Investment Opportunity/ Bismayah Connecting Road – Extended up to 12/8/2019

Investment Opportunity/ Bismayah Connecting Road – Extended up to 12/8/2019



Investment opportunity in Roads and Bridges Sector

Design, implement, operate and manage of rehabilitation project to the road connecting entrance No. (5) of Bismayah City with Muhammad Al Qasim Highway


The National Investment Commission and the Ministry of Construction, Municipalities and Public Works / Roads and Bridges Department are pleased to announce an investment opportunity to design, rehabilitation, operation and management of the road connecting entrance No. 5 of Basmaya residential City with Mohammed Al Qasim Highway.We invite Iraqi, Arab and foreign companies with experience and specialization in investment to participate and submit their offers for this project in accordance with the Investment Law No. (13) for 2006 (amended). Interested companies in the project (Rehabilitation and widening the (Kut – Baghdad) road connecting entrance No. (5) in Basmaya residential City and the intersection of Mohammed Al Qasim Highway from the Army Canal Street inside the city of Baghdad with 20 km length . The project consists of two parts, the first is outside the borders of Baghdad and the second is within the borders of Baghdad).Terms and Conditions are attached to the advertisement in our website

Bids may be sent to the National Investment Commission by an authorized person provided with a letter of authorization signed by the CEO no later than eleven o’clock on the closing day (Monday, 12/8/2019) , if it happens to be a holiday it shall be postponed to the next working day. No bid shall be submitted after the closing date.


Arab and foreign companies that do not have a branch in Iraq can send their offers through the international express mail and deliver it before the closing date. In case of the closing date is an official holiday, the following official working day will be the closing date.NIC and the Ministry are fully prepared to provide possible facilities to visit the project site and both are pleased to respond to queries received through the e-mail addresses more information, please visit the below websites Rules and regulations for advertising investment projects, including the following:

Regarding the technical part, the following information must be attached to the offer:

  • Documents and data about the biding company with its professional biography and for other supporting companies and their nationalities.
  • A list of similar previous works carried out by the company in the field of investment or other works.
  • Determine the implementation period with a schedule that includes the business
  • implementation program for all project items.
  • Description of the tariff systems, mechanisms and management methods.
  • Determining the proposed duration of project implementation.


An integrated technical and economic feasibility study for the project:

The technical aspect of the study includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Project description
  • Engineering design limits
  • Geotechnical and hydrological study.
  • Detailed traffic study.
  • A study of the pavement layers of different sections of the road.

The economic study includes, but is not limited to the following:

Analysis of financial information to determine indicators of success or failure of the project and represent the cash flow table (capital assets – operational costs – project years (service age) with time change accounts and the expected interest rate on funds.The financial indicators of the project will be measured by the following criteria:

  • Simple rate of revenue


  • Recovery period of the invested capital
  • Guaranteed methods of the cash flow
  • Net current value of the estimated flows over the life of the project
  • Net current value rate to the current investment rate
  • Internal revenue rate
  • Sensitivity factor for the financial analysis inputs
  • financial analysis as in paragraph 1 “annex”
  • Investment period
  • Tariff
  • The governmental share
  • Insuring investment funds

With regard to the company’s obligations and documents, the following information must be provided:·          The company’s registration certificate (colored copy) certified by the concerned authorities for the national companies valid for the current year. The Arab and foreign companies shall be authenticated by the Iraqi Embassy in the country of incorporation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs valid for the current year.·         The financial status of the company and its financial efficiency supported by a solid bank.·         The winning company shall pay the cost of the publication and the last announcement.


The data and information for the project are as follows:1.      Introduction to the project / importance of the project – the service provided by the product.2.      Historical background of the project / date of the idea and the beginning of its implementation – the year of listing.3.      Project data, including the project site, positioning with GPS and aerial imagery of the site.

Note: The investment project application form prepared by the National Investment Commission and the data and information contained herein are considered to be an integral part of the data referred to above.