Extension of Announcement

Extension of Announcement




The State Company for Glass & Refractories Industry (SCG&R), one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals (MIM) companies, has the pleasure to announce its following investment opportunity as (sharing in management and production) for Rehabilitating, Operating and raising capacity for high Alumina Refractory Production Plant according to investment Iraqi law (No. 22 of 1997 article 15/ III)

Announcement Target

(SCG&R) aims by participating with manufacturers and producers of above products in factory management and production to rehabilitate & increase production capacities through these valuable opportunities to meet the Iraqi market needs and economic feasibility and benefits accruing to the investor, exploit the availability of raw materials used in production at good prices improving National product quality. Investors are requested to obtain a copy of investment files against a nun- refundable sum of ID 250,000 (Two hundred fifty thousand Iraqi dinar), additionally, the company is ready to assist investors with further detailed information and take necessary arrangements to facilitate site visit to the factories . Investors must submit bids in accordance with the conditions contained in the investment file and will focus on the technical proposal, developmental and financial efficiency. The winner company shall undertake all announcement charges, offers should be submitted no later than the end of the working hours of Thursday, Aug.07.2017.

For any urgent explanation send a letter to glass19612002@yahoo.com  .