In response to comments Mr. Attorney Jawad Alshahyla

In response to comments Mr. Attorney Jawad Alshahyla

In response to comments Mr. Attorney Jawad Alshahyla,

National Investment Commission .. Body free from the corrupt and past accomplishment investment projects

Some consistently that does not see the successes and achievements realized by the Iraqis loyal only Psodawih and Hoam in time which must that Taatzafar all the benevolent support of all efforts done push the country forward towards progress and prosperity.

Today, where campaigns electoral blocks and political entities in its waning days ahead of provincial elections on the morning of 20.04.2013 and compete participants, comments come Mr. Attorney Jawad Alshahyla program Studio nine o’clock on channel Baghdadi and see where the attack is not justified on the National Investment Commission.

As surprised by the strongly from these statements that appears where Mr. Rep. Mgtada of praise for the Prime Minister Mr. Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of the Authority and its president, Dr. Sami al-Araji.

We say to Mr. MP Alshahyla that work in the wake of the fall of the former regime in 2003 and until this moment with honesty and sincerity and dedication at each site filled and has won him the support and backing of the main participants in the political process, where he was nominated by her for the assumption of ministerial positions several, as well as its role in maintaining The Ministry of Industry and Minerals and its disintegration and loss in difficult conditions and contribute to the ministry to stop on their feet and keep their employees when he was an agent of the Ministry, freedom to commend it does not doubt his integrity.

With regard to the draft the city residential بسماية .. Confirms body that this project is the largest residential project on Iraq and Middle East region, which includes the construction of 100 thousand residential units integrated services according to international standards of modern for the benefit of citizens with limited income (from employees and retirees and the general citizens) and discounted relative prices the local market, as reimburse citizens (10%) of the value of the housing unit instead of (25%) at the request of the majority of users who are interested to register and Premium and the remaining amount for nearly 20 years, as will cover the company (75%) of the value of the cost of the project and this is what in place with all companies investment.

It should also be noted that the company executed (Hanwha), which began work at the site has received (10%) of the value of the project is paid by Iraqi banks against bank guarantee to be it after receiving payments from citizens registered on the residential units.

The wonder of the National Authority for Investment where he is talking about corruption Mr. Attorney Jawad Alshahyla, about these facts, and if he had information other than what we know and those chock for the project Valajdr that offer to the body instead of defamation via satellite.

National Authority for Investment