Bismayah’s Milestones Became Clear

Bismayah’s Milestones Became Clear


Bismayah’s Milestones Became Clear



Despite the exceptional circumstances Iraq is running through and difficulties faced in obtaining the logistic supplies, Bismayah project is witnessing recognizable development represented by expanding the work progress ground in several sites of the project.

More staff are expected to arrive in Baghdad to contribute the construction of the project in order to expedite the building construction process and to cover larger areas. Among those staff, there would be engineers, supervisors and workers planned to be deployed on more workplaces.

As for the latest developments on the ground, specifically in town (A), they can be summarized as follows:-

• Pile Driving Process

Recently, the pile driving works have been expanded in construction site to cover most of Town (A) blocks, where the pile driving and foundation works of Block (A-2) have been finished in preparation for the launching of building erection process, after the erection of Block (A-1) buildings to the ninth or tenth floor. On the other hand, the pile driving process rates have reached an advanced level in the Block (A-3), and pilot pile driving is being conducted in the Block (A- 6), in addition to the on-going work on the land development in the other Blocks of Town (A).

• Foundations and Buildings Construction

Coordinating construction of all nine Blocks of Town (A) is a difficult task. Some buildings are erected to reach the tenth floor (Last Floor). On the other side, the foundation casting process is being continued in other neighboring Blocks, as the block (A-2) building foundations have been completed along with significant progress in other neighboring Blocks. Regarding water tanks in Town (A) which are (9) tanks, known as (Break Tanks), 3 out of (9) have been constructed so far.

• The Infrastructure (Water, Sewage Networks, and Electricity) The work is ongoing in full swing to complete all infrastructure of BNCP, the most notable ones are water, sewage, electricity and communication networks. All Bismayah City Towns will be supplied and fed with huge underground networks to cover the entire area of the project. The underground water, sewage and electricity networks have been fully laid down in the Block (A-1), while similar networks are about to be finished in Block (A-2). In addition, the work is in progress to complete rain water and sewage systems in Block (A -3).

Meanwhile, the company had constructed giant silos in Bismayah’s plants that have the capacity to store large amounts of cement that can be used in the events of emergency.