Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunity

ministry of construction and housing

Announces an investment opportunity in the governorate of Nasiriyah to establish a residential complex for Ministry staff and state employees with the duration of 3 years with an area of (250000) m2, the project is located on the island of Kushmarah on the highway in the northern part of Nasiriyah city, near the general downstream and adjacent to the College of Technology.


It consists of a residential complex containing residential homes (801) house and models as follows:

Form1 (61) house with an area of land (300) m2 and a built up area (200) m2

Form2 (230) house with an area of land (250) m2 and a built up area (180) m2

Form3 (510) house with an area of land (200) and a built up area (160) m2


Include service buildings contain (schools, kindergartens and nursery, a mosque, health center,  supermarkets, services area, shops, management building for the complex)

For interested Review at the Ministry of Construction and Housing / Investment Department in Baghdad – versus  Alawi-hela  garage for the purpose of access to the required details or contact us on e-mail :