Ad Tender No. (1) for the year 2012

Ad Tender No. (1) for the year 2012

The National Investment Commission (NIC) announces a tender for the construction of NIC complex listed under the national investment budget 2012 and located in Baghdad/ Green Zone. Interested companies classified as first class/ constructions according to Iraqi MoP classification are invited to visit NIC headquarter (Baghdad/ International Zone near the 14th July Sq.) or at NIC’s office at Baghdad International Fair to obtain the tender documents (Bill of quantity, design drawings) for non- refundable 250 thousand ID with accompaniment of the documents stated in the following 1,2,3 items. Offers will be deposited in NIC tender box including the below mentioned documents. Dead line for receiving offers on ( Wednesday ) Date 18/7/2012 before 2.00 pm.

The winner shall bear the cost of publication and announcement

Required Documents:

  1. Companies classification identity (original) issued by the Ministry of Planning according to contractors registration and classification regulation.
  2. Company establishment documents certified by companies registration department.
  3. Clearance issued by the General Taxes Commission for 2012.
  4. Certified check or bid bond of 1% of the value of the offer issued by a reliable Bank.
  5. A Financial statements, including the final accounts of the company for last three years audited by legally certified accountant and a bank statement showing the financial capacity in numbers.
  6. Documents showing the qualifications of the technical and administrative team, working part /full time for the company as well as the machinery and engines belonging to the company, should be submitted.
  7. Receipt of purchasing tender when applying, should be attached.

General Notes:-

  1. Contractor or company should be submit prices in Iraqi dinars exclusively in numbers and writing, according to the bill of quantities attached with the tender documents. All these documents should be stamped.
  2. The required time for completion should be stated.
  3. Full company address, phone number, e-mail and all personal documents of the authorized director, should be stated.
  4. NIC is not obliged to accept the lowest offer.
  5. Construction period is 18 months
  6. The capacity of the company’s expertise in the field of contracting in addition to the implementation for similar works certified by beneficiaries, should be submitted.
  7. The contractor or company is not allowed to refer the work to sub-contractor or company.
  8. The offer shall be submitted in three sealed envelopes, commercial, technical and required documents.
  9. NIC will organize a conference to answer participants inquires, seven dys before the dead line.
  10. his announcement is part of the contract and obligatory to the contractor in all of its items as soon as submitting the offer.
  11. The instructions of implementation of governmental contracts no. (1) in 2008, provisions and specifications of the engineering contracts in its two parts I, II issued by the Ministry of Planning shall be reliable.
  12. offer expiry date should not be less than 90 days.
  13. Any offer that does not meet the above conditions shall be neglected and no excuse/ negotiation shall be accepted regarding any condition included in the announcement.
  14. Foreign companies shall present an establishment certificate proved by an authorized body in Iraq with other attachments proving the establishment of its branch in Iraq.

For any further enquiries please contact us on the following phone number:


Chairman, National Investment Commission