winning bidder will bear the investment opportunity’s announcement cost.