Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunity


NIC in coordination with the Ministry of Transport are pleased to announce the investment opportunity of developing the middle Euphrates area airport in (BOT) style and according to the provisions of the investment law No. 13 for the year 2006 as amended and its regulations:

  1. The airport area is 45 km²
  2.  The airport is to be constructed in three stages:

First stage (6) million passenger capacity

Second stage (12) million passenger capacity

Third stage (20) million passenger capacity

And according to the previously prepared designs by ADPI French Consultants

3. The investor is to adhere to constructing the airport according to the following stages:

First stage- within a period of 4 years maximum

a- Air field 4F- CAT III to be consisting of a runway of 4.5 km length, 60 m width or 75 m with the runway shoulders and all other accessories with an estimated cost of 270 million $.

b- Passengers’ building with a capacity of 6 million passenger annually and with an estimated cost of 950 million $.

c- Airport infrastructure with an estimated cost of 550 million $.

d- Buildings of (Fire extinguishing station, air cargo, administration buildings, rations building, checkpoints) with an estimated cost of 60 million $.

h- 64 m height control tower and its technical building with an estimated cost of 70 million $.

Second stage: the second passengers’ building of 9 million passenger annual capacity

Third stage: the third passengers’ building of 6 million passenger annual capacity and other runway parallel to the first runway with all its accessories and of the same specifications of the first air field.

4. The investor will undertake paying the engineering consultant fees (ADPI) which is 42 million $ in one payment immediately at signing the contract.

5. GOI will undertake implementing all infrastructures needed for the project

6. NIC, Ministry of Transport and local governments shall undertake submitting the needed facilities for the investor during the period of implementation and operation.

7. Ministry of transport with a technical consultant shall be supervising the implementation of the project to ensure good standards.

8. The airport must be run by a specialized company of long expertise in the field after being approved by the Ministry of Transport.

9. Ministry of Transport shall be supporting the operation of the airport by submitting all facilities regarding aircrafts movement.

10. NIC shall prepare the financial conditions that ensure the investor seriousness.

The financial and technical offers must be submitted either to the investment section in the Ministry of Transport or to the National Investment Commission within a period of 30 days from the date of publishing this announcement.

For any further information:

Third stage

Second stage

First stage




Peak hour/passenger (A+D)




Rate / passenger




PTB Floor Area




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Aircraft movement /Hour/Peak

Contact Air bridges

Equivalent to code E 12

Code C 4
Code E 8
Code F 2

 8 code E Remote

–         Cargo Capacity = 57,21 Ton

–         Aircraft Maintenance Area 76,000 m2