Investment Opportunity/ Diala State Company

Investment Opportunity/ Diala State Company


Diala State Company has the pleasure to advertise an investment opportunity as (partnership contract) to execute a project to develop ceiling fans factory to produce different types of fans 50000 fans yearly according to standard international specifications, the wishing companies submit their demands and offers to the company headquarter in Diala Province until the end of job hours on 5/4/2020 in accordance with commitments and terms below:

Required documents

  1. Submitting the offers and the requests is from manufacturing international companies specialized in industrial field , also it is possible to accept offers from any other companies or from financial or commercial establishments or investors or capital owners attached with it contracting and cooperation documents (authorization or agency) with manufacturing supporting companies specialized in the mentioned field through ( DHL , TNT , etc… ) or direct submitting to our companies headquarter.
  2. Submitting documents about the company including registration certificate and attaching C.V about it and about the supporting companies (if there any) and presenting leaflets about their works.
  3. Submitting letter from the discreet banks reliable by Central Bank of Iraq confirming the finance adequacy provided it should be approved by the ministry of foreign affairs in case it is issued from foreign banks.
  4. Depending on what is mentioned in the letter from general secretariat for the council of ministers /law office No. 7289/59/1/2/Q on 13/3/2018 regarding item (14) for foreign companies branches regulations No. (2) in 2017 about registration certificate and opening a registered branch in Iraq at contracting and formally written at company registration office during (3) months from date of signing the contract.

Required obligations from submitting companies

  1. Submitting bid bond in value no less than 100000 USD (one hundred thousand dollars) at signing the contract to be released after completing supplying the production lines , machines and equipments.
  2. Rehabilitating the production halls and installing production line and its accessories
  3. supplying production lines and testing lines from reliable origins with ISO certificate to ensure fulfilling required production.
  4. Supplying raw materials and semi-finished parts and all production requisites .
  5. Providing know how, technical documents, designing drawings and technology processes required for production and inspection.
  6. Submitting technical and economical feasibility study about the project including the timetable for the execution , work plan showing mechanism of rates execution; also defining the production capacity, numbers of workers in the project & their specialties and the finance study includes (production costs and selling prices …etc.) and fixing the shares for each party.
  7. The company submitting the offer bear all taxes and customs duties incurred for entering the materials into Iraq as per valid instructions.
  8. Submitting complete program to train our staffs on manufacturing, maintenance, inspection and technical knowhow.
  9. The period of the partnership is no less than 5 years and no more than 20 years.
  10. Mutual cooperation in marketing the product.

    Diala company contribution in the project

  1. Production halls and warehouses (our company has a factory to produce ceiling fans)
  2. Providing the workers in the project.
  3. Providing the sources of required industrial services and any other demands that the contributing company cannot present and our company is able to provide.

Our company is ready to reply any question or inquiry through e-mail or by attending our company location.

                           Abdul Rasool Mohammed Arif

                               DIRECTOR GENERAL