Investment Opportunity/ State Company for Petrochemical Industries

Investment Opportunity/ State Company for Petrochemical Industries

State  Company  for  Petrochemical  Industries

                                            Announcement of               

 Investment Opportunities (as a partner ship contract)



The  state  company  for  petrochemical  industries  announces  to  all  manufacturers &  producers companies  registered  inside & outside  of  Iraq and all investor s to participate  in  below   project according to the technical  specification  and  commercial  conditions  which could  be obtaine from our company at  Basra khur Al-Zubair against  non- refundable  amount of ( 2,000,000 ) Iraqi diners and  from our company’s web  site : www or M. web site: Offers  should  be submitted  in three enclosed  envelopes  with the stamp of companie’s name.  The first envelop  technical offer, second  commercial  offer  and the third contain  the following documents .(the  financial statements of last two years , certificate of companies registration, and the offers validity should be for not less  than  three months) these offers  should submttide  to our company at  Basra khur Al-Zubair or( send the original  hard copy through registerd  mail by DHL, TNT,…etc to our P. box 933 Basra\Iraq if it is safe & guarantee to reach our company) . Our  company is not committed  to accept the lowest offer prices& Announcement fee will be paid by the winner.

NOTE/ The tender box should be open after (30) days on publication of the announcement un local newspapers . In case we didn’t receive aproper offer we shall re- tender the project till one year.


Bid bond Cost Estimated Closing Date Investment Opportunities Item
400 Million   Iraqi dinar


33 BL


(30 days) Thirty days from announcement in the publishing local newspapers. Rehabilitation, modernization & Operation and development of Moderate metal Line and auxiliary units of Mysan paper mill 1-