Bismayah Project Managing Team adds new Work Shifts

Bismayah Project Managing Team adds new Work Shifts

In order to proceed according to schedule
Bismayah Project Managing Team adds new Work Shifts


Bismayah project managing team decided to increase working hours until midnight in the project site, assuring that they took all necessary actions to make this decision succeed in a way that lead to increase achievement rates.
An official source in Hanawah Co. explained that the time commitment policy followed by the company requires fulfilling all its obligations towards Iraqi people. As for Hanawah business tower, the source added that after accomplishing the external structure the work is moving quickly forward in the tower site to complete the finishing works simultaneously with installing its solar power system expressing his gratitude and appreciation for all Iraqi institutions that contributed to make this project a success.
On the other hand, Hanawah Co. started constructing the glasshouses that can provide all types of seedlings, saplings and trees that are intended to be used in the landscaping that will be achieved by a specialized team in the company in coordination with the soil department at the university of Baghdad.


The process of constructing greenhouses and umbrellas is currently being conducted close to the housing construction site on a total area of 49.500 m² in which different types of saplings and trees are being planted to test their adaptation according to stages of growth in addition to allocating certain areas for planting different types of grass and testing them to know which is the most suitable one for the Iraqi climate.
Worth mentioning that unique irrigation systems shall be installed which shall be as hidden networks extended under all the green area remotely controlled to open and close in precise timings.