Investment Opportunity/ Al_Furat State Company for Chemical and Pesticides Industries

Investment Opportunity/ Al_Furat State Company for Chemical and Pesticides Industries



Investment Opportunity Announcement No 2/2019

Modernization And Development Of Concentrated Sulfuric Acid plant   / (Industrial)

Ministry of Industry and Minerals/ Al_Furat State Company for Chemical and Pesticides Industries

Al_Furat State Company for Chemical and Pesticides Industries as one of the affiliates of Ministry of industry and  mineral s /Republic of Iraq is pleased to announce the a/m investment opportunity for modernization and development of Concentrated sulfuric acid plant By establishing a new production line (Double stage absorption) with production capacity of ( 75 ton/day  )  in its main location Babylon / Musayyib /saddat Al hidiyah  according to  the   Article ( 15 / Thirdly ) of  amended and valid Law of State Companies No. (22/1997) (as join venture ) ,and  invite  {  Iraqi, Arabic and international  manufacturing and specialized companies (manufacturer or producer )  or( any other companies, financial  or commercial institutions, investors or capital owners, that enclose their contracting and cooperation certified   documents ( authorization , agency or partnership )  with  supported  specialized and manufacturing  companies} ,  to participate in this investment opportunity and visit/ Investment Department in  our company / Babylonl, Musayyib  /Saddat Al-Hindiyah  to buy the investment opportunity’s document against non-refundable amount of  (250.000 ID) two hundred and fifty thousand Iraqi dinars.  Tenderers should submit their technical and commercial offers, all attached documents should be certified by the authorized entities in the country of the company and Iraqi Embassy in the countries of the foreign companies, for the Iraqi companies, documents should be certified   by authorized entities in Iraq.  , taking in consideration the following items :

  1. Priority for international manufacturing and specialized companies, offers can be accepted from other companies, financial or commercial institutions, investors or capital owners, that submit their certified contracting and cooperation documents (authorization, agency or partnership) with supported specialized and manufacturing companies, for the company which established before (2) years at least.
  2. The advanced company should submit establishment certificate, financial statements (in English for foreign companies) for the last two years (authorized by the office of a legal accountant or an international auditing company. All documents must be certified by Iraqi Embassy in the country of the company) with a copy translated legal translation to Arabic language.
  3. Submit similar works, publications or leaflets of the advanced company works.
  4. Submit a letter from the stable banks to confirm its financial efficiency and dealings with money and deposits support for the last financial year approved by legal accountant office or the Board of the profession and control and audit of Iraqi companies within Iraq and according to the models of the stamps of the Council of the profession, the letter of the Internal Control and Audit No. 1759 on 9/1 / 2019 or from the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the country of non-Iraqi companies.
  5. Tenderer should take in consideration evaluation criteria , paragraphs attached with the investment document .
  6. Submit a letter of acquittal from the Ministry of Finance.
  7. The tenderer should present any letter to prove good performance in carrying out its previous obligations, if there is any obligations with ministries and government offices of Iraq authenticated by the official authorities’ offices.
  8. The company should not black listed.
  9. Confirmation at the legal department not to deal with the Zionist entity and its institutions and companies.
  10. The tenderer should submit the cash receipt of the investment opportunity.
  11. Offers will not to be opened before  30 working  days from the date of publication of the announcement  and if one offer or more received  during the above period “advertising is turned off for the purpose of study and analysis of offers to take the recommendation of whether referral or not ,  if not  access to referral recommendation ,advertise should  continue until 30 days more with same conditions  in the above which continue for no more than a calendar year from the date of first publication and then re-examine and evaluate the subject advertise .
  12. Offer validity should not less than 3 months

* There will be special meeting before seven days of closing date ( m/a) to discuss and answer all investor question and to visit the project site  in AL- FURAT company main location in Babylon / saddat al- hindiya


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                  Engineer Ali Qassim Kadhim                                                                     

                 D.G   And chairman of board of directors