The Ministry of Health (MOH) and the National Investment Commission (NIC) are pleased to announce an investment opportunity in Ibn Sina (Avicenna) hospital (rehabilitation, operation and management) in accordance with the investment law no. (13) for the year 2006, as amended.

Willing investors, companies or organizations are to present their (Commercial and Technical) offers to the Contracts departments of (MOH) and (NIC) according to the conditions stated below within a period of (30 days) from the date of publishing this announcement.


  • Investor shall undertake rehabilitating and developing the hospital (buildings, equipment and medical supplies) under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.
  • Medical and health care provided to patients shall be according to international standards adopted by World Health Organization. The company or the investor is required to prove applying ISO standards.
  • Investor is to submit work progress plan for developing the hospital, modernizing medical equipment and establishing quite new medical departments.
  • Submitting economic and technical feasibility study for the project by the investor (including cost and time required).
  • Providing a list of the similar projects implemented by the investor in or outside Iraq.
  • The hospital is to be managed by the investing company in cooperation with the current management team. Technically the hospital is to be run by the investing company which shall be allowed to employ non- Iraqi workers.
  • The applying companies or investors must have an establishment certificate issued by one of the European countries, USA, Japan or in partnership with a company of one of these countries and work according to its standards (prove by applying a certificate).
  • The investing company is to provide what prove the scientific and technical qualification of all work appliers in order to be reviewed by a specialized committee assigned by (MOH).
  • Allocating a royalty rate for (MOH) out of the achieved revenues, priority is to be given to the highest rate.
  • Investment term shall not be less than 5 years; renewable provided the approval of both parties.
  • Project is covered by the provisions of the investment law no. (13) for the year 2006, as amended.

For further enquiry please contact:

07901908668, 07812281221

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