Investment Opportunity/ Arar Border Crossing Point

Investment Opportunity/ Arar Border Crossing Point

Investment Opportunity


For the purpose of developing borders crossing points connecting Iraq to the neighboring regional countries,

The National Investment Commission (NIC) in coordination with The General Commission for Border Crossings,  are pleased to announce an investment opportunity in Arar Border Crossing Point according to Investment Law no. 13 for 2006 (amended), and investment requirements announced in Al Zawraa newspaper version 7068 in 18/8/2019 (copy attached),

Interested specialized and experienced local/ foreign companies can apply to invest this opportunity by filling the investment application form available on NIC website,

Within 30 days from the date of publishing this announcement.

For more information, please visit The General Commission for Border Crossings HQ (Contracts Dept.) or contact them through their email address

Arar Border Crossing Point requirements:

  1. A VIP building consists of (Lobby, Meetings Hall, Restaurant, Services, Medical care centers, VIP bedrooms, Bedrooms)
  2. Testing labs service: establishing testing, measuring and control laboratories and health labs.
  3. Customs and services offices: establishing, equipping and operating customs and services offices.
  4. Motel and Hotel Services: establishing, equipping and managing a motel to provide services to passengers, Overnight halls and stations for pilgrims.
  5. Restaurants and Booths: establishing, equipping and managing restaurants and booths according to operating capacity.
  6. Shaded waiting areas: Establishing parking areas for vehicles, buses and trucks according to the international standards
  7. Water Station Service: establishing, equipping and maintaining water desalination and wells stations and connecting a whole system for the operating offices, rehabilitate the old station and potable water canning factory.
  8. Monitoring, supervising systems and towers: establishing, and maintaining a monitoring system provided with cameras and towers connected with the boarder cross administration.
  9. Housing complex for operating offices: build, supply and furnishing building for employees.
  10. Mosque: rehabilitate and furnishing a mosque for passengers and pilgrims.
  11. Helipad (helicopter)
  12. Workshop for trucks and vehicles maintenance
  13. Car wash station and oil change
  14. Duty free shops
  15. Currency exchange office
  16. Shipping office to provide goods shipping for pilgrims from Saudi Arabia to Iraq
  17. Provide electric wheelchairs stations for people with special needs.
  18. Media center to be rented to TV channels to cover pilgrims’ reception and farewell ceremonies.
  19. Rehabilitate a health center to provide services to pilgrims.
  20. Gas and fuel station
  21. Power Supply Service: establishing, managing and maintaining power generation stations with all connections to facilities.
  22. Electronic Gates (Automation System Program): install, operate and maintain Automation System Program