Investment Opportunity/ State Company for Iron and Steel (SCIS)

Investment Opportunity/ State Company for Iron and Steel (SCIS)


Invitation for investment opportunity



The Ministry of Industry and Minerals of the Republic of Iraq/ state company for iron and steel (SCIS) is pleased to announce the sub-contracting opportunity to install plant of milling iron ore to produce hematite powder and paint that used in oil fields . so all Specialized international and local companies, businessmen and financiers are invited to participate in this opportunity that will achieve economic feasibility and create quick positive returns.

The investor sharing in management and operate the plant for a period time that can be negotiated .

The technical specification and generals conditions mentioned in investment file that can be obtained from commercial dep . against payment non-refundable (150000) ID one hundred and fifty thousand I.D as of 18/2 / 2020.

The closing date of opportunity in 18/3/2020

The main strengths of this opportunity

1- Availability of manpower and experience

  1. quantities of raw materials are available in the company (SCIS)
  2. Quick period of capital recovery

4-the great growing demand to the products of plant and there’s no competitive plants in Iraq .

5- low investment cost to project versus significant financial returns

Investors are kindly requested to submit their offers on the following address:


Iraq –Basra– khoralzuber


Email :

Director Manager