Investment opportunity/ Establishing a factory to produce asphalt products and asphalt developer

Investment opportunity/ Establishing a factory to produce asphalt products and asphalt developer


Ministry of Industry and Minerals

General Company for Mining Industries



Investment opportunity No. (4 / t / f / 2019)

Establishing a factory to produce asphalt products and asphalt developer



General Company for Mining Industries announces the investment opportunity to establish a factory to produce asphalt products and asphalt developer

According to the guiding principles of the contracting mechanisms for the two types of participation contracts (participation, rehabilitation and operation) in accordance with the text of Article (15) of the Companies Law (22) for the year 1997 issued on the basis of the text of paragraph (IX) of Article (4) and the text of the first paragraph of Article (5) of the Law of the Ministry Industry and Minerals No. (38) in 2011 as amended and according to the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 190 of 2019, those wishing to participate should review the company’s headquarters located the production of asphalt and asphalt in Baghdad / Taji / behind the light bulbs plant to submit their offers in accordance with the required conditions and instructions From the company headquarters / commercial section For an amount of (250,000) two hundred and fifty thousand dinars, non-refundable. Tenders shall be deposited in the tender box at the company’s headquarters.


Required conditions and instructions: –

Firstly :-

1- Preference shall be given to international manufacturers, specialized in the industrial field, as well as accepting offers from any other companies, financial or commercial institutions, investors or owners of capital attached with their contracting and cooperation documents (authorization, agency or participation) with specialized manufacturers supporting in the declared field. about him .

  1. It must have been established for a period not less than (2) years.

3- Submission of its documents of incorporation certificate, financial statements (in English for non-Arab companies) for the last two years and final accounts for the last two years (certified by the office of a chartered accountant or an international auditing company provided that all documents are certified by the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the country of the company) with a copy Arabic legal translator

4 – Submitting publications or introductory leaflets about its work

5- Submission of a letter of support from the sober banks supporting their financial efficiency and their transactions with the statement of endorsement of money and deposits for the last fiscal year approved by the auditor and the profession council and the control and auditing of the Iraqi companies inside Iraq according to the forms of the seals of the profession council contained in the uncles of the internal control and audit number 1759 in 9 / 1/2019 or from the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the country of non-Iraqi companies

6- Presenting the company with its technical capability and its plan to develop existing products or enter new products

  1. Provide statements including machines or production lines, tools and tools, and prepare for transfer of technology and training with details of the amounts allocated for each paragraph with emphasis on you are machines and lines and tools and new and approved
  2. Participation contracts are subject to Iraqi laws and the jurisdiction of the Iraqi judiciary in resolving disputes and methods that may arise after the signing of the contract.

9- Submit a letter of guarantee at the signing of the contract amounting to 600 million dinars according to the nature and cost of the project for the implementation of the general obligations.

10- Adoption of the contents of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers / Legal Department No. 2/1/1999 09827 on 13/3/2018 regarding the provisions of Article (14) of the Foreign Companies Branches Law No. (2) of 2017 regarding the Establishment License. A branch must be opened in Iraq upon contracting and duly registered with the Registrar of Companies within a period of (3) months from the date of signing or a branch of the companies described in (1) above contracting with the specialized

11- Companies, financial institutions and other non-industrial entities, investors and the owners of the capital mentioned in them shall be included in (1) above by submitting paragraphs to specialized companies supporting them.

Second :-

1- Offers shall not be opened after a period of (30) days from the date of publication of the announcement and in case of one or more offers during the above period, the advertisement shall be suspended for the purpose of studying and analyzing the offer or offers submitted to take the recommendation of referral or not. Continuation of the announcement until (30) another day and the same mechanism adopted in the above, which lasts for a period not exceeding a calendar year from the date of the first publication after which re-study and evaluation of the subject announced

2 – The duration of the participation contract is not less than 5 years, which can be extended


3 – review and adhere to all paragraphs installed in the investment file declared, including the free share


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General Director